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  1. Guess so few Wigan away fans there a good extra amount of casual fans, all with a voice!! Was excellent!
  2. We''re the Jarrold, we''re the Jarrold, we''re the Jarrold over ''ere!!
  3. When we were on Honeymoon in California a few years ago we popped into San Jose Earthquakes and were lucky enough to meet Hucks (it was his last night at the club) and he gave me a pair of signed footie boots!Suffice to say they take pride of place on the mantle piece (Honeymoon was good too!)
  4. Seriously!!! Pay a man who deserve more respect than most a large spoonful of the stuff mate! If ever something would put a player / ex-player off doing things like this and mixing it up with true fans then it''s fools like you! Well out of order comment!
  5. True but he''s one of few true legends in NCFC history! Good guy too. Met him in San Jose on Honeymoon last year had a chat with him and he then gave me a pair of signed boots and a load of Earthquakes stuff. Didn''t have to do anything and most footballers these days wouldn''t have bothered! My eyes, can do no wrong!
  6. I also worry for Blackpool going up. They played some lovely football last season and deservedly went up and are now punching above their weight. However as (in my opinion) i think they''ve no chance of staying in the Premier League but may try and over spend beyond their means ala Hull to try. Not seen them splashing the cash yet either so maybe go up, enjoy the season as you''ll have highs (Man U 2-0) and lows (Fulham) and then come down flush in the knowledge you''ve got 4 years of £9million parachute payments as well as your money from season in the Prem as a much better platform. Interesting template for Norwich in my opinion. If you look at the established second tier Prem teams like Fulham, Bolton, West Ham and Blackburn theres no way in hell that we couldn''t find ourselves in their positions if we went up! Support wise we''re superior to them by a country mile
  7. Have just been looking over a number of previews for the up coming season and most are putting us at lower mid-table finish with comments like " Will avoid a relegation scrap!" I think with the signings we''ve made, the momentum from last season and the style of play and seen in the last two friendlies (ball possession, chance creation etc) plus with Holty getting back in the groove etc we could do some serious damage! If we can re-create the home form of the Premier League promotion season and try to draw more than we lose away i think anythings possible. Looking at the Championship on the whole this season i just can''t see why any one team is hotly tipped over another!!? I don''t see why a Scunthorpe, Burnley or Millwall could do a Blackpool (but i''m hoping that will be us of course) Any way i realisitically think if we start well, win our home games (FCR), keep key players fit and get new people like Surman and Jackson playing to their potential we could scrape into the play-offs i feel. What does everyone think is the key to success this year? On another point, I don''t post much at all but am a keen reader of pinkun forums for years and no slanging you lot its boring!
  8. I''ve been a member for a while and never post. Always makes me feel slightly dirty!
  9. Yes I''m watching Soccer Saturday! December 14th. Another away game!!!! Jesus!
  10. Hey everyone, Am on Honeymoon at the mo and went to the San Jose game and met Hucks last night. What an absolute Legend! We chatted to him for 20 mins and he even gave me a pair of signed boots (Amazing)! We got the idea that he''s really keen to come back to the club in some form or another training kids which i think would be superb! The Earthquakes gave him a really good send off on the pitch as well (Even though he can barely walk at the moment!) Also met up with Canary Fairy''s Bro Graham who does the vids out here! Another legend (Although from Beccles ;) and we were given some Quakes stuff by a friend of his which was so generous! Sat with the Earthquakes "Ultras" who sang the entire game which was awesome! (Oh yeah the game was awful as well but San Jose won 1-0!) Overall brilliant night. Hucks was such a star making the effort he did and would be a credit to Norwich if and when he re-joins te club! OTBC ps. Attached a great photo with Hucks & Graham (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3209636&l=85af841680&id=531200717)
  11. Thing is he is class stirker and would be 1st choice at 90% of Championship clubs. The fact that Reading have got an abundance of good strikers is their favour but i still think they''dd expect to get more for him than £250k! Saying that if this true then it will be an excellent signing. Get Cort playing to his potential and Glenn has done something good for a change!!!
  12. This price of £300,000 for Lita can''t be true. Mates of mine are shocked he would be available at this price!!!?   Besides a few weeks ago the likes of West Brom and others were preparing 2-3 million bids??   Surely at £300k we would be foolish not to go for it even if he has big wages. At this point he probably couldn''t command big Premiership style wages?   What do we think? Be a nice Xmas presenet ala Hucks a few years back
  13. I went to the Ipswich game with a work mate who is a Leyton Orient fan.   Crowd was a disgrace! 2nd game into the season and you''dd expect a better attendance! Orient must have had 1000 of that number!!!   Jarvis by the way was terrible. Played every ball backwards and looked well out of his depth. Haynes looked very sharp and was the main reason Ipswich won.
  14. Ha! I''ve changed my name! Sorry like everyone anonymity i upmost!!! The narrative goes on! [:$]   Plus to the guy who discredited this by saying Crook is in OZ just read the reports on that he''s flown in! Oh how my info suddenly looks a tad rosier!!!   Bring on Tilson i say! [:O]
  15. I agree that the Crook part doesn''t seem realistic if he is in OZ, however i can guarantee that this chap is a close friend of Delia''s (I got a signed Delia book for my mum through him!) and the info is reliable. Don''t shot the messanger guys!!!! If we are interviewing Bowen and Tilson thats all good in my books.
  16. Source is a guy who''s really good friends with Delia. They''re a really respected person and he sits with her at games alot! Trust me i was really excited and what sources have said that Tilson''s not available?? Remember we couldn''t afford Hux but still he came! We''re a very big cherry of a football management post.
  17. I have from a very good source been told that NCFC are today interviewing Bowen, Tilson and Penney today and Crooky is tomorrow.   Apparently they are not very impressed with Bowen as his  first question was "What does it pay?"   I guarantee this info!!!!!! [:D] Any thoughts?
  18. Looks like he put some effort into the Cotteril deal but there no mention of any other deal! Roll on 12 o''clock I get the feeling nothings going to happen! Scapegoat time!
  19. I''ve yet to see a glowing report from anyone saying he''s a great player!? I keep reading that he''s over-rated!? Or is it a case that we''re now so desperate he''s the only viable option left!  Still i''m enjoying the anticipation but will be really annoyed if we don''t get anybody in the next half hour! Come on Worthy you''ve potentially got £3 Million burning a hole in your pocket! [8-)]
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