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  1. [quote user="John from the Tomorrow People"] Wes said goodbye, the taxi cab is waiting Now don''t you cry, just one more game before I have to go Hey fans I know the situation changed And so much is new but somethin'' in my life remains the same ''cause Everything changes but Wes We''re a thousand miles apart But you know I love you Everything changes but Wes You know every single day I''ll be thinkin'' about you The rumor''s true, you know that there is  Shambert What can I do? I tell you fans he don''t mean a thing Now fans don''t go and throw our love away But I''ll fluck off soon back in his arms to hear you say that Everything changes but Wes We''re a thousand miles apart But you know I love you Everything changes but Wes You know every single day I''ll be thinking about you... [/quote]   I all my years on this forum this must be the most pathetic and pointless post I''ve ever read.
  2. The quality in general of the PA system is very poor at CR for a Premiership club. The teamsheet announcement at the start of the game is nearly impossible to hear as is everything else, all sounds very muffled. Anyone else agree ?
  3. [quote user="refjezdavies"]I know he''s rapid but he''s done well to get from Stevenage to Kings Lynn in less than 10 minutes...[/quote] Not today, just a couple of times in the past week.  
  4. And Nandos in Kings Lynn. Would be a top signing for The Mighty Linnets !!!
  5. I really don''t think we need another winger with Elliott Bennett, Snodgrass and Pilks already on the books.
  6. Luke Donald also won the WGC Golf Matchplay in Arizona last night - top golf !!
  7. For all the numpties who think Lambert is off to Burnley - He''s not. End of thread.
  8. Catfield vs Lynn Reserves. What a disgrace the Catfield team are to the game of football. I have never been so disgusted to watch what can only be described as 90 minutes of thuggery. Thankfully for Lynn we only ended up with two bloody noses considering the amount of leg braking tackles that they were being subjected two. The referee did send two Calfield players off in the second half for violent conduct and received a massive amount of viscious very unpleasant abuse from the remaining players. Several Lynn players and crowd memebers were threatenend that they would have thier jaws broken after the game by a certain Catfield player. The whole team were an utter disgrace and most should never be allowed near a football pitch again.
  9. He is in the squad tomorrow night at The Walks.
  10. Russell out Clingan in - I''ll go for that !
  11. Totally agree with you 4LIFE - a group of us from the upper barclay were saying exactly the same thing after the game on saturday. Lappin has been doing well for us for the majority of the season but in the past few matches his form has dipped quite dramatically. His shots on goal have been awful, mainly due to him having a poor right foot, and he has given the ball away far too many times at critical stages in games. I would not be at all suprised to see him warming the bench sometime soon if things don''t improve.
  12. So Tangible - you think your pathetic effort is any better ? I''m embarrassed for you !
  13. But AM has already got a song so why waste time thinking of another. Wake up you useless numpties !!
  14. Crap footballer but top man so will be pleased to see him back at cr
  15. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]New poster, must be a binner[;)][/quote] Why ?
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