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  1. Due to my fathers ill health and my work commitments we are no longer able to attend Chelsea on Sunday 6th October. A pair of tickets in Norwich and Peterborough Lower (Area RL), Face value (£50 each) for them. PM if interested.
  2. If anyone has 3 tickets for Luton this Saturday they have to sell I''d be eternally grateful if you can get in touch and let me know as ive missed the boat on this one like many others I suspect. I can collect in and around Norwich and the North Norfok area.
  3. Me and a friend will be in Vienna and will be going to the match. We are currently planning to get the train, however we are keen to look at cheaper alternatives, so if you fancy hiring a car and going down there please get in touch. My friend lives in Vienna and I am flying in to Bratislava Thursday 19th and returning from Bratislava Monday 23rd. We do not mind staying for a night or two in Graz so are flexible. If you are in the same boat get in touch and we can work something out This is Hughton''s first game in charge lets get behind them, OTBC. Aaron aaronjwright@talk21.com
  4. I am driving down to Leeds and have room for one of two passengers, obviosuly split the diesel and all that.... I am going to have to be on best behaviour as it looks like wea re going to have to sit with Dirty Leeds - unlucky I know, but don''t want to miss out getting one over them! Please PM me if you have a tkt going or need a lift, Aaron
  5. We have shown a total lack of ambition recently, we have no money one minute and the next we have plenty. Worthy''s press conference the other day was an aboslute farce, why call a press conference in the first place for the news? All he had to do was drop it in conversation afterwards, but no Worthy clearly wanted to make a big deal about it, and Sky Sports News started rumours - I bet Worthy was something to do about that. Its quite apparent Worthy wants him out, however he will only let him go for the right amount and rightfully so. Who do we sign? We have missed out on two players this week who have gone for barely nothing: Fryatt - Same age as Jarvis but bangs goals in for fun, be it in Division 1, definitely worth the gamble Leon Knight - This was a find and a half when I heard Swansea had signed him for £125,000, ridiculously low and he scored a hatrick last night, showing he is bang in form, our loss is Swansea''s gain. The list is endless, Worthy has made some good signings this year: Ethuhu is a good player as well as Jarrett - The problem with their performances is down to poor management (The Three Wise Men). What are our tactics? Ashton can pretend to be Iwan, this is rediculous he clearly is better with the ball to his feet so why do players keep on hoofing it to his head? Worthy!!!! With our players we should be walking this league, one last point give Hughes a try at right back when he returns as he is fit, passionate and been effective for Wigan in that position.  
  6. Worthy has done a grand job since taking charge, eh make good decisions and signs players like Huckerby and Ashton and people coplain. We have a stable platform in the form of a stadia and flare players. We lost Francis because his heart wasnt in it and have replaced with a 110% total footballer in Hughes - he is going to be very good. Mckenzie has problems at the moment and will return and fire us into the play offs (now that nasty Francis has gone). It really disapoints me that people get on Worthys back, but more so for Henderson - give the lad a chance. Norwich fans are wrecking their won players by showing impatience and ignorance, the boy is good just give him time. They seem to have dismissed him and love the golden boy Jarvis, who hasnt particularly impressed apart from a goal against Liverpool. Worthy should ship them on loan before Norwich fans wreck there confidence for good. As for you who posted that comment, get behind the team. I guess you are disappointed your real team (Ipswich) lost today. Get back to the cicus you clown, and rekindle your friendship with Marshall! Worthingtons Green army!
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