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  1. did you ever think that the majority of the people at watford were tall and thats generally why he adopted that style of play managers don''t have a set style of play for every club they manager do they? he isnt gonna buy ten 6 ft players just so he can play the long ball/physical tactic

    It''s like saying Tony Pulis if he got any other job he would automatically adopt the sytle of long ball wouldn''t he so critical we do''t even know if he''s gonna be the manager but whoever it is you''re gonna complain arent you which is always gonna help the club ain''t it...

  2. NCFC Sinky

    Football Teams

    Crewe good family club i like them a lot even thoug they''re doing worse than norwich atm
  3. NCFC Sinky

    NCFC vs Col U - closed dorrs game

    roeder said he was gonna have a behind closed doors game for the benefit of carl cort to get more match time behind his belt all he didnt say was who it was against
  4. i would spell the one ting i underlined wrong wouldn''t lol versatile thats better
  5. braveheart name one other team in the championship that has 4 left backs or right backs it makes you point just look stupid

    2 is fine we have 2 gk''s atm rudd aint gonna play this season to young as we know we have 4 cb''s because thats a far more important area plus these players are versetile Stefanoic can play left back if need be it already been said henville can play in rb

    if we had 8 fullbacks dont you think there would be any unrest so 4-6 will be perfectly happy not to warm the bench and play in the reserves and wait til others get injured

    we havent got the money to splash out on a squad of 40+ we have 32 roughly as it is and a lot of them arent ours or are youth players who havent had any experience yet

    i find this post a pointless joke the only teams who have 4 fullbacks are people who cant stop spending on championship manager/footy manager and arsenal man utd chelsea simply because they have the money and their youth is in a different class to ours lets be honest are youth academy is only good for gk''s atm

    4 fullbacks is perfectly fine 8 is stupid and wont help us at all

  6. NCFC Sinky

    How many are going to Barnsley tmo?

    well i''ve gone for the past two seasons with success so i''m going again 2morrow :D

    and they do really have the most quiet home support ever just like charlton when they''re away you can''t hear them either whatsoever


  7. NCFC Sinky

    Simon Lappin

    he wasn''t pants he just not good at attacking down the flanks but he can cross and shoot at least also he is one of about two people who have scored directly from free kick in the last 5 years so he''s not rubbish he''s been unfairly treated along with chadwick i think
  8. kevn lisbie wilnis or haynes

    incidentially who''s yoour favourite ipswich player?

    my favourite ipswich player has to be Gareth Mcauley well he has helped us get 6 points when was at leicester he scored 2 og''s for us so i don''t mind compared the rest of them


  9. NCFC Sinky

    student discount?

    i have been at 6th form for a year now and you do get student discount on some of the away games but not all some clubs do some don''t it varies apart from that though not a lot really


  10. NCFC Sinky

    Man of the Match today???

    dejan should have got it and he was awesome against coventry kenned and stefanovic are really impressing me atm
  11. NCFC Sinky

    striker medical tomorrow :(

    he''d e ok but he isn''t a target man he''s 6ft so is koroma we need some 6 ft 2 or 3 don''t we
  12. NCFC Sinky


    barnsley away is awesome been twice won twice we''re great their :) they''re very quiet though so we have to cheer a lot to make up for them not haha
  13. NCFC Sinky

    Team for Coventry??

    i''d go for exactly the same team maybe croft instead of chadwick but i like them both sadly i feel pattison will be playing again with the one winger tactic
  14. NCFC Sinky

    My sons first Norwich game!!!!

    dad took me to my first game against wigan carling cup 1998-99 i believe and we won 2-0 and i don''t know how i remember that considering i was asleep for half of it tbf i was 6 i had a hard day at school and the kick off was at 7:45 the times i was awake we scored so i was awesome :)
  15. NCFC Sinky


    he''s the whipping boy at home games as lets me honest he''s rubbish at attacking he can''t pass and his shooting is just as bad as Croft''s but for away games he is gd cause hes good at intercepting and tackling and can help us grind out results away from home

    so i like depending where we are playing really haha

  16. Kevin Lisbie

    David Wright

    Andy Hughes

  17. Preston North End,


    Barnsley i reckon will be the three

  18. NCFC Sinky

    Bell Already Injured

    its why the Bell transfer took a few days later than it should have done because he was injured but Roeder still rated him enough to sign him its a shame hes injured but i''m looking forward to seeing him in action :)

  19. NCFC Sinky

    Re: academy not much talent

    the academy do have talent the fact they''re 18 years of age or less and the fact they''re playing against men who are probably physically tougher than them right now they''ve done well it just gives them a run out for their season and it gives them much needed experiance to help improve them as players they are still learning why do people except them to be beating everyone i don''t know
  20. NCFC Sinky

    Hi from a Wrexham fan

     llewellyn has moved to grimsby c.t mate :)
  21. NCFC Sinky

    Re: marlon king

    this would be an awesome sigining in my opinion although i know stoke west brom and hull are all after him as well but hopefully roeder can work some that magic i''d be pleased with King though
  22. NCFC Sinky

    New Entrance Music

    u2-beautiful day or elbow-one dy like this i thinkwould be great :)
  23. hopefully he''d be as good as he is on championship manager he was awesome for my peterborugh team got to the premiership thanks to him shame i got relegated the next year though
  24. NCFC Sinky

    Local team as a kid

    Taverham Fc

    from under 8''s to 16''s

    left back/left mid mainly left back

    scored 5 goals hit the bar once and hit the post twice

    it was gd shame i can''t now do the men''s but its not a saturday and watching Norwich is far more important however bad they maybe haha