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  1. NCFC Sinky

    Rhoys wiggans

    maric is hardly a mistake he''s gonna find it impossible when holt and mcdonald are infront of him but then again we played cureton against wycombe
  2. well i think im going by train as well alone but i''ll just tag along with some norwich fans hopefully and then have a pint at one of the 4 pub at each corner of the ground :P

  3. NCFC Sinky


    i don''t agree with whaley''s crosses, in the first half were quite bad a few didn''t get off the floor and beat the first man some weren''t too bad they improved in the 2nd half but i thought he generally looked quite good
  4. campbell ryce we should have signed when we were in the championship but he wont move to us now
  5. NCFC Sinky

    Spillane's Best Position

    I''d agree 100% with that. He''d definitely be a bench player for the early games at least.

    I''m just going on the 2 players for each position theory, with the assumption that Stefanovic won''t be fit or playing here this season. Whatever people''s thoughts on Dejan, you''ve got to assume the worse after an injury like that at his age.

    ie) RB: Otsemobor, Spillane or new RB?
         CB: Nelson, Doherty
         CB: Askou, Spillane or new CB?


    everyone forgets stefanovic don'' they?

  6. NCFC Sinky

    Norwich After Parry

    well wouldn''t he pick doncaster over us now?
  7. NCFC Sinky

    who will win each league???


    Sheffield United

    Charlton wishes Norwich


  8. NCFC Sinky

    who will win each league???


    Sheffield United

    Charlton wishes Norwich


  9. NCFC Sinky

    OT - 2nd teams?

    crewe ive always liked crewe
  10. NCFC Sinky

    At the moment

    actually they only signed owen because tevez is leaving ;)


  11. NCFC Sinky

    Fakenham Away on Friday

    i wont its the 18th birthday and have a raf interview but i''ll make sure i''ll well informed in how the match went :)
  12. i''ll join at the end of the season for my private which i cant leave until then. so i will try to join then :)
  13. NCFC Sinky

    away days this season

    i plan on going to 13-15 next season away days are quite addictive :)
  14. NCFC Sinky

    International Canaries

    Mattias Jonson and Thomas Helveg joined after the world cup i believe?


  15. NCFC Sinky

    Cleveland taylor...

    he was a good little player when he was at scunthorpe he might be one to look at and with picture of him why not ;)
  16. NCFC Sinky

    Grant Holt on his way

    has anyone noticed in the pic of grant holt they''ve showed on thepink un how looks awfully like a rugby player in that shirt? he looks like he plays for huddersfield
  17. NCFC Sinky


    well its a load of rubbish cause he played once at sheffield u all season so the national team want him to move to back to play even less football than down here they could of at least try and make a half decent rumour
  18. NCFC Sinky


    rubbish i bet u''ve managed to get norwich into the blue square premier no way have you been bothered to do 39 seasons when the game come out semptember? uve done 39 seasons in 7 months u are pathetic
  19. qpr and sheffield wednesday were in leaue one for a bit after being the prem a couple season before
  20. NCFC Sinky

    Norwich v Burnley score please...

    5-0 burnley when i predict we win we lose im adopting a new approach and see if it helps the team haha
  21. NCFC Sinky


    i would have said wolves but sheffield wednesday for me as well before this season the only team who would class as a bogey team atm is Barnsley
  22. NCFC Sinky

    Lupoli loan terminated OS

    hmm disappointing its not often you don''t play once you''ve scored a goal but for some reason it happened every time lupoli scored


    ahh well the official site also shows a pic lupoli playing basketball not football so maybe it was best?

  23. NCFC Sinky

    Starting XI vs Wolves


    Omuzusi                      Grounds                   Doc               Bertrand


    Croft                          Russell                     Clingan           Hoolahan


                                      Gow                        Lupoli


    Otsemobor has been terrible of late thats why ive put omuzusi in russell should move back into mdfield where he belongs i''d put gow and lupoli up front cureton has been poor and killen has played many games so i think him coming off the bench for a couple of games would do the trick i feel for lupoli he''s a quality player but he when he scores he doesn''t get a regular place in the side

  24. NCFC Sinky

    NAME THAT TEAM - Wolves (a) 1999

    got them all rm i guessed the other two worked out from the hints takes guys i cant remember them all ;)
  25. NCFC Sinky

    NAME THAT TEAM - Wolves (a) 1999

    the keeper left back and rm are the ones i can''t get at the moment the keeper i have no idea