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  1. don''t know why i called him a youngster as im the same age as him haha anyway hopefully he can help Lincoln pick up some points and get some experience of playing league football and what it is all about. I hope Habergram, Francomb, Kelly and Dawkin can get some loan experience in the near future as well :)
  2. personally its great to see one of the youngsters going out on loan to a decent club hopefully he''ll do well there :)
  3. I wouldn''t be surprised if austin or paynter are challenging as well plus the forgotten man Ian Harte hasn''t he scored like 14 goals this season something crazy
  4. Right well the away games ive been to this season: Brentford, Gillingham, Leeds, Southend, Yeovil and Walsall Pro''s at Brentford: 4 pubs as mentioned several times only managed to make my way to 3 of the 4 before actually going in. The fact we get two tiers and the home fans only get one and you get a choice of seats or terracing i always like terracing with a roof which is very good in my opinion and you can get a good asmotsphere from the stand Negative''s: The game itself Gill and Tudur Jones were shocking. Pro''s at Gillingham: Atmosphere was great partly due to penalty decision, sending off and weston and jackson cockiness yes jackson well done you scored from 12 yards my grandad could do that and he cant even walk that far without having to seat down for a kip and you havent done much since have ya sorry it really annoyed me though. The service also was quite quick as well It didn''t rain. Their fans were nice I managed to speak to a few before and after the game and whilst their was banter it was all in good fun which is a far cry from what you get from a Premiership supporter or Nottingham Forest or Leeds fan. Negative''s: Gillingham is surrounded by a dump known to some people as houses which were in appalling condition there was sofa''s bin bags broken windows all over the place im glad I live in Norwich. Service whilst quick served alcohol that wasn''t chilled i think except fosters but i was in a Carling sort of mood at the time No roof  i don''t like it cause you cant genorate as much atmotsphere as you want to plus if it rains your programme get wet, you get wet, your glasses get wet and you cant see the game so you have to keep wiping them every 5 seconds really i shouldnt go to away games without a roof but i still go anyway. Pro''s at Leeds: Nice big stadium which meant we could a huge number of fans it has excellent facilities + service as well that east stand is rather daunting when you look at it. Atmotsphere was great as both set of fans knew it was an important game. Our performance was superb it was one of the best ive seen away.   Negative''s: The result. Their fans i can''t stick them. I searched for 30 minutes trying to find a cash point stewards or Leeds fans (surprisingly helped me) instead they ignored me.   Pro''s at Southend: The fact i saw us WIN away for the first time in what I found was a year and nearly a month that away game if you are interested was Nottingham Forest away although to be honest we only won three times away last season so it should be easy to guess. Being able to see Paul Lambert from the touchline really motivating the players, i couldn''t see this at Leeds very well because he was on the other side of the pitch and you could see he had the got players starting t believe they can win away as well as at home which has been the problem in recent seasons. Could generate a lot of noise from the stand we were in we definately made our presence known. The mascots i believe it was a shrimp and an eel they were hilarious and the chant ''what the hell is that'' made my night. Negative''s: The Southend fans made no noise at all and the attendence was pittiful i no it was a tuesday night game but it was truly shocking. The coach took 20 minutes to go away from the stadium, u-turn back from where we had just come from get into the stadium and finally park it took far longer that it should have like when the coach to Barnsley took a wrong turn as it just went past the junction with a sign saying Barnsley Football club this way. *sigh* My mate went to the game and i found thereand then he had been in car crash flipped and really should have died this was after i had made a joke saying had he fallen over a bladeof grass because he was in cructhes and is injury prone man i felt guility after that. Pro''s at Yeovil: Their fans were nice and welcoming and the banter between some in the marquee was good. The marquee amazing service they were incredibly quick it welcomed both fans and you could also get a seat as well I reallly did enjoy that. Getting to get autographs of Forster,Holt and Hoolahan in one swoop and also get a video of Holt with my mate Holt was amused with my friends jester hat. :) Stewards in front of us were a great laugh i think the best stewards I''ve encounted at any game. Even when i left my bag in the stadium just as I left I told them and they rushed back and got it unlike some who would have glanced round for a split second and said ''can''t see it sorry'' Atmosphere was great with another great following as expected. They had a scoreboard I could see albeit behind, either have a scoreboard that everyone can see or have two so everyone can see or not have one at all nothing annoys me more when Southend fans can look at the scoreboard to see how long left and i have to check my phone constantly. I generally like the stadium it has a nice feel to it with the mixture of terracing and seating again us fanshad a choice of either I actually chose theterracing with no roof because it looks better than some terracing at ither football stadiums (Exeter,Brighton) Everytime we scored the celebrations were fantastic Doherty''s leveller was truly brilliant. Negative''s Nearly Losing the programme. Definately the best I''ve gone to this season. I''d recommend it. (Y) Pro''s at Walsall: I could use my new i-pod nano''s video camera and making several videos before the game in normal,sepia and thermal settings. :D haha Good atmosphere thanks largely to the following rather than the stadium. Getting one over on on Troy Deeney stupid arrogant nobody he also got sent off in the next game which I also found highly amusing. I saw us win away again and Cody Mcdonald was given a chance and he truly delievered. Negative''s Ten minutes into getting on the coach i managed to spill my coke. Service was awfully slow. Poor support from the home side again on a tuesday night but still poor. The fact that after nearly a month of no snow in the area they still had snow on far edges of the pitch. We didn''t get a fresh programme i don''t know if this was the case for other city fans but the guy we got them from just gave us the one''s from the postponed fixturethey couldn''t even be bothered to reprint one. Drury''s Injury. Pre Pro at Oldham: I''ll have earnt enough tickets for a free coach trip woo! which ill use for Bristol Rovers for the Promotion/Champions party (fingers crossed!!) Finally another stadiums I couldn''t imagine Colchester''s being that great seeing as it is a carbon copy of Shrewbury''s and St Mirren''s have a look the only difference is the colours but surely it is a better ground than Layer Road Im surprised not many people have mentioned Hartepool because its freezing up there but it is nice this season to get a choice of so many different stadiums at Champioship nearly all of them are 20-30000 all seaters and whilst are very nice it is always nice to go to stadiums that aren''t all the same saying that I don''t what Carrow Road to change... actually that''s a lie I hope for it to be a 35000 seat stadium in the near future.   Anyway thats my long winded answer on the whole topic hope you all liked it :D and please be nice and don''t point out to me all the grammar and spelling mistakes its taken me an hour to write i don''t plan to spend more time looking through it again I know for a fact I''ll have made an error somewhere haha
  5. im stuck on the 6 letter striker got the rest i presumed it was ashton but apparently it isnt
  6. did anyone else notice the snow on the left hand side i mean come on the groundsmen should have surely cleared that up by now?!?
  7. me and two others going what with the free coach trip and the hope of winning the sweepstakes and seeing norwich maintain top spot... hopefully ;)
  8. I don''t see why they moaning they won''t need 1400 if anything they''ll sell about 750 and we''ll sell the other half to norwich supporters i mean how many did they bring to thepaint pot trophy although first round they bought want 100 we still got more fans in than they could 900 is more than enough for them its the same as we''re getting for brighton
  9. i actually think i know where it is :D... roughly :L
  10. i think thats based on less teams in the premier league than the football leagues to try and even it out :)  
  11. i hope they do both whilst im all for more highlights of norwich and more talk about them and other clubs in the region,  i do like watching all of the goals and what is going on in Championship,League One and League Two as well   im pleased that is trying to get away from just being like the itv show last year and trying to appeal to all fans who aren''t glory hunters and aren''t in the premiership the only thing good about the itv championship show was the beautiful day theme by U2
  12. same with Mcnamee wasnt it we won''t let him go to norwich but they did Wilson keeps having to eat his words
  13. haha cant believe we got more fans at Paulton than the fa cup trip to Carlisle
  14. if you bothered to look he is at charlton on loan at the moment and the way he played against them in our 4-2 defeat i wouldnt want him back
  15. Leicester has one but they actually have good support so it did help for atmosphere plus you can the mickey out of him cause he was like 25 stone but Southend''s was just annoying and it didn''t get them singing at all 10 of them were signing at the most and you couldn''t hear them at all
  16. My fourth of the season 1 draw and 2 loses-Brentford ,Gillingham and Leeds i havent see us win away since Nottingham Forest in november last year lol this run has to end sometime! :S
  17. Yep the show isn''t the greatest but they do show extened highlights of all the games on bbc sport website a couple of days after the game which shows a bit more of the action and is far better :)
  18. along with Dean Hammond from Soton, Lee Barnard From Southend and Neil Harris From Millwall Holty has got to win it hasnt he?  
  19. i admit when i saw the main stand i did have a little giggle
  20. seems just about right although i''d expect Korey Smith to go into right back and Rusty stay in cm as he was superb against Leeds
  21. brown and flecher both pulled out thats why hughes has his chance the most capped scottish midfielder in the team for Japan is Charlie Adam and he has only had four caps the rest of the midfield they are taking there have none or maybe one cap to there name
  22. jackson back heeled to weston i think its was the fact jackson scored the penalty and celebrated in front of us with their stupid dancing that made me both of them and if everton are seriously after Jackson they should be worried because he should have scored 3 at least but only scored the penalty he was awful!    
  23. but he did go down in the last minute and it was a penalty if the first one was the ref made a bad decision and then doesn''t back it up when holt does the same thing to royce it was just so poor
  24. Striker called Willy who plays for some Dutch team i believe
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