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    Chris Martin's free kicks...

    He only takes the free kick when it''s near the goal and you can''t question his free kick ability he''s far better than anyone in the past few seasons except possibily Clingan? Can you remember the barren spell where I think we had scored 1 direct free kick in about 3 and a half years?!? Martin has been unlucky not to score more free kicks you''ve got remember sometimes the keeper saves them, he''s been unlucky with the woodwork a good few times Swindon,Forest for examples but I would rather have us shoot at a free 20 to 25 yards out than cross it in because recently we''ve been too keen to cross sometimes rather than actually shoot haha
  2. NCFC Sinky

    Your Starting 11 for tonights game?

    it''ll be the same team as it was against hull bar any injuries played might have picked up hopefully not though :)
  3. I am surprised and pleased to be the first to mention the one and only Omar Koroma :P
  4. NCFC Sinky

    If you could have one player...

    Barnsley:Hugo Colace

    Bristol City:Nicky Maynard

    Burnley: Wade Elliot

    Cardiff: Peter Whittingham

    Coventry: Sammy Clingan

    Crystal Palace: Neil Danns

    Derby: Paul Green

    Doncaster: James Coppinger

    Hull: Jimmy Bullard

    Ipswich: If I had to... David Norris I liked him when he was at Plymouth...

    Leeds: Patrick Kisnorbo

    Leicester: Andy King

    Boro: David Wheater

    Millwall: Darren Ward

    Forest: Rob Earnshaw

    Portsmouth: Liam Lawrence

    Preston: Andy Lonergan

    QPR: Kasper Gorkss

    Reading: Jimmy Kebe

    Scunthrope: Matryn Woolford

    Sheffield United: Ched Evans

    Swansea: Garry Monk or Scott Sinclair

    Watford: Martin Taylor



  5. Omuzusi was his name Pabs and he is playing at Leyton orient
  6. banana I believe the watford is a grade A which means it''s £27, £31 is a grade A*
  7. NCFC Sinky

    Lambert's Transfer Acumin

    Right Platt only got 7 assists last season and a lousy 7 goals last season that was with 36 starts.

    Holt, Hoolahan and Lappin all got more assists than that so I don''t think we need more people getting assists and with our midfield who can create lots of chance I''d rather have two strikers that can score goals I don''t want a poorer version of Emile Heskey upfront.

    Jackson proved that he could score goals even in a relegated team and he got 6 assists so your reasoning for assists is unproven and give him a chance maybe after 3 months without a goal I''ll agree with you but wait until the proper games come along and not base it on the fact he hasn''t scored in pre season because basically only Chris Martin has.

    and just because a player get released from somewhere doesn''t mean they are any good

    didn''t we release Dion Dublin years ago he proved alright didn''t he?

    Some managers like some players that others don''t its simple thats why Roeder stupidly got rid of Huckerby are you telling me because he got released he can''t be any good?

    and tin pot club? You sound a Man Utd/Leeds fan don''t taunt smaller clubs they''re only one division below us remember the one we were in because we were such a ''big club'' and Dagenham and Redbridge fans would not look kindly on your words they support their local club with pride and passion just like any other team be that Barcelona or Kings Lynn.

    We have our history and support but at the end of day I''d rather be where Wigan which is in the premiership at the moment with little history and little support despite what we have.

    Ohh and not to mention the ''tinpot club'' did beat us albeit a friendly but still a win is a win however small.

    Finally close minded people like you annoy me and Simeon is a he not an it and Coventry are welcome to him not that saying I wouldn''t mind another tall physical presence as back up for Holt just a far better one than Platt.
  8. NCFC Sinky

    Leeds imploding after friendly defeat.

    Newcastle lost 4-0 to leyton orient in pre season then won the league easily so I don''t think it matters tbh

  9. NCFC Sinky

    Lads back in Training

    yeah but Carl Cort was worth £7million at one point...
  10. NCFC Sinky

    Norwich to sign Simeon Jackson?

    why does he abbrevate would and could but not obviously? :L
  11. NCFC Sinky

    Which football pundit do you hate the most?

    mark bright I hate him all he says thats a good finish and thats a poor finish and the rest of what he says is a load of rubbish as well
  12. NCFC Sinky

    Re: I am a bannana!!!!

    i got north korea in my sweepstakes but im doing another one today if i get hondruas or new zealand im going to cry lol
  13. NCFC Sinky

    Fox signs...

    isn''t he a left sided midfielder which means this gives Lappin competition for the left sided place which really he didn''t have last season so another good signing hopefully :)
  14. I had heard of him with Gillingham when they were in the championship used to be in the midfield with Danny Spiller and they had players like Mamade Sidibe and Brett Sancho with Ian Cox in defence Sancho played in the 2006 world cup with trinidad and tobago not sure about Cox who I think was the same nationality ummm anyone else ohh Jason Brown played for them in goal wow I remember quite a lot of the top of my head ohh and of course Andy Hessenthaler :P
  15. NCFC Sinky

    Mathew Phillips & Matty Gill

    Wycombe are interested in Gill, Phillips is interesting Preston you have just put two and two together as far as rumours go I suppose it makes sense but I don''t rate Phillips compared to Green or Adomah who would be far cheaper
  16. NCFC Sinky

    Your favourite non british player.

    Svensson that goal against Charlton really made be believe we could stay up
  17. NCFC Sinky

    Anthony Stokes

    he scored a blinder against rangers in scottish terms that''d probably make you indispensable to the team and not for sale it is a good shout unkike some you have to realise we only just got promoted and haven''t got the money like we used to adel tarrabt will not come here ched evans will not come here anyless we get promoted and lambert whas to sign him but i don''t think he will i''d rather go for new players instead of ex players anyway whether they have done well or not in their previous term here
  18. NCFC Sinky

    Palace/Wednesday players

    I wouldn''t mind Speroni or Lee Grant tbh
  19. NCFC Sinky

    My views on todays game...

    Gill was great early in the first half he blocked a really dangerous cross bust a gut to get in front of the bristol rovers man and dealt with the situation superbly stopped us going 1-0 down and changing the complexion of the game i thought he was very good did the simple and neccessary nit and grit brilliantly just like russell has been doing all season
  20. NCFC Sinky

    players in for next season

    Jermaine Johnson or Lloyd Sam anyone both have caused endless amounts of problems in the last few years
  21. gueret again like shearer aint a great keeper but did well in the one game he''s made many mistakes this year and fon williams is just woeful he can''t catch he can''t deal with crosses and he is small he''s ok at shot stopping nothing more i mean look at the first goal at edgeley park for us with holt scoring i know stockport are in admin but surely there is someone better out there he is just overated
  22. i thought it was 10 but is that just the premiership either way semmy will get one
  23. twice against bristol city sheffield wednesday as well i think for some reason


  24. NCFC Sinky

    Player Ratings?

    i didn''t think rose was that great if anything i thought russell martin had a better game rose is good at attacking but he dives into a tackle far too quickly and far too often midfield were solid enough holt his usual self nelson wasn''t as solid as usual forster was brilliant though again nearlywinning us the three points
  25. dont know swindon said they have an attendence of over 10,000 but as to know how many we''re bringing i don''t know tbh but i do know that''ll i''ll be there! :)