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  1. Truly emotional scenes. Thank you Paul Lambert. Thank you every single player. From the depths of despair 3 years ago to this is just phenomenal. All together now - WE ARE PREMIER LEAGUE!
  2. Although I was left dumbstruck that after one poor performance people around me were so quick to start booing on Tuesday, and still feel that it''s a fairly immature and unhelpful response (after all I''m sure Mr Lambert would have made quite sure that any player walking into the dressing room and thinking he''d had a good game would have been rapidly disillusioned), it occurs to me that it has become the normal response to displeasure. A sensationalist and polarised media report everything as being either phenomenonally good or diabolically bad, so people react to anything with hyperbole or vitriol. Whilst I hate to reference such drivel, just think of how the audience react to criticism on reality TV shows like The X factor or Strictly Come Poncing. It doesn''t matter how much truth is in criticism or how constructively it is intended, the response is always booing or, conversely, ludicrous whooping and hollering if a judge feels inclined to praise them. Some people have forgotten is that life has grey areas. No, we didn''t play at all well and Crystal bloody Palace deservedly beat us, but yes, the boys in yellow have more often than not produced the goods over the last 12 months, responded when the crowd is positive and behind them, and besides, everyone has a bad day at the office sometimes. Let''s all do better on Saturday.
  3. Fingers crossed that the Cricketers returns in some form, but as an alternative I have found the Steampacket as a great stop off. It''s closer to CR than the nice pubs in the Golden Triangle and has Friendly staff and a good atmosphere, plus £2.50 a pint on match days and the odd plate of free grub never go a miss either! [B]
  4. A measure of some Leeds fans was seen when 2 of them started fighting each other when walking up the hill toward Clarence Road after the game. Idiots.
  5. [quote user="Heresyourfathersgun"]Look here for every thing you need stats wise http://itv.stats.football365.com/dom/index.html [/quote]This is interesting. More sides than I would have expected can still theoretically finish top, and we can finish no worse than 19th!!! Extremes that won''t happen but still an interesting page, I think. http://itv.stats.football365.com/dom/ENG/D2/runin.html
  6. [quote user="a1canary"]Two of my fish are missing...[/quote] Did you back them up?
  7. My post count has dropped by two, so I assume that the whole thread is long gone.........it''s easy to keep track when your count is so low.
  8. I must say that there is a real grit about this team. A lot of City teams of recent years would have been bullied by a physical Leeds team and rolled over. Not any more.....
  9. And there I was sat in my NY hotel room a couple of Monday''s ago cursing because I was missing the Sunderland match. Who knew that a couple of dozen blocks away was the home of the New York Canaries? At least I didn''t miss a classic I suppose.....
  10. It has just take me bloody ages to get the RW and am now shaking my head in disbelief. Such a natural wide man I can''t believe I didn''t get it immediately. The tactical vision of PG was way beyond me.....
  11. To include Dejan with some of the others is a little harsh. To dismiss a man who started last season looking a class act and then was injured as being only good enough bcause we are at a lower level and as having no fight is a little harsh.
  12. Unfortunately Carrow Road will be full of armchair Manure "fans" anyway, but against Wigan.....
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