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  1. [quote user="3canaries"] 14. Erm Not sure! [/quote]   Is that Rob Ermnotsure and didn''t he leave in the summer??
  2. Does my memory deceive me or did we not have the wonderful Jimmy Hill in tandem with another of my greatest City stars, Tommy Bryceland? I am surre I remember the two playing together and giving the whole place a lesson in the beautiful game. I met TB in the Number 10 cafe near the station, he and Phil Kelly were playing on the pinball machines. They were up for a chat, good guys and no ''star'' attitudes about them. Pace and athletiscism are all very well but they are no substitute for sheer class. It is why, despite being City since forever and for ever, I can appreciate watching the skills or Man Utd and the passing brilliance of the Arsenal.  
  3. I have skimmed over the article which is all anything written in the Sun is worth ( I know, I have been featured) and I don''t see anything to get worked up about. Sometimes understating yourself can be a plus. We soon get fed up with some of the headline grabbers forever bigging themselves up.
  4. What a load of childish bickering, for heaven''s sake grow up. This sort of nonsense does not happen face to face so how do positions get so entrenched on these forums? It is the same on the Subbuteo Players Forum that I use. We are all on the same side after all! For the record, I am with Bly on this one, I enjoy watching the talent oozing when United are on song. If you love football how could you not enjoy it? Maybe it is green eyed monster syndrome. (love the screen name by the way Bly and how well I remember that headline, I wish I knew how many times I read the article in my copy of Canary Crusade as a kid. As for other teams it is great to see Kings Lynn doing so well they used to be my local non-league team to watch - now living deep in Wiltshire it''s Salisbury (with the Bond connections!) that take the eye as well.      
  5. Spot on Shack. It all added to the glamour to be playing against a Spanish team or a team of Italians with their classy football. Now there is every propsect that there will be more Spanish in the English side than the Spanish one. Ditto French. The game is going downhill and it all due to the Premier League and so-called Champions League and TV money. It all seems great on the surface but dig a little deeper and the rot is setting in. Let''s hope they all disappear into tely satellite land and leave the rest of us to put the package back together again.   OTBC  
  6. Yankee, I think you should show some evidence that you have considered the other point of view. Simply to write people off , who dare to disagree with the Premier Gluttons, as ''dinosaurs'' is totally unjust. Firstly, do you think it makes for a fair competiton when one game will be a total pot-luck draw? Secondly, who benefits from these changes and increased income? Players wages will increase. Agents fees will be higher. More foreign players will come onto the gravy train making it ever harder for us to develop a capable national team in the future. Will the football be any better? Doubt it. Will the football be cheaper? Nope. Supporting this would be like the proverbial turkeys voting for Xmas. To call on another cliche, the inmates appear to be running the asylum as far as the FA is concerned, and the sooner they take their insidious globalisation around the world and stay there the better,  leaving the rest of us to do the job properly and await the day the bubble bursts because burst it will, like they all do. I resent the dinosaur slur people are branded with but if not leaping on any old bandwagon without thought makes me a dinosaur then fine.  
  7. It sounds like a disaster but there is time yet. Greece got the Olympics sorted despite many doubters. As for qualifiaction, England will be there, no doubt whatsover. Capello will not fail on that one, will he take us on to win it? I wouldn''t rule it out.   OTBC
  8. Top man. I hope he gets the success he clearly desrves.
  9. Despite being a fan for over 40 years I would not be prepared to pay yet more money to buy players earning way way above what I am paid, let alone line some agents pocket as was mentioned earlier. Each week I compare the attendances in the Prem and Championship and we are among the best. Last Saturday only the derby (Utd v Wed) got more in our division and we were watched by more people than saw Chelsea, Manchester Utd or Arsenal (all away admittedly). If we cannot attract good players and have the funds required then who can? Something is wrong, not at CR but in the game generally. This is not just a NCFC problem, it is a national problem and it stems from the fact that wages and agents fees are out of control. Yes as top rate entertainers they should be on fantastic salaries but surely it has gone too far. The game is disintegrating in front of our eyes, the sooner the big four clear off to Europe the better. A league that is run with global TV audiences in mind is bound to distance itself from the the real fans and coughing up to pay the inflated fees and wages sticks in the throat a bit. As much as I want to see City back at the top, this is no long term solution I''m afraid.
  10. Although his days at IT are some way off now, it is still hard to believe how much I like the guy. He has always been worth listening to, good humour, common sense, good knowledge, sense of perspective, a real gentleman and everything that makes you proud to be English. I thought the award was spot on and the reception he got brought a lump to many throats, mine included. Keep well, Sir Bobby and thank you for a remarkable contribution to the beautiful game.
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