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  1. [quote user="CaliYellow"]Play-offs?[/quote] Hey Web Team, quick question: any particular reason why the code works fine in preview but not on the post? Cheers.
  2. It''s ''It''s'' that you are looking for.
  3. I think you''re right, Tom. Gridiron will always be 1A and baseball will probably always be 1B, but I tell you, the American sports market is absolutely enormous and has proven that it can support multiple leagues like Basketball and also Ice Hockey. Hell, even tertiary leagues like Arena Football and Lacrosse have somehow managed to survive. However, there have been some really interesting rumblings on this side of the pond in the last month or so. For one, Michael Vick (former star quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons) pled guilty to dogfighting and consipiracy charges and was summarily suspended for life from the league. Barry Bonds (slugger long suspected of massive steroid use) recently broke the all-time home run record and folks didn''t know whether to wring their hands or applaud. The National Basketball Association isn''t far behind with its own scandal: one of their referees just pled guilty to fixing games. So who benefits from this ebb of easiness with the top leagues? Oddly enough, it is MLS. Where once there was no coverage within the national media, games now get covered regularly on ESPN Sportscenter and Beckham is a daily topic on the pundit shows. In fact, I saw an episode of ''Around the Horn'' yesterday where they spotlighted the nasty challenge on Beckham in the Chivas/Galaxy game and asked four journalists what they thought. I was particuarly interested in the reaction of a gentleman from the Chicago Sun-Times because I remembered him trashing Becks'' move a few months ago. So what did he say? "It was a horrible foul! What was that guy thinking? Beckham deserves better!" This was a guy who couldn''t be the least bit bothered mere days ago and now he seems to care. Perhaps it''s worth chalking one up to fickleness, but I''m not so sure. Where it goes from here? Who knows? I wouldn''t be surprised to see it sharing equal time with basketball in five years'' time. Seems like rather a long way to go, that, but the national attention that will breed familiarity with these players will take some time to seep in. Americans may be situationally changeable, but we can be tenaciously loyal over the long haul--ironic though that may be. What can I say? It''s one of our great quirks as a people. I think the market share can can only grow from where it currently stands because it''s worth noting, I think, that demographics in America are changing. I believe that studies indicate that people of Hispanic origin will be the majority in the USA in 2025 or thereabouts. And who is the biggest audience for MLS right now and for the foreseeable future? Bingo. It''s smart business to be ahead of the curve, and right now, MLS is just that.
  4. I suppose it''s the digital equivalent of "long-time listener, first-time caller," but here I am finally posting after a few years of reading the boards, on and off. So do allow me to say a big hello to everyone; I''ve enjoyed reading your thoughts, and I''ve been right here along with you scrutinising the fixture list, wondering about the hotel development, agonising over various knocks, and perhaps most importantly, pouring over transfer gossip these past few years. As for that, what can I say? I guess I''ve always been more of a listener and a reader, than a talker or a writer. I suppose it''s only fair to provide a bit of background on myself: I first saw Norwich City in 1993 at a tournament in Denver, Colorado. They played against the local team, the Foxes (and lost 3-2 to the home side, if you can believe it), FC Kaiserlautern (the eventual champions), and FC Copenhagen. It was there that I caught my first glimpses of the Yellows. Roughly a decade later, I studied abroad in Norwich and had the privilege of visiting Carrow Rd. for every home game that I could afford on my student budget and, as luck would have it, my first game in attendance was actually a stop on Ruel Fox''s farewell tour when WBA came to town (which, for me, brought it all full-circle rather nicely). That NCFC spoiled the party made it that much sweeter. I''ll never forget the shouts of, "Megson, what''s the score?" that rang out all over the ground, or the great applause for Ruel as he emerged from the subs bench to briefly silence us with a late (and very narrow) free kick miss that would''ve pulled them level. I''ve since relocated back to the States, but I still can''t shake my love for the Canaries, the songs, or the ground, and never would I want to. So why post now? Well, oddly enough, it was this advertisement that spurred me to it. Yes, yes, I know it''s the modern game and players move and so forth, but I was still struck by WHUFC using two former Norwich players for their ''loyalty'' card. A little dose of pixelated irony (at its finest), I suppose, and I just wanted to share with those who might not have seen it.
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