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  1. Boily burgers, and the rush 10 minutes before kick off to get to the top right hand corner near the fence...
  2. Yep, an Ipswich shirt from a local in Douala Cameroon, for 5 Dollars, a pair of used work boots and my Digital phone company Championship winner T shirt. It was ceremonially stuffed with aerosol cans, dumped in the incinerator and blown apart. Not sure who was more surprised, me to see a filthy Fisons shirt in Africa, or the chap to see his shirt blown to smithereens! Took it all quite serious back then.....
  3. So, it''s 19.00, 4 hours to go before the window slams shut. It''s been very quiet today with no usual statement saying, not to expect players coming in, going with what we''ve got etc. It''s now emerging that players are on their way out, either on loan or perms., with probably a couple more to go before the deadline. So, what are the chances of the odd inbound player coming in before 23.00, and even longer odds of a surprise marquee player at that?
  4. Waccoe''s gone into meltdown. Tried to log on for a bit of a gloat, but no chance. Snodgrass also having a medical at Blackburn allegedly.
  5. Teletext, thats a blast from the past. I remember driving everyone mad as a kid checking every 5 minutes pre-Internet for the odd bit of news, which usually turned out to be squit.. Page 604, if i''m sad enough to remember rightly.
  6. ''cruising - is the act of walking or driving about a locality in search of a sex partner, usually of the anonymous, casual, one-time variety'', In Ipswich? either you have very low standards, or lost, for your sake i trust it was the latter.
  7. I say, this could be any hoody wearing chavvy oik! Get a shave young man..
  8. Sorry, am i reading a post from this time last season?....
  9. Sounds good, have to keep my eye out for that then.
  10. Hmm, maybe a lucky escape then, i don''t do snug these days!!
  11. To be honest i had to look up if it was ''The football League'' at the time, as they looked in real good nick and unusual to see both of them up for sale together . Out of curiosity, was the medium really a medium, or were they more of a small as were most of the replica shirts back then?
  12. ''I got my Asiscs for £72 last week, Same seller had the away one too, that went for £78'' Ahh, so that was you?, i Bid on both at £70 right up until the last 20 minutes then lost connection. Couldn''t believe they hung around at that price so long. Hope they were in as good condition as they looked on Ebay
  13. He doesn''t know him, apparently he was with a group of young players, and parents. Got talking to a couple of the players, one who used to play for his home town club and apparently a conversation was struck with a couple of the fathers, thats all i know. This all happened about 3 weeks ago, and to be honest i took it with a pinch of salt, as there were lots of rumors about him joining at the time. Also thought he''d been primed by a Leeds fan we work with to wind me up, but apparently he had told somebody else before me. Like i said, could just be wishful thinking on his Dads part, and I don''t think this guys telling porkies. Deliberately havent put this guys name on here who told me, as what little credibility this rumor has would go up in flames!!
  14. Man i know i''m gonna get slated for this if it doesn''t happen. But......One of the Spanish guys who i work with, a Barca fan who, up until i showed him a photo of DP with us at the riverside after the end of the season game, had never heard of him, which surprised me. Anyway according to him, he had met his Farther at an airport, (not sure which one), while he was waiting for his flight to join the vessel we work on. Anyway, apparently his Farther wasn''t happy with the way he had been treated by Liverpool, and didn''t get the game time he was assured of when he joined. He went on to say, that he was hoping that his son would complete ''the'' deal with Norwich. Also said that the club treated them very well when they came over for the last game of the season. Like i say, this maybe total squit, but would seem very odd for someone to make such an elaborate story up, considering he didn''t even know who he was until i showed his goal on youtube! I''ll get me flack jacket now.
  15. Guys, this is starting to get a little bit highbrow for this page, are you sure we can''t get around to linking it to Cody by any chance... ;@)
  16. Republic of Congo was a French Colony as opposed to Belgian as in DRC/Zaire. Soyo is in Cabinda an Angolan enclave within Congo. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_of_the_Congo will explain it better. The State of Africa is a superb book about the division of Africa by European countries, As is White Gold, about the white slave trade in Africa. Your welcome to borrow both I''ve got your pm, so will drop you a line when i get home
  17. I''m a lifting equipment inspector on construction vessels. Don''t spend as much time in Africa these days. But we will be sailing from the Gulf of Mexico where i am now, to Equatorial Guinea in the next few days, and then to Angola after that. The State of Africa is a superb book about the division of Africa by European countries, As is White Gold, about the white slave trade in Africa. Your welcome to borrow both I''ve got your pm, so will drop you a line when i get home
  18. Hi KIO, I actually work,(although not there at the moment) in Point Noire, Republic of Congo, slightly better than DRC i believe. I do however, have quite a few books about the British Empire and Africa in general, which your more than welcome to borrow, will be back in the UK in a month for all those burglars and looters reading!
  19. At the moment only Fox Soccer, which is pretty poor at the moment, and have spent the last month watching League ll play off finals etc. Southampton Leeds has been re-run at least 5 times this week as well. Sick of hearing how Swansea''s '' Arsenal/ Barcelona style of football make them favorites to stay up etc. during their Premier season preview shows, Few weeks when we move away from the Gulf, i''m hopeing to still be able to get Talksport (uk) online followed by haystack FM for Canary call after the match. |
  20. Hasn''t been anything decent since the ''Never Blue'' range. The range of rubbish which was available last year hit an all time low. Surely they know that he better the design and quality, the more they will shift, irrespective of the price.
  21. The spiral Steercase The adventures of Huckleberry Fenn Muzanic about nothing The good, the bad and the Luke Chadwick Segura Nevada
  22. Sorry djc, but getting back on track with this thread seams strangely out of place ;)
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