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  1. Fulham (A), Wolves (H), Newcastle (A), Wigan (H), Stoke (A), Manchester United (H) were never easy games. Realistically, 9 points from that would have been fantastic. Every team we played away are generally very decent at home, and Man United is a write-off 90% of the time. Then there was Wigan and Wolves at home. Six points would have been good, four was decent. Anything less would have been a problem. We''ve won the games - or avoided defeat - when we''ve really had to this season, as our results against the bottom five show. (5 wins, 4 draws, 0 defeats).
  2. I know this is all in jest of course, but I''d genuinely rather have Morison than those two anyway.
  3. The former is playing in a higher league - I presume that''s escaped your attention? Snodgrass will be in the same league by the summer anyway...
  4. Is this the same Howson who has officially ''agreed personal terms'' to join us? Maybe it''s just me, but if he truly wanted to stay there (I''m sure in many ways he does), then he wouldn''t have ''agreed personal terms''...
  5. Winning in the league was huge, as I''d say it massively increases our chance of winning in the Cup. Albion are now right in the relegation mix, and Hodgson will have to re-assess his priorities, and will probably play a weakened team against us. Us meanwhile, having won at the weekend, will go in to the game very well placed in the league. We''re not safe - far from it - but we have enough to be able to maintain a Cup run and remain competitive in the league. I don''t think WBA can do the same. 5th Round is there for the taking IMO.
  6. It''s not complicated. As others have alluded to, he wasn''t on the bench because he''s currently our fourth-choice fit CB behind Ayala, Whitbread and Martin. Lambert has more faith in Drury coming in at LB (and switching Naughton/Martin around) than throwing Barnett in at the moment.
  7. Having preliminary ''behind-closed-doors'' talks with Ipswich, and looking for a place in Norwich to live, perhaps...
  8. Well worth £5m in my opinion. The transfer market has inflated massively in recent seasons, and £5m nowadays is probably the equivalent (or even less) than the £3m we paid for Ashton in 2005. No reason why Rhodes can''t make the same impact, so I hope we can do something.
  9. We got thoroughly outplayed and lost 2-1 to Brentford (arguably lower than the Colchester game in many ways) the day before Burnley won 1-0 against Manchester United (arguably their highest point) two and a bit years ago...
  10. They are simply taking up the role Leeds have had the last couple of years, and the role Colchester had before them. Namely the club that is most jealous of us, because we seem to continually inflict misery on them. Meanwhile, they themselves lurch along, not really doing much. No interest to me. We won''t be playing them next year.
  11. Anthony Wordsworth (Colchester), Matt Phillips (Blackpool) and Jordan Rhodes (Huddersfield) for me. Lambert''s worked with Wordsworth and Phillips before, so can see those happening. Possibly throw in Chris Martin as a sweetener for Rhodes? Not convinced we''ll sign a defender (excluding Naughton), especially with Ward coming back.
  12. At the end of the day, he should have been booked about 5 minutes before anyway. At the very least, it was worthy of a second yellow, so a red is just what he deserved. Either way, I couldn''t care less. A nasty, spiteful little man who has got his just desserts. Couldn''t happen to a nicer bloke - despite this fake ''intelligent'' persona he''s attempting...
  13. I think we''ll end the season with Ward and Ayala at CB, so I can''t see Lambert getting rid.
  14. Ground regulations state no ''away'' fans in ''home'' areas. Although stewards/etc should have picked up on this pre-match, it perhaps only became obvious when they celebrated. Can''t have one rule for one person, then a different rule for another. They defied clear regulations, and were all treated as such - and all treated equally. If they had any intelligence they wouldn''t have celebrate so publicly. To do it once was ignorant, to do it twice (thus fully revealing themselves) was utterly moronic. If you don''t remove ALL ''away'' fans (just because they are young, or for whatever reason), you open yourself to a dangerous precedent...
  15. In terms of this January, and ''big clubs'', he won''t go to: Manchester United - Ferguson. Immovable. Liverpool - Dalglish. Nearly immovable, and they''d want a ''bigger name''. Ridiculous as it is. Chelsea - AVB won''t be gone by then, and again would look on the continent. Ridiculous as it is. Man City - Will definitely look for a ''bigger name''. Possibly Mourinho? Arsenal - Probably the most likely, as I''m far from convinced Wenger will be there by January. However, as incredible as it sounds, I don''t think Lambert would leave us for them right now. That''s how far we''ve progressed/they''ve fallen. Spurs - Going well with Redknapp. Can''t see that changing any time soon. Any other English side - Not worth leaving us for, in my honest opinion. We have the potential to grow into a big-ish side, and Lambert knows that.
  16. Why are we talking about Bolton? Last time I checked our next match was against West Brom. This time tomorrow is the time to talk about Bolton.
  17. Should have scored his first chance, but MANY players would have not even made that run - superb movement, which he continued throughout. Fantastic goal. Great finish for a chance that was much harder than it appeared, as he also had to beat Terry. Never doubted him. Never will. He will be fine, as will we.
  18. Sorry, I meant don''t expect to see interviews/etc, which is what the ban relates to... Highlights/etc will always be on...
  19. It''s much more than somebody ''saying sorry'', and I doubt it will happen any time soon either, so don''t expect to see much on Look East!
  20. I disagree with the notion that McNamee was a ''bad'' signing. He played a part in getting us promoted to the Championship, and then played a part (admittedly, lesser) in getting us promoted to the Premiership. If nothing else, his performance against Watford completely turned the match. If we''d lost that game (which seemed likely before his introduction, and having previously lost 3-0 to Swansea), then it could have all started to slip away. Suddenly the Forest and Ipswich games would have even more significance, Holt''s injury wouldn''t heal so quickly, and things would - potentially at least - start to go against us. McNamee was a good signing, As were the likes of Oli Johnson, whose cameo against Southend was equally vital to getting us to this stage if you look at the bigger picture. The truth is we''ve simply outgrown these players, but without their contribution there''s no guarantee we''d have made it this far.
  21. I think our strongest side would include Fox, Crofts, Hoolahan and Bennett, and have two strikers. No idea how to fit them all in though.
  22. No, it really doesn''t. As many have pointed out, you are under no obligation to name 25, as Arsenal/etc have demonstrated, I believe you must name a minimum of 15 players though, which we obviously will.
  23. Rudd''s under-21, so two spaces. Despite what Lambert said on Monday, I''d be amazed if one was not a goalkeeper. I can also see Lansbury/Pacheco joining, although neither will need to be registered. One space left for January then!
  24. http://www.ictfc.co.uk/articles/20110728/along-came-jones-_2208825_2404085 Official, from their website at least. Says we agreed to ''cancel his registration'', so hope we''ve not had to pay him too much compensation. Think Smith and Hughes will be gone soon as well personally.
  25. Nothing to worry about I''d imagine. It''s been a hectic schedule, and none of those three trained yesterday, so more likely to be involved against Southend perhaps?
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