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  1. Marshall, otsemobor, doherty, shackell, lappin, russell, brellier, murray, hucks, cureton, strihavka subs - gilks, spillane, croft, martin, brown   definately looks more attack minded today, not sure how we will line up with no natural wide right but i''m guessing it will be a 3 man tight midfield with Hucks floating
  2. i''m guessing he''s either in or on way to London are you talking about his lack of goals in the past 3 games?
  3. [quote user="OTBC"]A Wolves fan suggesting a formation, brilliant! How should we line up to beat you on Saturday? Anyway, I would go with: Marshall Ostemobor Doherty Dublin Drury Croft Russell Brellier Lappin Strihavka Huckerby Need to be solid in midfield, think playing Brellier central and Lappin on the left will allow us to keep our shape. [/quote] exactly how i''d go but i''d be tempted to start Brown alongside Hucks because of the reason somebody mentioned above, he will leave his partner isolated at times and we need somebody who can handle the tempo and power of the game
  4. [quote user="Pboro_Canary"] Despite being a fan of Brown, I think the time has come to make the switch and give big Dave his chance.  I am a little concerned about his fitness and ability to last 90 minutes at this level (see his own comments on how he flet at the end of the game on Saturday) but I think he deserves a start tonight after his efforts at the weekend. [/quote] i''m also a fan of Brown but at the moment his confidence is very low and he needs a break, perhaps a game or 2 in the reserves where he can hopefully get a goal or 2
  5. Huckerby is obviously our main threat but he is short of match fitness, i''d also watch out for our right back Otsemobor who is very quick and gets forward
  6.                      Marshall Otsemobor  Dublin  Shackell  Drury Croft      Russell    Brellier    Lappin              Strihavka    Hucks gilks, murray, martin, cureton, brown
  7. his interview about moving Lappin inside does show he is looking at finding the right balance, he acknowledges Brellier and Rusty are too similar to play in a home game and that we need somebody with good distribution in there, he also mentions having a left footer who will provide balance when Hucks drifts
  8. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]    Brown hasnt scored and should now be 4th choice striker behind Cureton, Dave, Dublin and Martin i think. Perhaps cash in on him in January and get a decent defender in.   [/quote] isn''t that 5th
  9. we''ve got what looks like a very strong subs bench, i''m hoping PG can make the right changes during the 2nd half i think Croft should replace Chadwick though, he just doesn''t stay wide, Croft has his faults but he will stay wide and run at the left back
  10. maybe rochdale playing well isn''t quite good enough to beat us playing averagely
  11. i don''t think we''ve got the defenders to play 3 at the back, you need 2 fairly quick centre backs to flank a dominant centre back in order for it to work, otherwise strikers will run in down the channels causing all sorts of problems  
  12. might as well play Grays or Stevenage Reserves, oh we are anyway
  13. i think russell will start with either Brellier if fit or Murray
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