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  1. Anyone else see that Lovejoy has left Soccer AM! http://www.skysports.com/skysports/article/0,,281-1269546,00.html
  2. Do you mean Efan Ekouku?  He scored 4 against Everton away in1993!
  3. What about Martin Allen?  Young, ambitous and doing well at Brentford!
  4. I know the new entrance music is by Muse (I think?), but can anybody help me out with the title of the song?
  5. Come on Deano!!!! Anyone any idea what number he''ll take?  I know 2, 4, 25 and 29 are available!
  6. I for one am NOT a fan of the diamond.  We seem to have the wrong players in the wrong positions all the time.  Take the Bristol Rovers game, Gary Holt seemed to spend most of his time as a left winger!  We seemed to lack any kind of invention going forward. Bring back 4-4-2!
  7. HELLO! I must confess I have ''lurked'' for quite a while without having posted before.  I''ve always used the board as a source of information but always felt you hardened posters did not need another opinion. I''m a bloke, 24, and I live in Poringland and have had a season ticket in various parts of the ground since 92/93 but have been in the lower barclay for the last 4 seasons.
  8. At last I can see it all!! If you cannot see peoples names or have no control panel link you need to turn off script block in Norton to enable the use of java script! Worked for me anyway!  
  9. I''ve unticked both the ads and pop-ups option in Norton. I''m using internet explorer 6, Windows XP and have the Norton firewall and the XP firewall both on. Hope this helps!
  10. This is my first message on here but I have used the forum for sometime so some of my problems maybe because I have never posted? How come I cannot see the name of the person who posted the message?I have no control panel or forum options buttons to select and change things.Can I change my name that appears when I post?Thanks
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