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  1. "Give Peas a Chance "Am I the only one who is not impressed with Yellows? Always understaffed on match days and I don''t particularly rate their food! This is from someone who usually wines and dines in Luton!! And who was more than happy to have a burger cooked by Polly in The Cricketers Rest!!!
  2. I get the impression some people would rather have him up front for us, instead of Holt. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but, quite frankly, it is concerning. Please can we let this obsession with Alan Lee go. We are a club which I believe is on the up, at last. Let''s just forget about Alan Lee now yes?
  3. children left in tears and scared?? What fans being on the pitch made children scared? Are these children of the bacardi breezer brigade?
  4. and so there it is. 99.9% of norwich fans are pathetic. listen to ya. what the hell is wrong with going on the pitch? every other club does it if they either stay up or win promotion, but not good old norwich. I cant believe some fans were actually booing the fans and also chanting off off off. get a bleeding life. After years of absolute shite, we have a bunch of players who have given us (fans) and the city and county something to be proud of. What is wrong with wanting to celebrate it with the people who made it happen? Nothing. To everyone who got on the pitch, I SALUTE YOU. to the rest of you, get back to your dungeons and dragons board games.
  5. Regular poster with a grand total of one post. Mug.
  6. could''t agree more buddy. If there is any justice or karma in football then we will murder them. Never works like that but if just for once it could, then I would be a happy man. 7-1 sounds good, although 1-0 sounds just as sexy. Make no bones about it though, they will be well up for it. not like tonights performance.
  7. "I''ve seen a decent amount of footage of Theo and I can say that''s he''s good enough for this level, and possibly the CCC as well (not Prem however...), but he needs the chance to show it". Where exactly have you seen a decent amount of footage of him? Footage leads me to believe you have been on the internet. In his career he has played for the following: Bulleen Inter Kings Bulleen Zebras South Melbourne Bulleen Zebras Football Kingz Blackpool South Melbourne Bulleen Zebras Melbourne Victory Norwich City How can you state he is good enough for this division and the Championship. He played two games for Blackpool (Championship Giants!!!) and one for us. You sure you aint a scout?
  8. i 100% agree. The goal music is rubbish. I still think we should have it though, just think we should go back to Queens "Another one bites the dust". Think we had that for the first Premiership season although can''t be certain. Also kinda takes the mick out of the team you have just scored against, unless they were 5-0 up at the time, then we just look like idiots. When this happens you just dont play any music. I also agree that the 3-2-1 Kick It Off needs to go. Makes me cringe, although you do end up chanting it. Why does it need a man with a microphone to tell us when to start chanting. From my memory the fans always used to start On the Ball City just as the match was gonna kick off anyway. I must confess however that I am quite often a few mins late and cant even tell ya wot the song is we run out to. I think we should have something that gets everyone buzzing. I remember going away to scum a few years ago and they played "Welcome to the Jungle". Was quality and about the only thing I could ever give them credit for, oh other than employing Roy Keane!!! I think coming out to the Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter" would be pretty cool. So please Jim, can ya fix it for me? I dont ask for much.
  9. I too would like to pay my respects to a former work colleague and general all round top bloke. Gonna miss randomly bumping into you in pubs and clubs, or at the ground. You were as safe a bloke as you could meet. Laters dude.
  10. I dont blame you for the hope of catching Leeds but it is going to be a very difficult task considering we have lost only one game all season and have the best home record in all 4 divisions (check that out) Check what out you fool. We have one more point than you at home, both having playing 13 games. Spainboy, if you gonna come on another club''s website (which I have no problem with whatsoever) you really must get those facts right. And for the record, we will catch you up.
  11. 100% agree mate. However, you could hear a pin drop before we scored our first goal.
  12. I think the next few weeks will tell whether City are well and truly up for it so to speak. Was really really gutted after Leeds, but as harsh as it may sound I was still slightly thinking "same old same old". Of course it isn''t though. We are a much better side this season, and I am still not convinced it is all because of the drop in division. I honestly believe the group of players we have used over the last 4-5 games would have been good enough to keep us up. As it stands I would be somewhat upset if we finished even one place lower than we currently sit in the table. As I have stated earlier, these next few games are crucial as to whether we can try and gain automatic promotion. Fingers crossed because I am loving how we are playing football. It shoudl be being played at a much higher level. We all know that. As for Ipswich, I really pray that they go down. Roy Keane is the sort of person who wins stuff but everyone hates. A bully. About as far removed from Bobby Robson as you can get. I feel the way he isolates players and off-loads young talent is very much like a certain Glenn Roeder. Releasing Jordan Rhodes didn''t go down too well with the Ipswich fans (I work and study with lots regrettably), and they have been proven 100% correct. Fans are usually pretty good at judging the state of their football team and from what I am being told, they are extremely worried. Jesus I would be if I were them. Releasing all your young talent and replacing them with crap. It smacks of an "I know arrogance", and misguided at that!! So, yes I think Ipswich could quite easily get relegated. Swapping places with them would be so so good. OTBC
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