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  1. Prolific in this league but just isnt good enough for the prem for the simple reason he needs 5 or 6 chances to score and chances dont come along like that in the prem where u r playing against some of the best defenders in the league, drop down a league score goals and get back in the welsh team, and maybe try again in a few seasons, but to say you are 3 times the player is rubbish, he missed a sitter at the weekend ! he is the same player!

  2. Id go for



    OSSY                  SHAX                     DOC                          CAMARA


    CROFT                             PATTY                   GIBBS                      BERTRAND


                                    EVANS                     HUX

  3. Darren Huckerby is a true norwich legend and the recent posts on here slating him are a total joke the man has worn his heart on his sleeve and helped the club to the premiership nearly kept us there and i believe at times kept us in the championship, he gets an injury but loving the game as he does he  plays on through the pain which is cleasrly disrupting his peformances so he has a few bad games and straight away goes from hero status to old has been draining the wages, if he recovers fully and starts to play like he used to again u same people will be saying he is god again, i wont be suprised if he goes as he is being made a scapegoat for the club he so clearly loves. Show him the respect her deserves, had he done an Eanie or ashton and left when he could have so easily done he would be slagged off but he stays here and fights the cause he gets slagged off for that 2, the man cant win he cant be expected to be the best player on the pitch in every single game, its a team game, he still in my opinion is a very important player for the this club and the most gifted player we have and will have for a long time.

  4. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="The Great Escape. "]

    ''I''ve carried the attack for the last four years'''' Huckerby''s comment on local  radio this afternoon. Not misquoted direct from Huckerby himself.

    He has been a fantastic player for NCFC, but with an arrogant comment like that the sooner he goes the better.


    what an Arrogant comment! so Leon McKenzie, Matt svensson and Iwan Roberts contributed nothing over that time did they Darren? hate to say it but we''d of got promoted that season without you.

    why come out and say somethign like that!!

    jas :)


    Im sorry but no we wouldnt have got promoted with out him

  5. [quote user="ridgeman"]I was thinking much the same including approx 750k for Hughes, high wages for Thorne, approx 700k (I think) for Docherty yet when we see someone with real quality they back off . Is that why we are called the Canaries because everything is cheap cheap.[/quote]


    hahahahaha love the cheap cheap comment!!!!! quallity

  6.                                                          GREEN

    HELVEG              MALKY               TAYLOR                DRURY


       BENTLEY                      FRANCIS                            HUCKS




                        ASHTON                 CROUCH









    What id do for that team now!!!!

  7. [quote user="Essjayo"]


    Helveg    Malky   Taylor   Shackell  Drury

             Francis    Holt    Pattison

                Dublin    Ashton








    Bellamy? i thought he left late 90''s? maybe im wrong but how you can have a 2000''s dream team and not have the man who nearly single handed got us promoted to the prem and has kept us in the championship the last 2 years starting is ludacris yes i am talking about hucks

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