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  1. I was there last night and to be honest they were very unlucky not to come away as victors. The second half shot ratio was well ahead of Birmingham and the space we had due to playing a team in the Premiership was evident. The guy''s played with passion and Davenport was a rock at the back , with Hughes in midfield awesome in closing down the midfield of the blues. One swallow does not make a summer but based on this level of intensity I think the play offs are a distinct possibility.   
  2. Totally agree with the masterful Wizard , he has lost the dressing room support in my opinion and his constant faith in total relics will cost us promotion. Look at the goal celebration of the Watford team with Boothroyd... now that is what I call passion !! Live and learn Worthington. It is not just this year we are basing his performance on.   Worthington has had his day , and YES we miss Francis... I am not changing my name !! 
  3. I must admit to being a " curse " on the team and have now missed only 4 games all season !! . Guess what Southampton , WBA , Bolton and now United. I have a huge 400 mile round trip to the home games and sometimes via work commitments have to sit them out... Makes you wonder if I ever should return to the famous turf of Carrow Road. Still via satellite I viewed the game and whilst the atmosphere was not that brilliant in my lounge , it was still one of the great days in my footballing memory.    
  4. What a laugh. Sounds like Worthingtons after match interviews... the boy''s did well and played fairly and played their hearts out , it is not a *********** gentlemens club. Even if we did qualify it would be against some no hoper team from Estonia which nobody could pronounce anyway !!!
  5. Wise man indeed , the horse has well and truly bolted and to be honest next year might be harder than we think. It is a formaility I believe that Greeno will go ( hence the signing of Gallagher and Ward ) and Francis wil not hang around ( not the same player since his cheek fracture and wants a bigger stage ). Ashton one feels has a clause in his contract if we get relegated.... and the defence needs to be updated with perhaps Shackell the only survivor. Give old Safri a chance... but be under no illusions it will be tougher to get out of than we think.... The other teams will have watched on how to make Huckerby completely innefective as he has been in the Premier and will man mark him like against WBA last year , he will not get the space as in previous years. The bookies will make us one of the favourites , but I would not be so sure !!!
  6. Well that is 2004/2005 well and truly down the proverbial. In reality a fairly shambolic and pathetic effort from management and playing staff in attempting to play with the big boys. I accept the Premier League is a league with three tiers but we are going to finish at the bottom of the bottom league and post mortems must be entered into. The fact remains that Nigel and his team are simply not good enough , if I was to get a promotion in my job and failed to cut the mustard then that would be it. I could not keep a job for life just because I was good at my previous level.... Before you ask who would we bring in ... well I don''t know.... but do not expect to bounce back in 2005/2006. I think we will be more like Wolves or Leicester rather than another Charlton. As for the squad , let the stats talk for themselves. Who developed the squad.... end comment !!!! I am loyal , but reality is a part of every day life.... green and yellow dreams are a thing of the past !!  
  7. I was that Frenchman Marc Libbra , full of promise and flair , exceptionally volatile but with so much style ,could have been a world beater.... but in the end just another uselss hacker.
  8. No wins away from home , A manager that you uses tactics to motivate the opponents , and the end result.... away to Rotherham in 2005/2006 ( the bubble has well and truly burst !!! )  
  9. At last , a balanced view of the proceedings at Norwich City Football Club on the historic date of January 22nd 2005.    You my friend , should run for parliament.   Very well written !!!!!!!!
  10. Hindsight is a wonderful thing , I have a 400 mile round trip for all home games and get to a few away as well. The point is that it does not lessen our faith in the cause or my belief in our ability to win a mini league. However the amount of humble pie is to much to stomach , yes I left with 5 to go and spent the last 5 in the tunnel soaking up the atmosphere with the may others who did the same. I feel we have a right to be critical during a game , whatever the end outcome. Conceeding four goals at home does stir the emotion , I for one cannot remain passive with that kind of defence going on !!!!!!! 
  11. It is a fair point , no doubt all the supporters will be swelling with pride at that come back, it does leave you to ponder the question on why we are chasing games all the time. Fair play on Ashton and Hucks but the time has come for a Shackell christening for a decent run or a few loan signings. Greeno is a mile ahead on the Optra index for saves , thank god for that. 
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