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  1. Just had a message from City, Roberts and Crichton to leave at the end of season when contracts expire!!
  2. having seen the tackle and what his knee looked like, it didn''t look good. From the pictures, there was blood all down his knee cap and he was in a lot of pain! Good job we''ve clinched promotion. I''m sure (hoping) the other boys will do a similar job! OTBC
  3. Got this message from the City SMS service. Details on http://www.canaries.premiumtv.co.uk/page/FirstNewsDetail/0,,10355~518255,00.html
  4. Contract terminated by mutual consent. Could this be the start of the clear out?? Rivers and Easton as well??
  5. Just seen on the BBC news website that he thinks that he''s not in Harry Redknapps long term plans. He''d be a great addition to the squad. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/p/portsmouth/3647273.stm
  6. Personally, i would like man city to come down to Div 1. They, out of all the teams have the better squads and there could be some half decent stars that''ll want to carry on playing the in the premiership. Wright-Phillips will go to a big club but there are some other decent starts that we could take. just a thought
  7. Henry is one of the best players in the world, think we''re just gonna have to do our best in defence. After last night''s performance, you have to accept that we''re probably gonna get a pasting.
  8. Crouch?? What''s happened to the talk of Crouch? Saw him against Chelsea last night, looked good although he missed a sitter! Anyone know what''s happening with him??
  9. The lineo didn''t flag cos, IMHO, the ball was going out to Lee Hughes on the wing and Horsfield was running through the middle. I guess that the lineo thought that he wasn''t interfering with play in the ''first phase'' ie as the ball was passed to Hughes but was then behind Hughes in the ''second phase'', as the ball was crossed to Horsfield for him to slot home. Just the way it looked to me. I initially though it was offside, but there was a pic on the sun website. Chris
  10. Sunday was one of the best matches i have been to..... apart from the idiot who was sat behind me. All match he was chatting to me, he said that he was a devoted fan who had driven from Bournemouth that morning. This all seemed fine, until he said that he had just bought a home shirt. He then wanted me to point out Delia and where she sat, he didn''t know any of the players and he wanted me to tell him the words to ''On the ball City...'' I just think that it''s wrong that people who really should get tickets, ie the REAL fans, cant get any and people like this who only come along as were doing really well. My brother-in-law is a life long fan but doesn''t live nearby but we can never get him a ticket. Just needed to get that off my chest..
  11. I wouldn''t worry too much, City always play better against the better teams, sheff utd and esp as we are at home. I''m not saying we''ll beat them easily as i think it''ll be a tough match, but City always turn up for these matches and i''m Worthy will sort them proper. Chris OTBC
  12. I heard that City were paying Hux £12k a week and Man City are paying him £8k a week so they didn''t have pay him the £1.5m they owed him for the rest of his contract.
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