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  1. I can see sense in why we came in the top 20, and also see sense why we finished 18/19th. Reading the oficial magazine online, they explain how teams score points. It seems fair to me, bit stunned that so many of you are so angry about it. Moaning about TALKsport  in the way some are is like you are having a childish tantrum {and I know all about that}. Like another poster pointed out, the TALKsport team consists of people from other sports services. Alvin Martin:Sky, Andy Townsend:ITV, Tony Cascerino:Sky, Jason Cundy:Sky, Ian Wright:BBC, and so on and so on. Oh and whoever it is leaving those daft messages on my account will cop a right hander. I do not even understand what they are supposed to mean.
  2. Happy Birthday Youngster!!!! Ive brought you a new fence to sit on, your current one must be in a hell of a state by now.Pop in The Coachmakers for your birthday drink this afternoon mate.[B]
  3. [quote user="Mook"][quote user="Brendo "]Thank god you have got rid of your avatar Whittle. [/quote] I was thinking the very same thing. Thank you for showing a bit of responsibility & respect Arthur. [/quote] Just to clear something up. Loads of pinkuners were making jokes and laughing at jokes about Rauol Moat. Now this has happened to other tragedys and disasters, and people laugh away, then soon as I pop up im called all sorts of names. So, just to try out my paranoia, I uploaded the photo, on a thread where people made several jokes about nutjob Moat....and suprise, suprise, soon as I join in, im out of order, but everyone else is acceptable, 1 fella even said im sick for putting that photo on, despite the fact he admitted making jokes and laughing about Rauol Moats antics. Experiment tried and tested. In poor taste, but just goes to prove, that some people treat me as some sort of pantomime villan, and everything is funny till I get involved, then its a good old bit of whittle bashing. End of subject. Back on topic, within the next 7 days you will hear an announcement about a "big" investment in the club. If the announcement is not made I will not post on here again...I am that certain.
  4. Well I wouldn''t usually go down these wind up threads and my mate wouldn''t USUALLY wind me up but he reckons it was radio Norfolk and its a bit random for him to text such things.
  5. Have I missed something or is my friend winding me up but I''ve just received a text saying the head of lotus has invested 30 million! Anyone else heard this?
  6. Calm down and get off your soap boxes rent-a-mob wannabes. I''ve already said on a previous thread that I thought he was a complete plank. It is just a avatar for the current affairs like my St George,world cup,salute to our troops ones and so on. As for RIP my old friend....read the "what do people think of clairvoyant "thread on its not just football message board. I lost a very close friend recently.
  7. Bloody hell Tilly, 3 posts 1 after the other, I bet you ran out of tapes when you were doing questioning mate [;)] Just joking Tilly, I know you think im always having a dig at the police but its just a bit of banter mate. No harm or offence. I dont want you dunking my head in a bath to get a confession now do i [;)] I never made a joke about or laughed at one, of Roaul Moat. I have had a stressful week or so, losing a good friend, and came on here today to let a bit of steam off, but i dont find what Moat done funny or hero worship worth. I simply put his photo on, as he looks a class knob with his daft mohican and fat head. Night all.
  8. [quote user="ThorpeCanary"]I think he meant the jokes about that scum, meaning the jokes he was the butt of. I wont say jokes about this sort of thing are right, but they go on, and on far more tragic incidents than this. But If you wanted my honest opinion I would say having him as your picture is distasteful - though some may well say the same about my sig![/quote] I like your signature thorpe.........shame it only lasts 2 seconds........ As for my photo....people have had photos of Adolf Hitler, Nelson Mandela etc, all repsonsible for millions of deaths.....nothing gets said about that. my photo was just to highlight wart a fat necked, dodgy haired freak he was....not in any way hero worship.
  9. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]Forgot to say, I thought some of the jokes were quite funny about that scum, I have never seen so many jokes about one incident.[/quote] Soooooo.........im in the wrong for showing a photo of a man everyone should know what he looks like...........but.....you are in the right for laughing about jokes about him killing and blinding people????????..............OOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooKKKKKKKKKKKKkkkkk???????????????????
  10. [quote user="Kathy"]I think I can speak on behalf of City Angel as well, when I say that I can assure Til1010 that he has absolutely nothing to fear from either of us.[/quote] Kathy, having spoken to Mr G Holt, and Mr D Huckerby, I must advise you and the lovely Diane that my clients are putting in a retraining order 1st thing monday morning.[;)]
  11. [quote user="TIL 1010"] Dear Wazzock or may i call you Aunty Marge,                                                   Having just got back off holiday i was going to seek your advice about two women i know who are suffering a mid life crisis.I will protect their identities other than to say one is considered a bit of an Angel and the other has the same name as Ian Beales mum in Eastenders.One is a NCISA committee member and the other just a member who has been annoying The Butler by continually posting about our website.                                                 Now the problem is that they both make sexist remarks about young lads who are young enough to be their sons which i find extremely unhealthy.If i pass comment on young girls i am called an old perv but being the fanny magnet that i am they do not accept that it is a cross i have to carry.One continually makes remarks regarding a Latino pop star and the other came out in a hot flush when a tanned young lad was recently appointed to the NCISA committee.When they attend NCISA gatherings hormones are flying around in all directions and i find it all rather uncomfortable.What approach should i take as NCISA is to hold a BBQ very soon and both will be there.                                                                                       Yours                                                                                             Tilly. [/quote] LOL Brilliant LOL!!! A copper with a sense of humour, who would have thought it [;)] Just joking Tilly.
  12. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]I doubt it''s Arthurs nephew, it''s the sort of sad thing he would do...[/quote] Thanks for that....i notice you didnt pipe up to the endless amount of Roaul Moat jokes today though..............
  13. For those who are missing their drinks in the Cricketers on Queens rd. I was in my local last night and a friend whos doing some work for the Lady who owns the Langtry,Rose valley, the Woolpack on Duke Street and a couple of other bars, is now going to take on the Cricketers.
  14. I would like to apologise for my behaviour this week. We have had some unfortunate personal family matters happen over the last 5/6 days, which I will not get into, as it is personal, and I did hit the sauce a bit too hard. I wasnt drunk for all the posts I made, but some of them yes. This is not an excuse, and I apologise to anyone offended, for my language and behaviour, and personal attacks. Cant promise it wont happen again, as you know what I get like when ive had a few, but I am genuinly sorry, and feel I have let myself down again, but this time I went a lot further than previously. The sort of behaviour of me this week, is not appropriate for a family forum like the pinkun. Sorry to all. Arthur.      
  15. Ohhh,please listen look at me,look at me. You bunch of fuckwits! Have a word with yourselves you boring,pretentious fuckards. Morty, chops,nutty,Mc D.....get a fucking life you face painted twats. Fancy a windmill?
  16. Ha Ha. You bunch of limp pricked, left wing cunts Ill do the lot of you with a whittle windmill. Fucking self loathing,face painted retards.xx
  17. Nutty mate. With all due respect,what do you think the nations reation would''ve been had he said what Mister chops said in his first post? Don''t be so naive my friend,he would always go along those lines. Mister chops....fair comment.
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