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  1. Because our club and local plod are paranoid that the nasty thugs in the jarrold stand will attack away fans with egg sarnies,Cornish pasties and Luke warm bovril. That''s why our nasty fans with their reputation for mindless violence will have to watch our Derby at 5.30am on a Sunday morning while those lovely fans of Cardiff and Swansea, both Sheffield clubs and most other clubs can watch their Derby games at 3pm on a Saturday
  2. [quote user="s10_yellow"]I''m sure the last time City fans were on was only Charlton away last season? They must have liked the Norwich fans to invite us back so soon! [/quote] Or they might just love having us on for the cringe factor........
  3. [quote user="s10_yellow"]I''m sure the last time City fans were on was only Charlton away last season? They must have liked the Norwich fans to invite us back so soon! [/quote] Probably. The lads my mate knew done it years back, about around the time it started. Maybe the cameraman they knew still works there and pulls a few strings?
  4.   I can remember some of my Sons mates doing it a few years back, i believe they were mates with a cameraman who worked on the show and were really good. Please, please,please i beg you not to apply if you sound like Kathy did on Skysports!! LOL....Just kidding Kathy.
  5. [quote user="Beauseant"]Given our unerring ability to end bad runs I fear the worst![:#][/quote] I can understand yours and many others concern but i honestly think we''ll be fine tonight. I think PL has instilled a believe in the players that we are serious playoff contenders and the odd bad result must be swept away with a great result the following game. I thought we played excellent against Hull and PL will be reminding them of how important it is that we pick ourselves up and move on. Paul will have the players motivated and Leicester will struggle IMO.
  6. [quote user="GenerationA47"]Hi, Ed. You have a talent for very topical parody... are you behind Bob the Builder, too?[/quote] LOL A "lets get behind the team thread", christ the seasons only just started, like it or not we are the new boys in this league, and a year ago we were losing 7-1 at home to Colchester. I dont think a rallying call to get behind the team is essential mate.
  7. Far to many pretentious prats who, like hooligan scum who shout"im harder than you" Claim the "im more intelligent than you" high ground on this site. They are the same but mentally not physically. Twats the lot of them. Just go on to the the "not just football" site and i swear you''ll never see a a bigger bunch of hypocrites in your life.
  8. [quote user="morty"][quote user="The Saturday Boy"][quote user="morty"][quote user="The Saturday Boy"][quote user="WeAreYellows49"] [quote user="Nexus_Canary"][quote user="NCFC4LIFE"]Lets hope he stays away for good!!! should of taken morty with him!!! [/quote] and you are ? Wiz aint so bad and Morty is cool so zippit [/quote] Agree totally [:)] [/quote] I love this. you guys who post loads think you own this messageboard. I like to have a look on here for about 1/2 an hour every day, but jeez do any of you lot actually have lives and real people to talk to. if your internet connections broke i reckon most of you would top yourself!! [/quote] No, you think that we think that. Wow, does that make you a better person because you spend less time on the internet? [/quote] No it doesn''t make me a better person. I just have REAL friends who I actually meet face to face So not better, just more popular :)  btw went fishing and got a bite! [/quote] Wow, you''re so amazing and popular, I''m surprised you even use the internet at all. Ah, the old "I was just kidding to get a bite" excuse when I have been outed as a bit of a hypocritical prick, criticising people for using a forum, by posting on a forum about it, then realising the irony. [:)] [/quote] LOL.
  9. Tee hee hee Chops.I state quite clearly they are false accusations that are being spread, obviously by someone with a vendetta against Wizrad. This is only a bloody forum for gods sake. Ever the comedien, Chops, you should get your own sketch show with Noel Edmonds and Chris Tarent on channel 5.
  10. Jeez,will everyone let it go... I made a genuine mistake,took offence to someone who called me less intelligent for making said mistake and apologise to the OP. Anyone would''ve thought united nations blue caps were on the Norwegian border stopping the royal navy invading Oslo! I''M SORRY!
  11. Mortuary,I''ve had it for 18 months and ive only just worked the bleeder out nd now the contracts up!
  12. I''m posting via touch phone which has predictive spelling. I bet you''ve taken a few slaps across the forehead with your attitude.
  13. I''m not full of venom,I apologised to the OP. What I don''t like is arrogant know all''s who look down on people for making such trivial mistakes. So I''ll ask you again, do you think your clever to talk down on people?
  14. So broadstairsR, its ok for big headed numpties like yourself to go around calling people less intelligent for making a mistake is it? Pompous idiot,crawl out of your own backside son.
  15. Olano. Im very sorry for being rude,we have so many silly posts on here and I genuinely thought you were winding us up. I''m proud of our overseas supporters and again I apologise.
  16. BroadstarsR, here''s a bit of advice....stop acting like a pompous little prick before someone knocks you off your little ego trip. Stop trying to be the big clever man and button the lip. How many wind ups do we get on here? If someone comes on here with what seems a ridiculous post people will jump on it. If olano is real than I apologise but your attitude Broadstairs will get people''s backs up.
  17. [quote user="Mr. Chops"][quote user="Olano"]I`m frome Norway and youst read in the Norwegan news that Bodø/Glimt dont have money to pay there players. So they are going to sell everthing they can geth money from. And other good players are oute of contract and wil probably not sign for them now. Ladre Bjrdal is pure goold. The best central difender Norwich can dram of. John Rnning is an other wery good central difender. Andres Kondradsen a 20 year ord good midfilder. (perhaps to expensive) Stefan Johansen a good right side midfilder (free transfer) Pavel Londak a wery good keeper. The rest of the team is crap ore old, but if enyone of you know some of the scouts that takes look at players tel them to go to Bodo and have a look I like the team so is sad they have finanical problems, but Norwich is my favorit team. sorry aboute the english but is norwegan [/quote] This is so obviously a wind-up.  It''s like the "french" policeman from Allo Allo.  "If I spell some words wrong, people will think I am Norwegian."  Okay.... [/quote] Awwww let them believe it you spoil sport....jeez, next you''ll be telling them the truth about the tooth fairy!
  18. Jeez, some of you lot really are little princesses. Best you all go to the opera.
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