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  1. Art, we have the same national anthem as NI. Spot on!!! £10 in the post!!!
  2. think we''ve heard it time and time again in all Wembley matches - I don''t think it''s specific to Japan. Why do it at a neutral venue? I''m sure a lot of the crowd today are neutrals who applauded both anthems. I''m not saying we should cheer the opposition, but a bit of mutual respect for each other''s anthems wouldn''t hurt. Thats fair enough, we dont boo every national anthem........we didnt boo Northern Irelands when we played them home and away a few years ago..........................£10 to the 1st correct answ
  3. I blame dementia! Even I wouldn''t be that much of a plank!!
  4. Kick It off. You are aware Poland has by far a worse hooligan problem than England these days?
  5. Dont try and portray this as an isolated incident Im not, if you read all of what i said not just bits and bobs.
  6. Thats your experiences kick it off and thats fair enough, your opinion counts as much as anyones, my friends and familys differ to that. My opinion. I agree, they are no doubt doing it as it has become a pathetic tradition to boo the other sides anthems. Just saying there is history with the japs.
  7. Most booing probably havent even got a clue waht im refering to, let alone use it as a reason..they are doing it as they do............just saying still hostility from those that suffered.
  8. Fair enough Andy, majority of Poles despise the Germans to this day, not all but a lot. The British and German forces had amutual respect that lasts to this day....banter yes...but respect........British and japs....different matter.....
  9. No relevance to 22 people kicking a ball around a pitch in 2010 Unless members of your family suffered maybe....I doubt that is why they are booing, but what they done lives long in the memory of familys involved..........I know people to this day wont have a japanese TV, car etc.......might not understand unless it was your family I guess.
  10. really don''t think those booing are doing it for some historical memory Maybe, maybe not....just throwing it in to the debate.......
  11. Really lacks class to boo Japan''s national anthem in a friendly match. Perhaps, perhaps not, maybe people havent forgotten what sadistic bastards the japs were to our boys...anyone whos relatives felt the wrath of their disgusting toryre might understand...at least the Germans POW camps didnt invole horrific torture....did Mexicos anthem get booed monday??? Was it just me or on around 12 minutes did someone shout Capello you f-ing w#nker??? Dial M for murder on channel 5 looks a good shout at the moment....classic Hitchcock at his best.
  12. Play Offs: Norwich, Reading, QPR, Ipswich In that order would mean a play off 2 leg tie against the scum........superb.......no midday kick off crap......and we get 20% tickets for the away game.......Portman Road, will be like a home game for us.......
  13. They''ve taken gullible out of the dictionary as well!! good luck with New Zealand.........attention seeker....
  14. And people label ME an attention seeker.... double standards or what... Im only replying to comments made to me........isnt that the idea of the forums reply button???
  15. my dad worked on the car park at the N and N at the time (used to be manned by these chaps in huts) and whenever he sees Townsend on TV now he always says "I wonder if he''s still a bell end?" yes dad... he is! LOL. Met Sir Bobby at a couple of England games....gentleman and legend.
  16. To be fair Yellow wall, his attitude was shocking, and he looked just as bad in reserve games, wobbly with crosses, and a liability, i think he made 2 saves in the reserve games i saw him play in, both not bad, but his flapping of the ball made it clear he would never return to the 1st team. And we obviously paid him off, as he was on a 2year contract, so he wouldnt have just left without some sort of settlement.
  17. My favourite way of saying it is; I''m not prejudice, I hate everybody equally! Actually Freddy, I dont care for many people outside Norfolk, come to think of it I dont even like my neighbours........lol
  18. But apart from that, they were both still crap LOL.
  19. Don''t forget sign Wes! True, and Gunn did sign Holt.....
  20. PL.....the nephews thing is a little running joke hence this commnet by canaries in bed yesterday page 2 He''ll do an Arthur and blame it on his nephews lol LOL....just a bit of fun mate, no harm done.
  21. Which is why.. i never showed up for the fight.. if i''d of known about it.. i would of came down and kicked your arse LOL. Good stuff mate!!!
  22. Thats his sister and the baby is mine Seriously??? I can never tell when people are joking....... Seems a decent lad Chris, think the loan spell at Luton saw him mature....probably the only thing Roeder did right.......but thats another discussion that we have had many many times........
  23. Just like to apologise, yesterday afternoon one of my "friends" decided to take over my account on here and it has come to my attention he became cocky to you.. after i''d saw that i changed the irish messi name to hide the p rick which that was and go as someone new who hopefully you will respect that was not me. I fully respect you on this messageboard you have good points and bring good arguments forward so i apologise. LOL....No worrys, I apologise too, I do get carried away, you may have noticed LOL........also it wasnt me it was my nephews lol.......No worrys mate.
  24. as I recall the force of Spink''s clearance knocked him face down in the mud I think he may have gone over....Spink did give a good hoof on the ball to his arse...no chance he saw it....cant remember if he celebrated???....Nigel Spink and Steve Ogrisovic are two very underated keeprs.....should have been given a chance for England.........
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