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  1. Sheff utd v Sheff Wed, Cardiff v Swansea,Chelsea V Spurs, West Ham Millwall, to name to few very high risk derbys were both played at normal, or evening times, yet we always play at 11.30am, 12pm at the latest. Nothing to do with the ex norwich football intelligence officer being a big wig now is it?
  2. Did barclaybred say something bad on this thread??? Just wondered as it seems his post/thread/original post has been removed and hes gone??? What did I miss??? Whats the gossip???
  3. whats happened to this thread??? has barclaybred been banned???
  4. I hope so Chops....it would bugger Leeds finaces, and see Owen pick up a big wage for getting a massage off the pysio.
  5. Hang on. There are 2 barclaybreds. The reasonable, original barclaybred.....then you who sent me bizzare PM''s, about racism.
  6. Heard a rumour....and i do mean rumour.....that Leeds will unviel Michael owen on a 12 month deal on a free transfer.
  7. Banana By far the most sensible and constructive post you''ve made! LOL
  8. many friends who just call themselves fans with what is obviously "average" football knowledge who obviously read the red tops and listen to the nazi station Talk sport don''t rate Heskey at all. Funny that. Ridiculous assumption....Mouriniho was never a player, yet hes done ok. As for callingtalkSPORT a nazi station..baffling!!!
  9. I must point out that Heskey has scored 34 goals in 6, yes SIX years........he wins headers but doesnt actually knock them on or down for anyone, he hasnt the confidence to shoot...those are my reasons. Dont get me wrong, when Heskey burst on the scene as a 16 year old at Leicester, i thought this lads one to watch....sadly since joining Liverpool hes been on a downward spiral....even the magical man managmet of martin O''Neil couldnt get him back on form, resulting in 4 goals in 18 months for Villa, and dropped to the reserves..if anyone can get the best out of a player its O''Neil...he couldnt....Heskey will leave Villa this summer, and slowly drop down levels and his confidence will go completely. At Leicester amazing, but something happened to him at Liverpool and he hasnt looked right since..
  10. Look Heskey crap as he is at Premiership level and international level, is probably the better player. But in all honesty if we swapped Holt for heskey i would be gutted.
  11. Hmmmm mobile phones do work in the west country mate lol.
  12. I have just looked at the site and found Camuldonum has taken up residence so that was enough for me. Thats put me firmly off....still hanging round NCFC sites, yet "passionatley" supports TWO different teams...the blokes bizzare...
  13. January transfer deadline day, the fella getting the info was saying ive just had an agent on the phone and someones having a medical at such and such....agents obviously leak information...
  14. We are the pinkun, we are the pinkun, we are, we are, we are the pinkun!!!
  15. Another stat from Algeria game - david James covered more ground than Emile Heskey.
  16. Stat from Algeria game - it took Heskey 24 minutes before he made a succesful pass to a team mate.
  17. Steve Bull, was plucked from lower leagues for england, and made himself busy when called upon.
  18. So one mistake and its all his fault - you don''t half talk some nonsense. One mistake??? Ok brainiac, please tell us all, people from myself, to ex England proffesionals, who today are all asking the same question - what has heskey done for England???
  19. don''t see why Heskey is getting all the flak. Seriously??? He had a golden chance in the 2nd half but didnt have the confidence in himself to score so made a fluffed pass instead....if he hasnt got confidence in himself, how are we supposed to???
  20. Considered Ashley Young or Agbonlahor given that they are both very quick and offer something different, though neither had a great club season Ashley Young, Abbonghor, and maybe Downing, should have been looked at. Big names playing together doesnt always work..Real Madrid on paper are miles ahead of anyone - yet Real won naff all this season.
  21. wouldn''t have SWP, or Lennon, or Carragher in there either I wouldnt have carragher, im undecided about lennon, SWP, Walcott situation, personally, I would have took Adam johnson... In Wiz style, who would you have took....
  22. Effort alone isn''t enough and Holt is not anywhere near international class. Agreed Chops, my only point is, is Heskey really international class??? How many top club sides in Europe would he get in??? I think he would struggle to score in The SPL with celtic or Rangers and that league is dire. At the end of the day heskey IS a striker...as a striker he doesnt score. He wins the odd header, but plays with his head down, loses posseion, tackles like a carthorse, and falls on his arse far too easily for someone who nearly had a career in boxing.
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