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  1. [quote user="C.T "]shut up we8wba, go back to wolves.[/quote]There''s no need for this. All he is doing is stating the truth. While I sometimes don''t agree with him it''s totally out of order having a go at it when what he is saying is true. We all hoped but never in any realistic circumstance had a hope of  getting Jewell. This isn''t the first time I''ve seen you have a pop at him. What''s the point? Some people really do like to promote the Norfolk all being inbred and not liking outsiders stereotype.
  2. [quote user="Lincoln Canary"][quote user="we8wba"] just look last year he funded 8m on jerome n mcsheffrey alone [/quote] Wasn''t that after selling Jermaine Pennant and Emile Heskey for multiple millions, though? [/quote]Did you expect him to chain them to the goal posts? (that might at least keep Heskey on his feet)  That''s the only way you''d have kept them out of the Prem.
  3. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"] [quote user="PJ Bimbo"][quote user="anothatracksuitmanager"]the same peter reid who was awful at both leeds and coventry, the same peter reid whose three tactics are 1: shout a lot 2: hit the ball upto a big man 3: shout a lot more Really the worst choice we could make.[/quote] Also the asme peter Ried that: Got Man City to 5th in the top flight twice in a row (1990,1991) Manager of the season twice in a row (1995,1996) Got sunderland promoted twice (1996, 1999) winning with a record goal count the second time Got Sunderland to the playoffs (1998) Manager of the season twice in a row (1995,1996) The sucesses far out way the faliures with Leeds and Coventry (but common Leeds? They were a doomed shiip when he took over) He has been out of the game for a bit which is a concern but some people really need to start smiling. Your lives must be so miserbale by always looking at the dark side. There are better managers out there but there are some that would be a hell of alot worse for us! [/quote] Actually PJ this is the same Peter Reid that Neil Doncaster brings up as an example of a bad appointment by Coventry, when quizzed about his own appointment of the utterly appalling disaster Peter Grant!! Oh the irony if they put him in charge.   Having said that he was always a decent manager until given 25 million which he wasted abysmally at Sunderland!!  Been on the slide ever since. [/quote]In that case he could be an awesome choice as there is zero chance of him being given 2.5 million let alone 25 million to spend! In reality, I''d be perfeclty happy with Reid, I think he''s a decent manager with experience and passion for the game. I think he''s pretty much exactly what everyone has been asking for (Ie experience at this level is undeniable) but some people and I''m picking nobody in particular just general City fans - won''t be happy unless we appoint Mr Mourinho and even then I''m sure they''d complain about the wages he''d require! I''d take Peter Reid any day over Glenn Hoddle, Colin (I know he''s got a job now) and their ilk.
  4. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote] 50-1? More like 5000-1!! If Walker was still any good he''d still be managing in this country!!!! [/quote] so would Jose Mourinho by that logic then.... jas :) [/quote]Yeah but if he wanted to he could, that''s the difference!
  5. [quote user="Cluck "] [quote user="Snakepit boys"]Looks like nothing has changed from our think they are clever board. They are clearly going to introduce a new manager just before the AGM instead of giving him more time with the players for the next game. They are spin merchants of the highest order. They should of been planning ahead for this and known who there man is! I am sure they do but will wait till just before the AGM to announce it. To deflect all the attention from them. They really are awful at there job. I dread the dull appointment that is sure to come with this Prudence with Prudence policy. Why not just announce it now ! The bookies clearly know and I guarantee that there will be a new man in by the AGM! They are more readable than our midfield! Get on with it and just admit your getting it thursday barring a miracle! Your time is up everyone can now see through your spin! [/quote] Well said!....... I hope you will notice that the "sheep" jibes have all but disappeared these days and the general tone of this forum has moved from "denial" to "acceptance"..... (I still reserve the right to play the "sheep" card should it apply however)      [Y]     [/quote] With the majority of the people now being against the board, wouldn''t the "sheep" card be played against the majority of the people who now follow the kill Delia Smith idea? I''m not particularly either the pro or anti-board (just generally disillusioned with everything going on), so not having a go at you, just a thought I had!
  6. Everyone wants Jewell as manager - Lots of people put bets on lead by their hearts - bookies think sh*t what happens if he does get the job - bookies shorten the odds just in case.
  7. [quote user="Terminate the ipswich"] Dont think so. I think we need him to use all his efforts on the pitch. Without him we could get relegated. You cant play and manage at the same time, it never works. I think Mike Walker should be our priority. [/quote]But this time Mike Walker won''t inherit an already awesome team! (Don''t get me wrong, I think Mike did a  good job but had more than a little luck on his side with regards to the team he inherited)
  8. [quote user="Scottlarock"]...only city thing to make me laugh today. Brilliant. How long will it take for someone to ask what Mike Walker is up to? [/quote]What is Mike Walker up to?
  9. [quote user="JC"] Everything is circumstantial, but I can assure you (look at my post and history) I am a normal level-headed supporter.  I just happen to have friends who are close to the club and relatives who are prominent in the local business community, so I hear a lot of things, and when I heard the same info from different sources I felt it may mean that something is going on.  I passed that on as best as I can while protecting identities.  That one of my sources claimed to have heard the main player talking about this at a dinner in a prominent London restaurant, an event I know both attended, made me think ''hey this is worth sharing''. The fundamental, and possibly most important point to take away from this thread has been made (I never thought I would say this) by Cluck.  This thread and the responses prove we all want the same thing, a decently run club with some sembelance of ambition.  I hope what I have heard does prove to be true as it could once again unite the people who support our fantastic club and county. [quote user="Le Juge"]I mean no disrespect and am not calling anyone a liar. However, something doesn''t add up, this seems too good to be true, too circumstancial, too much like some bloke got bored down the pub and told all his mates and the rumour spread. Don''t get me wrong, I really hope it will happen but do not for a second believe it will.[/quote] [/quote]I appreciate it and hope you take no offence to my post. I just don''t believe the rumour - football is full of them and 95% of them are complete rubbish. I hope people continue to post the rumours they hear as that is the only way we get news before it becomes news. However, something just doesn''t add up for me - all too convenient. Nothing personal.
  10. Idea''s not necessarily a bad one (although I don''t believe the rumour personally) but the application of the idea is where it falls down. Nobody will do it.
  11. [quote user="charlies dad"][quote user="Michael Starr"] [quote] You shouldn''t have reminded me. That was one of Norwich''s most shameful episodes. MW''s wife with terminal cancer must have obviously affected him but he stuck to his task, his wife passes away and instead of giving him 3 months of the new season they sacked him. What compassion, what loyalty ! I will always remember his first tenure as Norwich manager, being at the Arsenal Norwich game at Highbury, the opening game of the season I think. I was with my brother-in-law, a passionate Arsenal supporter from North London, and at half time we were losing 2-0. My brother-in-law was being duly magnaminous during the half-time break and I was feeling pretty low and apprehensive about the 2nd half. Norwich came out a different team, Ruel Fox had an absolute belter and unbelievably we went 4-0 up. My turn for magnaminity ! What I also remember was seeing for the first time a Norwich manager indulge in brinkmanship and time wasting as MW made substitutions in the 89th minute   !  Clearly a genuine competitor I thought……………. And the rest is history ! [/quote] OMG... Mark Robins hat trick on his debut... i remember that well... omg what wonderful times!!! [/quote] I was there, Robins only got two, Philips and Fox got the others. [/quote]Damn Robins that slacker, he could have at least got his third! ;)
  12. I mean no disrespect and am not calling anyone a liar. However, something doesn''t add up, this seems too good to be true, too circumstancial, too much like some bloke got bored down the pub and told all his mates and the rumour spread. Don''t get me wrong, I really hope it will happen but do not for a second believe it will.
  13. [quote user="ob1"] Please Grandad - stop banging on about the good old days... it''s a little pathetic. [/quote]While I pretty much disagree and ignore pretty much everything the original poster says - mostly because I believe it to be sensational for the sake of it "Chase was good" etc etc trying to get a response. In this case I think it''s brilliant to see all the results and league standings of the season. I remember the games and it takes me back - especially that opening day at Highbury.
  14. Yeah, last night was terrible. I come away miserable, that and Saturday makes me glad I don''t have my season ticket any more and I can go when I feel like rather than feeling like I have to turn up to every game regardless of how depressed (even before the game recently) I become as a result. [quote user="Canary Ben"] [quote user="Smudger"]Just do something (anything) otherwise we will keep laughing at you!!!  [:D][/quote]   TYPICALL SMUDGER REPLY ISNT IT REALLY! How about u go to a match binner, just for a change u no! I no i have said it before but only people that go should make the comments you do. I mean what happens, your mate goes, tell you what happened, and u think of a way to wind up people. this bard is for NCFC fans not id10ts like u! [/quote]He puts sets the bait and someone always bites... If people just ignored him, he''d stop. He''s doing it to annoy you. Why can''t people see it and just ignore it and carry on?  
  15. Gilks was being chased by Prem teams if what was said was true and came here to have a better chance of a game. Looks like he made the wrong choice, I can''t see Grant dropping Marshall for ANY reason at all. He''s teachers pet (by no fault of his own) and wouldn''t get dropped unless he couldn''t physically drag himself on the pitch. I agree about Marshall''s ability though - a very good keeper mostly but has a few alarming moments where you fear for what he''s going to do. Hasn''t been the rock we were told he would be but he''s definitely good enough. I think the keepers are the only position we are very well covered. I wouldn''t be upset to see Gilks, Marshall or young Joe (When back from loan) wearing the number one.
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