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  1. I don''t think so. But I look at news and said them would has to won 11 from 15 to make top. But I think them would likely to see Norwich stay on top as I can see Won 12, draw 3, Lost 0. But Norwich would beat Strong West Brom, Wigan, Ipswich, Sunderland
  2. Well. We would see if all Fans go watch Norwich on big saturday. Maybe we see them saw full house. As Prediction for saturday is: Norwich 2 - 0 West Ham (Huckerby 39, Robert 75) or Norwich 3 - 1 West Ham (Huckerby 27 and 59, McVeigh 81)
  3. Oh well. That would be see good if Norwich become strong to see very easy and won. So I see If West Brom would draw. We hope to see Norwich has an Extra point clean from top. As I see score is: Wimbledon 0 Norwich 5 Huckerby 3 (11mins, 37mins and 71mins),McVeigh (45mins),Mckenzie (86mins)
  4. Hmmm. Good Ideas for you. When I be play a Norwich City Club Manager. I was look for Right Midfielder. As I was take Lionel Scaloni from Deportivo La Coruna on loan until end of the season. As he is so Super play. And I has sign Heiho Herrlich from Borussia Dortmund for 750k, But he is play for Attacker. When I be make him in line-up starter squad. As he has goal 23 in 42 game. So If Nigel has £5million, As he would sign Attacker Heiho Herrlich and Take Lionel Scaloni on loan until end of the season. So why he would add up new centre Midfielder as them would sign Giviliano Giannichedda from Lazio for £1million And can sign Goalkeeper Ronald Graadfland from Feyenoord for £100k As take Clint Easton and Mark Rivers in Transfer-list at start of new season when he bought more new player
  5. I felt That Norwich fans want to see Mark Rivers return into first-term squad tomorrow when them play against Derby. We know that Henderson was want to make rest. Because he do play all of his 15 game when Mark Rivers was be in injury and flu. So he was fit and felt well. As We want to see Mark Rivers to play, Because he has five goal this season. Lets Mark Rivers to play tomorrow, please
  6. Yeah. That said Darren Huckerby was already sold his new house. But them would be ready to move tomorrow. Because today he have be in Man City. As he went to see lady about his old house would up for sale. So now he has one or two big lorry. As he, his wife and his family was busy and ready to move tomorrow. But them would leave early. to get time for everything ready for Christmas present, Turkey for dinner with his family and maybe some player from Norwich. So now he nearly done all of everything into lorry before go. But When he arrive in Norwich and he would stop for new House before he go to Norwich City club for sign pen on paper for agreed of deal be done.
  7. Yeah. I think so. I would see if Darren Huckerby ruled out to play against west brom. I would think Huckerby would make a great fit for play against Derby on tuesday. I see Peter Crouch and Mark Rivers would make a up front or Peter Crouch and Paul McVeigh up front with Clint Easton move on left midfielder. I would said: West Brom 0 - 2 Norwich (Harper and Crouch)
  8. Yeah, It is great for Nigel Worthington make manager of the month in Best September. I felt that he would make other manager of the month in November. Because that have 4 home and one away, That would mean he would eyed 6 won. Like: Walsall 0 - 3 Norwich (Huckerby 3) Norwich 3 - 1 Millwall (McVeigh, Huckerby, Rivers) Norwich 5 - 0 poor Watford (Huckerby 2, Crouch, Robert, Brennan) Preston 0 - 2 Norwich (Huckerby, McVeigh) Norwich 3 - 1 Coventry (Fleming, Huckerby, Mackay) Norwich 3 - 0 Crewe (Edworthy, Harper, Crouch)
  9. I think That would be Offer of price for Darren Huckerby I think that kevin Keegan (Man City Manager) would accept about £2 Million for him. I would see that he can make agreed sell Darren Huckerby to Canaries for £2 million Do you think that Kevin Keegan would accept by £2 million
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