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    Just sharing what I'm hearing.....

    There wasn''t this much speculation this morning so that''s why he wouldn''t have felt like he had to discuss it. Its all the negative fans that have to find something to dent the teams confidence that are sparking all the rumours. It''s just specualtion, so why does that mean he has to go. Specualtion means nothing. If all specualtion was true then every football team would be completely different to how they are now. Specualtion means nothing. Lambert is our manager today, he will be tomorrow, and im pretty sure he will be for a longer time to come
  2. Lynn Canary

    Just sharing what I'm hearing.....

    IF there is 3pm staff meeting, it doesn''t mean that Lambert is on his way out. They may ask him to come out with a statement confirming that he wants to stay to get rid of the rumours. Always look to the positives. Thats if there is even a 3pm meeting.
  3. Lynn Canary

    Quick Poll


    A load of rubbish being over-exagerrated
  4. At last, a positive thread. LAmbo is our manager and will be for the foreseable future. On The Ball City
  5. Lynn Canary

    Lambert Bashers

    But he has said countless times that he is happy here, so he shouldnt have to say it again. I don''t fear he will leave, but i fear that this may well cause a bad run. We haven''t looked like going on a losing streak, but i think this could trigger it.
  6. Lynn Canary

    Lambert Bashers

    What, are they going around on every thread, sayint the same load of crap, and saying that Lambert is a disgrace,and should leave the club now,like all the other muppets today on this board. Do you think Lambert will leave then ? Do you want him to leave ?
  7. Lynn Canary

    Lambert Bashers

    You, definantly you. You act so negative. Does it matter what Lambert did before he got here ? What matters is what he has done since being here. He''s done a great job, and no doubt he could keep us in the Premier League when he eventually gets us there
  8. Lynn Canary

    Lambert Bashers

    You really are like a little child. So ,if im the exception, i expect there will only be about 3000 fans then for our matches ? No, there wont be because if you look around the other posts,its the same immature muppets like yourself that our starting numerous threads about the same load of crap. Yeah, he wants some more players, that sounds like a manager thats off if you ask me. Why would he want to sign some more players if he was leaving ? He wants a couple of players because he wants to make a push for promotion. Would you rather we didnt sign anyone so that when our players get injured we don''t have any cover, then we fall out of the running for promotion ? I should think you would actually, because you don''t really seem like a fan to me. Yes Hoolahan is out of contract in 6 months ? What makes you think that they aren''t tryin to get a contract sorted out ? Do you work for Norwich City ? No you don''t, so you have no idea what''s going on behind the scenes. Until Lambert comes out and says he WANTS to leave, he is our manager. He hasn''t said he wants to leave, so shut the hell up with all the negative rubbish. How many times has he said he wants to leave . . . None. How many times has he said he is happy here . . .Plenty. So why should he have to say it again. Nothing''s changed, he''s gona stay, and you are a pleb.
  9. Lynn Canary

    Lambert Bashers

    Exactly, he has said it many times before, so why should he have to say it again ? He was happy with the club statement which said he won''t be going anywhere.If he wanted to go he could have said '' the club has released a statement and i have nothing more to say '', then people would have reason to be concerned. He is still at Norwich, he''s not at Burnley. I love Norwich , but some of the fans are truly a disgrace. Were 3rd in the league in our first season back in the Championship, and you still have to get on the back of the manager. How on earth is he disrespecting us ? In one way, id like to see him leave, and say that is because of fans like you that he is. What more does he have to do to prove he wants to be here. He has made us promotion candidates on a mediocre mudget, and he still has put up with people like you.
  10. Lynn Canary

    Lambert Bashers

    What is wrong with all you negative fans ? Lambert has done a great job since taking charge at our club, he then gets linked to a job, in which he doesnt want to talk about because he is happy with the statement that was released, then all you lot start slagging him off. If he reads this messageboard and then see''s you lot slagging him off and telling him he get stuffed, then why would he want to stay. He may then change his mind, and think that you ''fans'' don''t want him there so he may aswell leave. I was upset that he didn''t clearly say '' i don''t want the job'' , but he said he was happy with the statement released which said that Lambert is going nowhere. If he is happy with that, then why are you still going on about it. Lambert is still at our club, not at Burnley. They are all gloating saying he is there ? They were saying that last night before we had even rejected the approach. They are naive, just like many of the fans on here today. We love Lambert, Lambert loves the fans. Get off his back, and show him and the team full support for the rest of the season, to show how much he means to us, and maybe we can make a serious push for promotion. Why would he leave a team right in the mix to go to a team that not even in the play offs, and they aren''t exactly rich. In Lambert we trust.
  11. Lynn Canary

    lynn v ncfc tickets?

    how mcuh are the tickets for lynn v norwich plz