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  1. Lynn Canary

    EFL vs Everton Presser

    Im guessing will ine up aomething like this


    Godfrey bennett bassong whittaker

    Thompson mulumbu

    Canos Naismith Josh


    Jones, martin, brady, grant, dorrans, jacob, oliviera
  2. Lynn Canary

    Deadline day predictions

    Jerome sinclair on loan. Onguene. And a young english player who will be sent back on loan for the season. Lafferty to be the only senior to leave
  3. Mcgovern

    Godfrey martin bassong toffolo

    Thompson howson

    Canos maddison josh murphy


    Jones, turner, whittaker, mulumbu, andreu, jacob murphy, morris
  4. Lynn Canary

    Prediction Line ups for Saturday

    Id guess it will be


    Pinto klose bennett olsson

    Trttey dorrans

    Howson naismith wessi


    Although id go for


    Pinto klose bennett olsson

    Tettey howson

    Josh wes pritchard

  5. Lynn Canary

    We Are In For Pritchard

    Maybe Alex Neil see''s this season as a chance to play Naismith as a striker. He is more than capable of scoring goals ar this level
  6. Lynn Canary

    16 Midfielders and counting!

    How can someone say Russ is a ''ok cover at centre back''. He played centre bac in our promotin season and was voted in the team of the season. No, he probably isn''t good enough to play centre back in the premier league, but in the Championship, he is one of the better defenders. As weak as our defence was last season, fo the championship, it looks like a very strong defence
  7. Lynn Canary

    Ben Godfrey

    He looked one of the better players when he came on yesterday. Was impressed
  8. Lynn Canary

    we have two 29s

    I''ve noticed from Timm Klose and Ivo Pinto''s twitter posts that Klose seems like he may be number 15. Pinto put a picture up of him and klose with the hashtag 25 and 15. His twitter handle is TimmKlose15
  9. Lynn Canary

    Preseason v Walsall

    It''s nice to see so many young lads brought into the first team. I guess we will find out which ones are really going to be involved when they go on tour. I don''t imagine they all will go but hopefully a fair few of them get a chance to show what they can do. By my count we had 10 (matthews, crowe, godfrey, toffolo, thompson, maddison, josh murphy, jacob murphy, morris and cantwell) all play and 2 (lewis and grant) that didn''t but have obviously been in and around the squad. Makes a nice change
  10. Lynn Canary

    Murphys and Morris

    I''d expect Toffolo to be understudy to Olsson this season. I''d also expect to see both Murphys featuring along with Morris. Yes Morris didn''t get bags full of goals but he was never going to in a team who''s main objective every season is to stay up. He definately has the physique for the Championship. Maddison I would imagine will challenge Wes for his position, which I would imagine will block Cantwell''s path. And maybe thompson might feature aswell. I''d be surprised if we saw any other players apart from them. I''d like to see efete maybe get a chance in the cup, and maybe Middleton aswell. He will be very raw but seems like a major prospect
  11. Lynn Canary

    Team for Everton?

    The ones that haven''t been out on loan could play though. The likes of hall johnson, crowe, cantwell, middleton, efete. May aswell get a couple of them some minutes
  12. Lynn Canary

    Alex Neil's team vs Spurs.....


    Pinto. Bennett. Klose. Olsson

    Tettey. Dorrans

    Howson. Naismith. Brady

  13. Could perhaps go back in for that Sviatchenko from Denmark. Although that could have just been all rumours aswell
  14. Never read too much into what other clubs fans say. If a player looks like leaving, they will always focus on the negatives instead of the positives. I remember when we was close to signing Brady, all the Hull fans were saying how we have overspent, his crossing was more miss than hit and that they think he would be their 2nd choice player on the left because Andy Robertson is better at defending and going forward. I think it''s safe to say those guys were pretty wrong about him
  15. Lynn Canary

    Loza at Watford ?

    Amazing performance from the team and from Loza tonight. Question is, after 5 goals tonight, will Alex Neil give Loza a chance at Watford ? I know he is probably last choice at the minute but you can''t overlook his game tonight. Last season Josh Murphy got a hat trick in an under 21 game and was promoted to bench for the next league game. Wonder if there is a chance the same thing will happen for Loza at the weekend
  16. Lynn Canary

    Defence for Swansea ?

    That''s true. Although with Jarvis picking up a knee injury against man city, if he is out then brady would more than likely move to left mid ? I just wonder if Toffolo getting recalled early would be an option or if maybe they will just go with someone like Coker or hall-johnson as a sub for just the one game
  17. Lynn Canary

    Defence for Swansea ?

    With Wisdom out injured and Martin suspended. That leaves us with just 4 recognized defenders for the game. So Whittaker, bennett, bassong and olsson to start, but who will be on the bench ? Surely we won''t go into the game without a defender on the bench. A chance for a youngster to feature in the squad for first time ?
  18. Lynn Canary

    Erik Sviatchenko....

    Jesus christ, no team goes and pays what the other club want straight away. It''s called negotiating. Every team does it. If we just payed whatever a team asks for, for every player we wanted, we would be skint. Hull apparently wanted 15 mil for brady, and our negotiating meant we got him for 7. That was thanks to the previous bids. Yet if you had it your way, we would have paid nearly double what we got him for. Even outside of football, negotiating happens with purchases. Any time I have bought or sold a car, nobody has ever said yes straight away for the price the car was listed, there is always negotiating.
  19. Lynn Canary

    Mbokani flown in on a private jet

    Moaning about his goalscoring record. His 1 in every 10 at Monaco and his 0 in 7. Wow. He only got 1 in 10 while he was out on loan as a back up. Who cares. At those two clubs he was there as cover. I''d rather look at his goalscoring record as a main striker. Which isn''t bad at all. 39 in 87 at standard liege, 34 in 53 at anderlecht and 16 in 33 at kiev. I''d rather have him in the team than grabban , hooper and rvw
  20. Lynn Canary

    Declan Rudd

    Thought he deserved a thread of his own after tonight. An amazing performance and really did keep us in the game. Seemed like he had a bit of a jack butland tonight. I do wonder if this will pick ruddy s form up now. Not saying he has been poor at all but that performance can only help ruddy perform better. I''m sure that if given the chance in the league, Rudd would not let us down. Very good goalkeeper
  21. Bournemouth '' s transfer business has been poor to say the least. Josh king who has yet to really do anything in his career, a 37 or 38 year old centre back who is way past his best, Lee tomlin who seems about 4 or 5 stone overweight and Tyrone mings who nathan redmond toyed with 4 times last season. For 8 million quid!!! That is the biggest waste of money this window. And now your want a guy who seems to have a bad attitude and ditched you first chance he got
  22. Lynn Canary

    Game against Rotherham






    O neil







    Ruddy, Whittaker, olsson, howson, RVW, lafferty, vadis
  23. Lynn Canary

    Nathan Redmond in Engkand squad..

    England under 21 squad is announced tomorrow. If he isn''t in that then must surely be in senior squad. It''s the best time to put him in. One of the games is San Marino, there is no better time to give some youngsters a chance
  24. Lynn Canary

    Glenn Murray

    Would imagine he would just be cover and another option if we wanted to go a bit more direct. I can''t see him or walters being targeted as a main striker, surely only cover. I still think we will end up with afobe. Not a bad record last season for murray though. 7 goals in 17 prem games.
  25. Lynn Canary


    Surely toffolo is one that is nailed on to start ? The fact we only have 2 available left backs, giving brady a rest must be the most ideal thing to do ?