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  1. Michael Laudrup, done a great job with similar resources at Getafe and Mallorca in La Liga playing good style of football. Watch this space......
  2. i''m fed up of people claiming it was a weakened side. Are these people who say this not seen norwich at all this season?! when has lambert ever not made 3-4 changes per game. we''ve played weaker looking sides in the league this season and won games, including games holt hasn''t played in. Some people need to calm down a bit and just accept we lost and move on, of course its disappointing and on average we should beat leciester more times than not, but this is football and upsets happen all the time. The reaction of some fans has been incredibly over the top. Had a good laugh reading all the moaners though
  3. Not a chance it would ever happen. Fair play to Rangers for trying though, he would literally score 50 goals a season in that tinpot league.
  4. Wolves would have gone down last year if they had written off the games against the big teams. They beat Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd and Liverpool last season. To say those sort of games don''t really matter are just false, every game is an opportunity to get 3 vital points.
  5. You cannot argue with the success of the 4-2-3-1 formation with Morison leading the attack, so it would be unfair to drop Morison having done nothing wrong and contributing to goals, if not scoring them. I think Pilkington, Hoolahan and Bennett have to play for the creativity they offer us, so that means only 1 striker currently, so for the time being Holt will have to keep putting in performances off the bench and wait for his opportunity to start, which he will get sooner or later. Then it''s over to him to put in a performance that makes him undroppable, something Martin, Fox, Johnson etc have succeeded in since coming in after not starting the season. It''s a nice problem to have, not that it''s a problem at all! Don''t really care which one plays as long as they are playing well in a winning team.
  6. For the job McNally has done, he deserves every penny of that bonus. I don''t think people realise how important his role is. Just look at the work he does compared to Doncaster, he is a crucial component of the whole success of the club. He''s the one that makes the money to give Lambert funds to get the players he wants.
  7. Firstly, we should acknowledge that despite Morison, Crofts and Martin being Londoners, they are now either Welsh or Scottish in football terms. Anyway, I think Ruddy fully deserves a call up. I''d be shocked if after the last few games, Capello rates two championship keepers being better than him. After Joe Hart, theres no one who stands out as being a shoe in for the squad. Barring a Ruddy howler in the next 2 games, he will surely get the call up. As for Johnson, whilst I rate him highly, and has been a huge player for us this season, I can''t see him making much impact on the England squad. Saying that before the season started I wasn''t sure of Johnson when he was at Leeds but he proved me wrong, so he could do again with England. Regarding little Wes, it''s a crime he cannot get in the Ireland squad.
  8. I agree it will be a lot harder than it looks on paper. Let''s not forget Norwich came unstuck a couple of times last season when we thought we had a home banker (Palace and Doncaster). I''m glad Steve Kean hasn''t been sacked though, would of been even tougher had they got a new manager in for our game with all the enthusiasm that goes with it. He is out of his depth I think as a manager, in his interviews he never seems convincing and the protests must get to him. Certainly will be a clash of styles, keeping free kicks in our half down to a minimum is essential and Ruddy will be called upon again to be at his best with the amount of balls Blackburn will be pumping into our box. At the other end, I think Wes will be key, we won''t win by Morison bullying their defence as he did against Swansea, Samba is not one for losing aerial battles. Get in behind them and hopefully Robinson isn''t having one of those wonder games he has in his locker. As a prediction, I''ll go for our usual 2-1 win, but it will be extremely hard fought.
  9. i don''t think anyones writing him off. I''m certainly not. With the fine form of Morison and with the team winning games, it''s obvious he has to up his game to get his place back. Also you can''t keep harping back to the past, it''s how he is in the present and currently he''s a squad player not a pivotal player. I expect that may change at some point in the season, but for the time being most people are merely acknowledging that Holt isn''t at his best. If he was then Lambert would be playing him wouldn''t he. To be honest I don''t know why we try to find problems when things are going so well. Let''s just revel in our fine start to the season, because it won''t always be this serene. Facts are, Morison has earned his place, and it''s upo to Holt to win it back. As far as I''m concerned they are both top class so it''s win-win whoever plays!
  10. I''ve just done it. Wasn''t the best structured survey as you''ve mentioned. I just answered as if we were in the Prem last season. Mainly just bigged up Norwich for the most part, except for ticet prices. Interested to see what the results will be. Especially about what TV kick off times fans preferred. I put 8pm on Mondays, not the most convenient time, but there are not many night matches in the Premier League and the atmosphere is always much better under the lights.
  11. I wouldn''t write him off. He''s a decent squad player and will have do come in and do a job at some point. Will be better suited to the diamond though as he''s more of a left sided midfielder than a winger.
  12. i was disappointed with his performance off the bench on saturday as well. Not slating him or anything, but he didn''t look match fit, which is understandable as he hasn''t played much for a few weeks and hadnt featured in any reserve games. Tough one because Morison clearly deserves to play and the system is successful at the moment so 2 strikers isn''t what what we need currently. But without much football I think he suffers more than most as he''s always took time to get going in a season, something he hasn''t got the luxury of doing this season with greater competition. Hopefully a couple of reserve games in succession will get his fitness and sharpness back so he can perform to his best when he comes on as a sub. Would be great to see him get a few games and goals but he has to earn his place whe he gets the chance, and judging by is appearance saturday he''s going to have to do better to kick Morison out of the side, who has been excellent past few games.
  13. Yet more Norwich City related inaccuracies occured in The Times today, Grant Holt is apparantly Scottish now. Also remember in the Sunday Times last week, in the report of the Utd game, Norwich had 8 players in the side who played Bristol City in League 1 exactly 2 years ago.......an amazing lack of basic research or knowledge for a so called football journalist
  14. it''s pretty simple, if sky lose the case, for the next premier league tv rights, the premier league will not sell rights to every game to foreign tv companies, extending the ban on showing 3pm kick offs in the UK to the rest of the EU, to stop pubs taking advantage of this loophole.
  15. surely ''give us a hand'' is needed in reference to transfers
  16. i think it''s def worth a cheeky fiver, at those odds why not? We may be miles apart in terms of size and stature but we''re in the same league and not unbeatable. The way I see it is, having gone 40 odd games unbeaten at home, that run has to end sooner or later and I think it''s more likely to be against a weaker side where they let their guard down thinking all they have to do is turn up and theyll get the points. I''m off to place my bet and hope a few of you do to, as Norwich fans it''s our job to be believe we can win, however slim the chances are.
  17. Why change a winning side?! Yes it''s very likely that we will lose the game but you have to have a go at winning it, you never know what circumstances may present themselves.....what if United went down to 10 men early on? You''d be kicking yourself if we had a weakened side and couldnt capitalise. Also look at West Brom last year, they went to Old Trafford had a go and got a bit of luck with Van Der Sar dropping the ball and bagged a point. Another factor is it''s likely Rooney and Hernandez will be missing so another reason to be optimistic. I genuinely think we can go there and cause problems, as we did at Chelsea, and you never no we may get the luck which went against us at Chelsea and get something.
  18. Fox just never gives the ball away, his performance last night was very impressive. The way him and Wes linked up caused problems all night. And with Pilks and Bennett always making themselves available on the wings we have so many options to attack from, making it hard for opposition to stifle us. The new formation really is perfect for the players we have and hopefully with a few more games getting used to it we will just get better and better. Love how Norwich are proving all these ''pundits'', who witter on about needing premiership experience to compete in this league, wrong. Fox, Wes, Pilks, Bennett, Johnson, Morison, Tierney and Martin were all league 1 players 2 seasons ago yet look every bit premier league players. A stat I don''t think we are getting enough credit for thus far, all the focus on QPR spending big on big name has beens yet whose above them in the table. Veered off topic slightly there! But yea i agree Fox is one of our best players, he''s vital to getting the ball to Wes and the wingers and just oozes control and class. Yet another Lambert bargain!
  19. 3-1 win, Bolton will have a man sent off and that will be that. Vaughan to grab his 1st goal, Holt and Crofts with the other 2
  20. Of the new boys I''d definately have to say Johnson, always gets himself involved never shys away from a challenge. Tierney has really taken to the league, hasn''t fazed him at all and his delivery has been very good. So those two are my star men thus far. In terms of players who I''ve been unimpressed by, then theres only one and its De Laet. I can excuse 1 or 2 errors but to keep making them at crucial times is careless and shows he''s not learning. He''s a lucky boy that his competition are all injured
  21. Good quality experience for the young lads, plenty of experience and quality in the Newcastle side with Santon, Harper and Guthrie. Don''t know why the likes of Wilbraham and Jackson aren''t getting a run out though
  22. Well he is right, on paper they have the best squad in the league and the best manager in the league. Not to say they will go up but Henri is spot on in terms of individual quality when compared to our side last year.
  23. I believe we almost certainly will see a new player in before tomorrow night
  24. Lol i assume this is very much tongue in cheek....Arsenal will finish top 6 minimum, a long distance ahead of us unfortunately. However, I believe we''ll still be in the same league as them next season so alls good
  25. I''d love any sort of result, but being realistic we have to brace ourselves for a loss. Just hope we compete well and give them a scare at the very least. Best time of the season to play this fixture, before AVB gets the side playing how he would like.
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