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  1. [quote user="YoungCanary"]"I have never been a huge fan of Fozzy, but today i thought he was awesome, really changed the game when he came on, hopefully he will be back soon, and prove me wrong" Had you even given him a chance then..he''d barely had a chance except for the end of last season..you can''t judge players too quickly...ie Drogba for example..rubbish 1st season..2nd season amazing[/quote] I`ve seen every match he has played in, i call it as i see it, i never said he would never come good, but from the performances i`ve seen i have not been overly impressed, but credit him for a great performance against Southampton. Lets hope he can become a great player for us.
  2. I have never been a huge fan of Fozzy, but today i thought he was awesome, really changed the game when he came on, hopefully he will be back soon, and prove me wrong. I also thought Drury had a great game today, and handled Wright -Phillips really well.
  3. I too will applaud Saf`s, gave his all every time he wore a city shirt, i was very sad to see him go!
  4. Warner had a very good game against Arsenal, however for me it would be Marshall, as said previously he has age on his side, and  should  mature/improve with age and experience.
  5. Poetry, sheer poetry,  you`ve just summed up exactly how i feel. And i cant wait !!
  6. He is a great prospect, blistering pace, the one down fall he has, (judging by the few times i have seen him) is his final ball, he usually beats him man, but his final delivery is often fairly poor, but with good coaching, and natural maturity, hopefully this will improve. Then he would be a great player.
  7. I dont think anyone implied Safri was a creative genius, he was however the best passer of the ball in the team by a country mile. He saw a pass and actually had the ability to deliver an accurate ball. I would never have called him a genius, but he was a quality player whom we shall miss
  8. [quote user="djc"] Although we have in the past negotiated clauses that the sold player does not play against us in the following season, like McKenzie last season, and when Fleck went to Chelski... Wonder if this applies again, or whether Grant wants Fozzi to kick him off the park, thus creating god-like status for the Fozz... [/quote] Sorry, cant see Fozzy being able to out-muscle or out play Safri, i`m afraid Safri is a class above Fozzy.
  9. First of all i am very sad with how this situation ended, with Safs leaving under a cloud, but i for one will certainly miss watching him, He is a class footballer, and have given us some wonderful memories, not just the wonder goal against Newcastle or the tackle on a certain Mr Rooney, to set up that goal against Man U, but his sublime passing. If he no longer wanted to play for us, then he needed to go, just wished it could have been handled in a better manner, and not left us all feeling hurt and angry.
  10. [quote user="ricky knight"]yea i am sure he will frighten everyone to death.[/quote]   But not as much as a grown man in lycra .
  11. Positives. 1, David Marshall, look very good, with 2 or 3 exceptional saves, rushed out a couple of times, but seems very good. 2, Chris Brown, looked lively, hungry, and played very well, and was most effective striker last night, i think he looks most likely to partner Cureton. 3, Darel Russell looked very good, very energetic, and used ball well. 4, Jon Otsemembor, comfortable on the ball, and looked promising going forward, not convinced of his defending yet. Negatives. 1, Thought the defence looked very suspect, need a experienced commanding centre half in urgently. 2, Not really a negative, but as suspected going to take David Strihavka quite a while to adapt to the english game, showed some nice touches. 3, The Youssef Safri situation, I would be very sad to see Youssef go as i believe he is a class above most of the players in the championship, and our best ball player by a mile, however if he does not want to be here, we must let him go, but as Peter Grant said, on our terms not his.   All in all, not a bad performance considering key players missing, but i think the need for a new centre half is so very obvious.
  12. Hi Rob, Had a couple of Hammers next to me, and had good bit of banter with them, did not mind them celebrating when you scored, would not have been so happy tho, if it was a league or cup game, best of luck next season.
  13. Lee Hendrie has joined Sheffield Utd, think he could have done  great job for us.
  14. I was going to post a very similar question, he never really had the backing of the fans, quite rightly early on, and maybe he feels he my be appreciated elsewhere. 
  15. Sign me up, i think it would have a far bigger effect on the team if Saf`s left, than the impact Etuhu`s departure will cause. We must keep him!!
  16. Got mine too, they seem to send them out in batches as my son, (under 16)  did not get his, nor my parents (OAPS)
  17. Hi Web Team, Just wondered if any plans to post press conference for David Strihavka, just like you did for Brellier and \Marshall Thnaks  
  18. Bravo, have you missed your true vocation in life?  
  19. Totally agree, we should do all we can to keep Saf`s. Quality player, the sort we have to keep if we have any hopes of getting out of this division.
  20. Yes i know he is often injured, and i know about the African Cup of Nations, being tired through travelling and missing part of the season, However i will be devestated if Safri is allowed to leave as  for me he makes the team tick, the heartbeat of the team if you like, and we seem to play better more flowing football when Youssef is in the team. I am all for bringing new midfielders in to compete for places, but  surely we need to keep players of Safri`s quality to give genuine competition for places, and cover when we have injurys in that department. I know we may look to replace him with somebody else, but to me with Saf`s you know his strengths and he will never let you down, where with new players you are never guarenteed they may settle into team.  Keep Youssef !!!      
  21. Great post, Agree with everything you`ve said, but some people are never happy no matter what, get class players in on a free, and they are classed as useless or players no-one wants, pay decent money and weve paid over the odds, so no matter who we bought or sold, someone would always find reasons to complain. I am certainly more excited and hopeful for forthcoming season than i thought i would be a month ago.
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