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  1. [quote]yep and I here you are her type!! I blew my chance when I only managed to talk to her for about a minute at a Young Farmers* BBQ and disco thing at the showground in 1997. * Please note I am not and...[/quote] Rumour has it she could be back on the market farmer boy. Rumour also has it that Greeno has downsized to a batcholar pad in the city (this is not new news!) But thats rumours for you (or is it?)
  2. Feeled compelled to right for the first time in ages. NCFC Star''s comments are the truest on this subject. A second tier to the City stand is the only future option on the table and would still be some way off even with 2 more seasons in the Premiership. The Jarrold stand is not designed or built for a second tier. The club rejected the 2 tier 12,000 seat option or the part built 6000 seat option. The future hotel infill if it happens is unlikely to have any seats. This talk seems to get carried away. A near 26,000 capacity is as much as its been for 20 years and you only have to go back 4 or 5 seasons when we struggled to get 15,000. As talked about at the AGM, it makes far more sense to consolidate (if possible) first.
  3. Are you sure they are not co.uk or something as the dont seem to work on my machine. However, Simon Charlton''s www.wishingiwasalittlebittaller.com is great insight into the wee mans life.
  4. and The Jubilee. However, think i''ll pop along to the game.
  5. Team if we end up in League 2:- Gunn (he is still on the payroll) Briggs Shackell Fleming Ullathorne Rivers Holt Molby Henderson Roberts (on a free) & Abbey Bring it on. Cannot wait - it''s exciting isn''t it?  
  6. I think some people on here are addicted to new signings for this club, or at least the potential of new signings and all gossip that goes with it. Since we won the first division it''s been 90% of the threads, and it''s really starting to grate. The signings we have made are more than any of the 20 seasons I can remember and all seem to have good potential - and hopefully without threatening the "team spirit" and happy dressing room (or the debt burden). This desperate need of a striker is become tedious - we have a stackful, and as for Harwood and JJ are they better than Hucks, Svennson, Leon, Jonson, Jarvis & Bentley - I doubt it. For those of you with this addiction - Meet it head on now and get help. Remember, the last time we were in the Premiership Daryl Sutch was the first name on the teamsheet.
  7. I think someone has stolen the Wizard''s log-in with the sole intent of destroying any sort of a reputation. Didn''t see any front men in the Arsenal side leading the line, winning headers and holding up the play. Not as vital as the lower divisions if we are capable of playing balls to feet. If we need another striker they have to be better than what we''ve got. Three more things... Any proven 20 goal a season man is going cost a fair bob or two (Rooney''s not even that and look at his price!) On the Rooney subject, and with Fabregas''s introduction to the premiership - how can Jarvis or Hendo be too young? As for Palace''s squad - It looks a real hotch potch of potential pay check passionless players who are going to need all of the walk on water Ian Dowie skills (and Italian, Hungarian and Equadorian linguistic talent) to keep them out of 20th place. KTFOTBC wer wer wer
  8. Totally agree with DD. After Andy Gray''s berating of the decision to take Bentley off - Huckerby on the left caused havoc (all be it against tired legs) and Leon & Doc''s ariel ability and hold-up play caused real problems. It''s all about the balance of protecting the full backs but still having attacking width, and accommodating our defensive midfielders but with a willingness to get in the box (like all the top clubs seem to - did Newcastle have 6 on 4 at one point in the 2nd half?) With Francis teeing up of Leon, forget the Viera tag, I''m see more of a Pires likeness ;0)
  9. The Phone for me - during minute silences attempting to bow its "head" and look sincere. Only amusing once the ref blew his whistle for the second time of course. Not sure I saw him last season though - Maybe its time for a some one to wear a car suit?
  10. As part of the Stratton Strawless Bluebell weekends in May they have a centenery football (signed last Tuesday) by the current first team squad to auction to the highest bidder via sealed bids. I thought this may be a more suitable way to find those interested so if you would like to bid for this please email me with your best offer to:- chris.haines@davislangdon-uk.com by the 15th May. Delivery locally should not be a problem and cash would only be required upon receipt. It seems like there couldn''t be a better time to auction a signed NCFC football while also helping towards the church restoration funds. Incidentally, the Stratton Strawless Bluebell days (8 miles North of Norwich) runs until 16th May at the weekends (and you can also put your sealed bids in an envelope at this event). Winner will be informed on or after the 16th May. Thanks for your time.
  11. Dear FOTH Since when have people ever named their source on here? (other than my mate''s girlfriend who works for the club blah blah blah) A £6 Million land deal must help the infill? and yes that end has strangely been left open? I take your point on amazing foresight by the club, but I guess we can wait and see. I''ll be the first to post I told you so in 3 years time. Oh yes siree. I''ve changed the title back but it wasn''t me. I think I will hang up my boots for risk of further confrontation.
  12. The infill will go ahead regardless of promotion/failure. The city stand was designed to take second tier straddling Carrow Road, however this was designed 20 years ago so what with us all getting increasingly obese they need to make sure it can take it. You would hope though the council would "donate" the famous road to the club. This has got to be a few years off yet though.
  13. Okay then. Wimbledon 0 Norwich 11 Roberts (13) Huckerby (24) Francis (27) McVeigh (45) Holt (59) MacKenzie (66) Drury (69) Brennan (78) Mackay (83) Holt (89) Greeno (90 header deep into injury time) Don''t want to go mad though and say Fleming will score. Bring on those Goalscorer Bonuses.
  14. I fully agree. Its a waiting game for DH to see what he can get from his current club. The agent talk is exactly what any agent would do to get the best deal for his client from both teams involved and the clubs know it too. Darren''s for life not just for Christmas. Maybe a New year present?
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