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  1. Now trending world wide on Twitter! Shocking team selection! Downing and Carroll you''re having a laugh Roy!
  2. [quote user="morty"]I have it in good authority that secret plans have been drawn up to almost double capacity.They are going to sell each seat twice and you have another fan sat on your lap. For fairness you swap at half time.Fatties will have to pay double if they want a seat to themselves.[/quote] Lmao great idea!
  3. The city stand is dated and needs modernising or re-building. It also doesn''t hold as many as the other 3 stands. The only space left in the ground is the corner between the Barclay and Jarrold stand. If they build a corner stand there and have a suite or outside section for the people staying in the hotel, you wouldn''t be cutting off the hotel altogether. Also by creating some extra seats, you could then temporarily move some season ticket holders from the city stand, while they re-build the City stand.
  4. Fed up of reading if he''s going or not. I personally think Lambert will stay. Anyway was thinking the other day, how we increase the ground capacity. Build a corner stand in front of the hotel with executive suites. One of which is reserved for the people staying in the hotel. Trying to think how else they could expand the stadium. When the main stand eventually gets re-built where do they put the season ticket holders? They could put some in the new corner stand? Anybody any other ideas?
  5. Nice to see a top presenter Jeff Stelling name Grant Holt in his dream team of the year. Naming Van Persie and Grant Holt as his 2 strikers. http://www.skysports.com/tv_show/story/0,,12383_7740167,00.html?
  6. If it goes on stats, Holt should be picked for England, whoever the Manager is: http://www.eplindex.com/14112/england-xi-part-3-strikers-opta-stats-analysis.html? Rooney is top and Holt comes in second place. These stats clearly show Holt has to be picked! Let''s just hope that Stuart Pearce doesn''t get to pick the squad because Pearce will only pick players "from the big clubs".
  7. Ryan Bennett was responsible for 3 of the goals conceded and could of a easily given away a penalty early on in the match. To put it bluntly he had a stinker of a match!
  8. Yep Lawrenson is a tw@t! I would like to know why Holt isn''t good enough for an England place? Come on Lawrenson tell us why the second highest English goal scorer is not good enough?
  9. How do people say it was lack lustre by listening to it on the radio? In my opinion watching it on sky, Norwich were the better team, and deserved at least a draw! We had more possession, passed the ball round well and made Newcastle look poor. I expected a lot more from them. They only hit us on the break every now and again. Even though they did look dangerous when they did attack. Morrison was poor today. Even though he was up front on his on, his decision making was poor. His knock ons were never finding another city shirt. He had a fantastic chance at the end to score,but his shot was so tame ( I''ve seen a 5 year old kick a ball harder and more accurate) His confidence is obviously very low, and until he sorts out his problems (injury or what ever it is) he should clearly not be starting!
  10. I''ve heard Barnsley want to extend the loan till the end of the season.
  11. Man Utd were interested in him a couple of months ago. And it''s a record fee that Posh have received for one of there players. How much have we paid for him?
  12. Live on sky right now during Everton v Man city game. What an idiot!
  13. Snodgrass is playing right now so can''t be him.
  14. Both of them playing tonight. Can''t see us signing anyone now.
  15. It''s normally all locked up at 10.30 anyway. So even 1 car in the car park is surprising.
  16. Not sure if it''s confirmed yet but heard that Mick Mccarthy Wolves manager has been sacked! Not on Sky sports news yet though.
  17. It''s being reported that we have agreed a £2 million fee for Leeds captain and midfielder Jonathon Howson. Not official yet so watch this space on this one.
  18. [quote user="KeelansGlove"]Well each to there own I thought he was awesome when he came to carrow road and wanted Lambert to sign him ever since. If he still has it I dont know but on his day he is unplayable [/quote] Same here. I think he''s an excellent player. When seeing him play against us last year I thought he is prem class and will be playing in the prem soon. Spent a lot of time watching him and would love it if we signed him. The same could be said of Bristols Adomah. He also is prem class I think.
  19. Bit strange why Pilkington was left out of the squad today. Not even on the bench. Spurs don''t want him cup tied maybe?
  20. Have heard that Spurs are after Pilkington and want to sort out a swap deal with Naughton signing for us. Let''s hope that Lambert would much rather keep Pilkington.
  21. One example from last season. Blackpool. Started the season very well but the second half of the season they were terrible and nose dived down the league. This could easily happen to us. We just have to take each game as it comes and really make a fight of it. The prem still feels new to our players and the danger is that after Christmas they won''t show the same desire and hunger in the second half of the season.
  22. Yet again another penalty given against us which justice was served and Rudd saved. But what about the challenge on James Vaughn getting elbowed in the mouth. Should of been a sending off and a penalty to us. I''m absolutely fuming right now. The refs in the prem are so inconsistent. They have been an absolute joke so far and I''m starting to think they are corrupt!!!
  23. I would just like to see people''s opinions on how much Cody is worth? It''s no secret that Peterborough are trying to buy him and have been moaning about the supposed 550k asking price and trying to get us to lower the price. I personally wouldn''t sell him. I would offer him a new contract and then let him go out on loan again, but not to Peterborough under any circumstances how they have behaved. If we did sell him, I think at least 750k at a minimum plus add ons.
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