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  1. Well I''ve placed my 3 £10 bets, so we will see. I''d better get my code or I''ll go effing mental
  2. I thought Forest had a transfer embargo put on them, so they couldn''t buy anyone.
  3. Martin Linnes is a great, exciting player. Makes some great runs to get forward, excellent at crossing, beating players and scores quite a few too. Good shout this one. Would love us to sign him!
  4. Pilkington spends more time out injured than playing. Josh is still a fringe player, Jacob not established first team player yet. Lafferty and Grabban are forwards and need service. It only takes one or two injuries and are options would be limited. And yes I agree we need a couple more defensive players too
  5. Has anybody seen this chap play? Looks bloody awesome and would be an excellent replacement for Snodgrass. Currently plays for Dundee United. Full of tricks and skills and really entertaining to watch. Check him out on the tube!
  6. NO! Let him leave. He'' s been crap and always giving the ball away. How many assists did he get? And any player that publicly slags off the club, should be thrown out! Get rid of him and let''s sign a decent attacking midfielder like Scot Sinclair, who seems to be all forgotten about.
  7. Scotland played him recently upfront as a striker and he played very well. Scored one and hit the post.
  8. Some players just don''t cut it in this league. How many times have we seen other clubs spend millions on a player for him to be a complete flop. Just because it''s happened to us now, people keep saying give him time. He is just not strong enough or has the skills for the prem I''m afraid.
  9. We all know that we''re going to lose to Man City next week. And I don''t think anybody on this planet will think different. But then we have a little run of easier games, that if we play the team that we finished we today, I have every confidence that we will pick up enough points. I''m not a Houghton fan. I think he should of gone a long time ago. But on seeing how well we can play (if we start we the right players) and Houghton has the balls to drop Johnson and Wolfswinkle, we have every chance of staying up!
  10. And even Hansen agrees, Norwich continue playing like that, and they will be ok.
  11. On today''s game, we were extremely unlucky. I''m a Houghton outer and have been for a long time. But if we actually start with the team that we finished with today, apart from playing Hoolahan instead of Wolfswinkle( who is clearly not strong enough for this league) we have a great chance of staying up. We HAVE the players at this club. It''s all about playing the right ones and dropping the shit ones!
  12. On Sky first, which I have to say is very good. 1 hour of highlights on our match today. Anyway, I feel we were extremely unlucky today. Should of really won by a few goals by the amount of chances we had. Had 2 goals disallowed for offside. Had an effort cleared off the line, a couple of efforts hit the post/crossbar amongst other chances where we really should of scored. After Johnson, Elmander and Guiterez went off to be replaced by Fer , Redmond and Wolfswinkle, we really did improve and looked very strong going forward. Ollson and Snodgrass played out of their skins. Snodgrass does need to cut out the play acting though. As for Wolfswinkle, I''m afraid I don''t rate him. Far to light weight for this league. Went down far to easy. Had one or two half chances that he mis-kicked. I''d much rather we play Hooper upfront on his own with Hoolahan in the hole. Overall after watching this game, if we play the team that finished this match apart from Hoolahan instead of Wolfswinkle, I have complete confidence we will get enough points on the board to survive the dreaded drop.
  13. After watching the Scotland match last week, Snodgrass was playing as a striker and played very well. Scored one and hit the post. Our strikers aren''t exactly scoring so why not play Snodgrass as a striker?
  14. YES! Shame because he is a nice guy, but can''t put up with this crap football for another season. Last year was bad enough!
  15. And I''m going for 1 point! A draw against Villa, then lose the others. If anybody was to predict the first 4 games it would be Everton draw Hull win Southampton win Spurs lose So we are already 3 points off what most people would of predicted!
  16. I have a strong feeling that Hughton and his team, won''t be here much longer unless there is a major improvement in our play. I think McNally''s patience is wearing very thin at the moment. There has been no improvement since last season. Our run in at the end of season is terrible, so if we are not well clear of the relegation zone come March, we are down!
  17. Surprised to see us drop 3 places to 17th in FIFA world rankings. USA and Chile are above us now ffs. This must be the lowest we''ve been for years!
  18. Just won Championship player of the month! Can''t believe we let him go without actually giving him a chance. Think Hoots has messed up big time here
  19. Yer would of been nice to be told this morning that we weren''t signing anybody else, to save everybody''s time. Why did we bid for the Quag, Toivenen and Alderwerald if all was completed earlier in the summer? I''m pretty disappointed really. RVW was signed months ago. So really only Fer, Redmond, and Hooper which all signed weeks ago. Was expecting at least another big signing. Some players moved today for bargain prices compared to what we bid for Quag and Alderwerald. If they were happy with the team, why bid for these players? And why didn''t we bid for players in similar positions when they turned us down? We Havant exactly got a quality squad in depth. Relegation battle here we come!
  20. Seems strange that all has gone very very quiet on any more signings. Everyone we have signed has come as no surprise as they were all posted in the media well before the players signed. Would of loved Sinclair but he''s gone on Loan to WBA. Guidetti, Odemwingie or Moses would also strengthen the current team but they are now linked with other clubs in the prem. We have not been linked with anybody recently with only days left in the transfer market. Starting to feel a little worried that we are done for now, and going by the first 2 results, we still need to strengthen the team in several areas!
  21. West Brom are in advanced talks to sign him on loan for the season and the option to sign hiim on a perm deal at the end of the season. Would love him here though.
  22. No we haven''t been linked with him or anything, but West Brom want shot of him after what happened last season, and they now signed Anelka and Vrydra. Fee to be around 1.5 million which seems a absolute steal. Every time I saw him play, I always thought he was a real handful and scored some great goals. The Quag or Toivenen aren''t coming, so for the money, I think he would be a fantastic signing. Anybody else?
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