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  1. Kids being lifted shoulder high from the back to the front of the stands by adult fans - I was one of those kids! Getting up at 0400 to catch the coach to Sunderland Nan nearly choking me to death with my scarf and ramming my wooly hat over my ears....you''ll catch your death! My first time in the Barclay on my own (hard as nails teenager!!) Beating Utd at Trafford in 67 and hanging on to my scarf afterwards Gerry Mannion...my hero Uncle Bill Punton        
  2. Was only 7 that season but do remember all the kids being passed over the heads of the Barclay End fans so they could sit on the railings at the front. Always got there early with my Uncle Phil to get behind the goal. Remembers the City just being a sea of yellow and green.      
  3. To me, its not about anything other than the 11 guys who run out on that pitch. Good, bad or indifferent, they will still get my support the following week. Yes, I will moan about poor performances, but its about being Norwich through good times and bad.  
  4. A real shame to see him retire so early. Dont suppose there is a slot on the coaching side for him? Shame to see his experience go to waste. Good luck for the future.  
  5. Looks like he likes to put himself about a bit. Could be a good ''un. Bossman certainly looks chuffed with himself.  
  6. Considering it could be a near 50% change of faces on the pitch, I hope they can get off to a decent start. Some early season wins will instill confidence. We gotta mean at home tho. A playoff place is on the cards. Hi from a damp and dismal Dorset.    
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