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  1. We need someone who can put away that centre that would have taken the 3 points against Swansea. I like his work rate, attitude and effort but he doesn''t have the nouse or the quality on the ball for this league, and always looks a little clumsy. We have clumsiness in abundance already. He''s been in the squad for a couple of months and he''s barely made a dent in our goal scoring problems. We need to aim higher IMHO.
  2. Feels like things are starting to come together.I feel much happier about the season ahead now. I think its going to be chuffing hard going but having Holty on board is a massive plus.
  3. Congrats to City''s top scorer Pilkington for making it in to Garth Crook''s team of the week. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/9616086.stm He''s impressed me so far. Finally NCFC getting some recognition from the pundits, not that it makes a blind bit of difference to us loyal fans :)
  4. Cardiff - you''re just not good enough. Period.Simeon Jackson - couldn''t have done it without you, you took us over the line and have played a vital part in our season. I would never have guessed that in the early days :-)
  5. He''s one of the best players at the club at putting a decent cross in. Something we''ve been poor at recently ie. against Pompey and Qooo-PR.
  6. Ha ha yes of course. Feel free to ignore!
  7. Not sure if this has been posted already, I don''t get to be around broadband much these days see, but i was watching ''goals of the week'' on the bbc site and saw England''s number 1 chipping in with a great solo goal. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/ Well done Cody!
  8. Ashley Cole anyone? (When playing for chelsea, that is).
  9. The entire ground went mental when we scored. N & P, Jarrold, City stand - everyone. It was awesome. Gave me some shivers today reading about Martin''s goal.On the other hand, was it just me who felt that "going up, up, up" was a bit premature and inappropriate? Top of the league fair enough but crowing about promotion? Too early for me.
  10. Second you on the match report and the long johns!
  11. This is pleasing stuff!Its even more pleasing to be signing good players at this point in january rather than reactionary buying on the last day.Another point I''d like to make - if we''re pleased with these signings (which it seems we generally are), then you can imagine that Lambo is also extremely pleased. It seems that McNamee, Whitbread and Johnson are players he''s watched for a while and now he finds himself in a position to be able to sign them. With our stature in this league and our form and position, we are a big draw for players around this level. Mr Lambert can now reap the benefits of this: quite possibly the first time in his managerial career that he''s had such power in the transfer market. I think he''s enjoying this as much as we are!I so hope the game stays on for tomorrow!
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