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  1. See main article on Rick waghorns site with Roeder! Come on Roeder mate pull one or 5 surprises out the bag! Shame about Smith though!
  2. Im very please with the way Roeder has set about with the formations away from home! Gone are the days where worthy and Grant used to play 4-5-1 it dosnt do us any good and when we play 4-4-2 we can take the game to the opposition like we did to palace on Tuesday. If we had played 4-5-1 we would have been pushed right back and sat very deep and to me u dont win matches that way! Thankyou Roeder for giving us something to cheer about away from home!   OTBC!
  3. I was there sitting directly behind the slovakia Bench 2 rows up! We had the advantage of having the sky sports team in the row in front with their flat screen monitor so we could watch the replays of all the goals! Huddlestone was class in that game as was young. Tickets were quite cheap as well a tenner as i remember?
  4. I was in block q of the norwich and p stand second row right behind the goal! I feel quite uncomfortable sitting there with the lack of noise but I got right into the singing of on the ball city with a passion as did my 3 other mates! The first half was dire no closing down, u could hear Marshall rollocking his back four and at times there was a lack of communication at the back, which worries me. Thats why we need taylor in my opinion as today it was shackell who put in a nervey performance! Marshall made a cracking save in the first half i thought we were much better second half. However why roeder plays smith right wing is beyond me he drifts into the middle too much and leaves the right side exposed otsemboor had many situations in the 1st half where he was attacked by two rather than the one! He aint superman so thats where smith should come and help! I thought second half we got stuck in especially patterson and rusty and croft and dublin were outstanding and made the difference when we went behind! First half long balls were going to nobody and second half was much better as everything went throught the target man Dion. Also our set pieces were not that great today im sure tho it was just a one off! I hope Roeder can bring some players in in January! When Curetons goal went in the N and p stand went crazy the atmosphere in the stand lifted as did the noise! However We will need to be a lot better at palace! In Roeder we trust! OTBC!!
  5. I sit in the N and P beacuse I cant get tickets for the Barclay!  I sit in the first 2 or 3 rows behind the goal and sing my heart out! My and my mates care about the club, are impressed with how they have picked themselves up since Roeder has come in and they are showing fight. When we sing the players and Marshall when hes between the sticks down our end he acknowledges us! If only everyone in the ground would get behind the team and sing out! The place would be rocking and more intimidating! However in the voiceless fans defence maybe they dont know the words to the songs we sing everyone should know on the ball city! So sing up on saturday everyone in the N and P ill be there singing OTBC loud and proud!
  6. Get in!!!! RUSSELL COME ON!!!!!! his first goal of the season?! Throw Dion on for last ten Roeder come on!
  7. Where is Fozzy is he injured?? The captain has been dropped surely that wouldnt make sense?? No Dion either I hope and pray that Roeder dosnt live to regret these changes maybe tho they are just injured??   Come on city 2-0 win today please!
  8. Gary Doherty had a great game today and I am very pleased for him! I for one am one of his biggest critics but I think that he has done well in the last 2 games against Colchester he was good too! 2 more massive performances in the next week required please Doc!!! OTBC!!
  9. Personally I think we could make around 500k which would boost our kitty to get Taylor and other loanies. Ryan Jarvis - 100-200k Gallacher - 200K Murray  - could we make a bit of money for him even tho we got him on a free? -50-100k? Brellier - I thought he would have been great obiously my mistake  - 100-200k?   Your thoughts please?!!!   OTBC!  
  10. Southampton Canary he didnt compare him with Beckham he just said he was a Beckham type player!!! Meaning he tries to play in the same way! i think lappin still has plenty to offer and dont forget he was brought for only 65K!!
  11. Doherty had one of his better games tonight. Some people seem to forget that he set up our equaliser with a fantastic header to the far post! Agree that Roeder got his tactics wrong - should of played hucks from the start! However we all make mistakes and against scunthorpe I think we will see a much more attacking formation, we cant afford to lose or draw that one!   OTBC!
  12. Im really sad to see Taylor leave he was a rock at the back and if we play Doherty on Saturday it will make me very nervous watchin the game! Against Stoke he thought he was the goalie when he slid in the box and saved that shot! He also gives away silly free kicks on the edge of the box and with Jonnie Jackson over the ball could be trouble! Therefore my team for Saturday would be                                                                                                                                  Marshall                         Otsemboor               Shackell                 Dublin!                      Camara                         Chadwick                Russell                  Fotheringham              Pattison                                                       Evans                   Cureton! Subs! Arnold, Smith Croft Doherty and Huckerby!
  13. I got my tickets for the wolves game on monday 9 am as soon as they went on general sale! I rang up at 9 when the ticket office opened and i was already placed 30 in a queue! Another cracking game to look forward 2! Im in row B Norwich and Peterborough behind the goal! I always sing my heart out ppl may look at me strangely but I dont care I love our club and I am passionate to see it do well! Come on city on Saturday against Colchester! My mate who in on the message boards as Frinton on sea Canary lives next door to the colchester captain Kevin Mcleod! He says he is going to go round his house and do a two footed challenge on him so hes out for saturday! OTBC!
  14. Does anyone know if you can buy the Glenn Roeder great escape poster instead of downloading it???
  15. I think Hatton will make this his away win of the season and take all 3 points! No seriously I hope he knocks out that arrogant American who does he think he is throwing around dollar bills everywhere!
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