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  1. There''s something real odd going on with message boards these past few days, three of the ones I use have all crashed or gone wrong, very strange indeed. [:^)]
  2. I feel if they hike the prices up too much they will lose a few fans, those with mortgages, growing families etc.  It''s ok for those who are lucky enough to have the money spare, but these days that is very rare indeed.  If the money from season tickets went to funding new players alone then I am sure a small rise in prices (and I mean small) wouldn''t be too bad and would be supported by a lot of fans. However, can the board really justify a rise to the fans with what they have done over the past season?  In my opinion no, and for me and my better half to accept that we would have to have a guarantee of ambition and not prudence, prudence is why the club we love is in such a mess.
  3. [quote user="YellowIce"] True A1Canary but opinions do change. . . at the Ipswich game Lappin was one of the players who really stood out of the whole 22, Corft i feel has yet to stand out in any game . . . . Croft is not fast, has no vision and whilst he is stronger than Lappin he does not really have any of the qualities in abundance to be a winger. So yes Lappin is better than Croft, at least for a wide man he can cross.   But each to their own . . . . . [/quote]   lol did you not see Crofty run from one side of the pitch to the other Tuesday night?  My god he was like road runner, or should that be roedrunner meep meep  [:P]
  4. We have ordered this on SKY, can''t wait to see it, mind you down side is it wont start until about 4am lol [:D]
  5. lol Lappin better than Croft, okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy [:|]   Seriously Croft is stronger than Lappin on the ball, can get a shift on too and he''s not scared of taking the ball from another player.  Although Lappin plays good football he''s too weak, so  I personally think Croft should be in the starting line up, but that''s just my opinion, plus Crofty plays left or right.
  6. Quite frankly my dear I don''t give a damn.  It''s our football stadium and if fans from other clubs don''t like it they dont have to visit, who cares what others think to be fair.   [Y]
  7. I apologise, I automatically think most supporters are members or season ticket holders, should however give a date when the tickets are released on general sale on the official website.  Once again my apologies [:)]
  8. Available tomorrow, take a gander on the official website
  9. Please share where you heard this as I haven''t heard anything like that on radio norfolk.
  10. Jamie will score if you play the right ball to him to be fair.  Comparing Earnie to JC is something a lot have done, but how many of Earnies goals were penalties?  Quite a few maybe? Let''s give the team a chance to gel, give JC the chances and he will come up with the goods.  He didn''t get the golden boot for not scoring you know. [:D]
  11. DDD I feel you are worrying without cause, more clubs might be involved but I think you will find NCFC won''t be one of those. Agents fees are known to be extortionate, they wouldn''t be in the business if they didn''t get paid well, after all they take all the stress and strains out of negotiations between players and clubs apparently lol.  I think you would be suprised to know just how much of a % an agent earns from each piece of business.  [:)]
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