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  1. The man was and still is a legend in my eyes, a very clever business man, I bet he is laughing his head off at the failings of this great club. What annoys me is the fact most of the fans called for his head after selling 3 key players, Sutton for £5 million was he worth that? I dont hear the supporters calling for Delia''s head ,sold all the assets, no future, if we put the whole team up for sale would we get £5 million? I doubt it.   So Mr Chase I hope those people who called for you to go all those years ago regret what they did.
  2. Was Chase the idiot you all thought he was or was he a financial genious? during his reign he had the vision to purchase land, invest in overseas developments (with the backing of the shareholders), although against the grain, sold some key players for massive figures. Surely he must of had some kind of vision what was going to happen in the future - we as a club had lots of good assets during his time.   Now what have we got? no assets, no quality players that would command a high transfer fee - a team where the best players are nearing 30+, and the list goes on debts of £17 million a great future I would say.  
  3. Sorry to say this people, but the balme for this shambles lies with the coaching staff - a friend of mine who funnily enough is from Scotland supports Hibs and he said to me on the day Duffy was installed "what the hell have we got him for, he was the worst coach/manager they ever had, with him at the relm Hibs had their worst season, the football was awfull" I guess he is spot on. As we know there are only 3 good teams in the Scottish premiership the rest are avge teams with little skill, ok they battle but the finishing is to be questioned.   Get some proper coaching staff and sort this mess out.  
  4. Well said, God bless Peter Grant - I cannot wait for the season to start, Earnie can take his hummer and I would advise him to rent somewhere in the midlands for a year, because no doubt his get out clause will remain the same with Derby. Look at the number of people who protest, they represent 1% of the supporters - lets hope its the ones who have not renewed their season tickets this year. People should use their energies to get behind the team and not waste them with daft protests
  5. Pete,   I am not saying I am happy, what I am saying is If some russian Millionaire takes over the club, invests millions do you honestly think he will do it for the sake of Norwich City Football Club? I doubt it. I am glad we have a club where most people can afford to go and watch,
  6. It makes me laugh, when people think one player makes a team - If Peter wanted to keep Earnie, I think he would have done lets face it why didn''t Robson play him week in and week out, how come other large clubs did not come in for him during the transfer window? yes he scored goals for us to which we should be greatfull but after all do Derby fans think he will stay with them if they are relegated.    
  7. Can''t wait to be a big club, £40 for a ticket to watch 1 game (that''s if you can get one) £1,000 for a season ticket, paid in full prior to the season starting, top quality players on over £80,000 per week and they relly want to play for the club, they are not in it for the money!!!!!!! the chance to finish second in the premier league, fans that live hundreds of miles away from the ground.   I think I will stick with my club - you know,the one that allows us to pay for our season ticket over period of time, intrest free, - where you can take the family for £50 - and watch players who want to play for the club, where I can chat to people who live in the area and most of all support a club where the supporters are actually valued for their support not their coppers  , long live the prawn sandwich bragade
  8. Who needs a player that does not want to play for the club - although he scored goals last season he spent half of it out injured. Any one willing to pay 3.5 million for a player who only ever stays with a club for two years is welcome to him. The fans who are calling for the board and Peter to be sacked are short sighted individuals, Peter took over a team that were not organised, lacked passion and were over rated, he is building his own team and this will take time. Any true Norwich fan should cast their minds back to the Rioch/Hamilton days - now that was dreadfull - at least we can now see what kind of club we SUPPORT- a board that has backed every manager - the best support in the country , one of the best trainning facilities in the land and now a good season to look forward to, (welcome home Jamie) . For those of you who do not agree I suggest you travel 45 miles down the road to a team who overspent and went into liquidation or 170 miles north to a big club playing in Europe who are now looking forward to playing in division one after just comming out of liquidation - owing millions to local businesses, ON THE BALL                      a
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