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  1. I would take him on a month by month contract, as you say as back up. I would be disapointed if we did sign him and didnt get anyone else in before the end of august.
  2. Yes I have noticed the table. 1 game gone 45 to go. What are you trying to say?  I guess you are trying to be funny, or just enjoy the reaction you get from others.
  3. The guy in the article only started supporting Ipswich because Norwich chose not to participate in a testimonial for his dad (who actually played for Norwich). What a loser.
  4. Does this mean he is gone forever, or is he able to come back under a new username?
  5. I think we need 2 more, definately need a big CF I believe, Steve Howard maybe?? to partner a quick forward like Rigters.  
  6. [quote user="Dave"]shut up king beef.[/quote] When I read the title of this thread I thought it would be to lol about people like  Dave attempting to stir things in such a pathetic way.  He''s even contributed to the thread lol, dont think  "contributed" is the right word though. Is Kevin Lisbie that bad anyway?
  7. 22 years old, just finished uni , into the real world of work now for me.  
  8. [quote user="Dave"]Ameobi is one of the best players to wear a newcastle shirt. such elegance in his stride .. and is a bargain if norwich sign him. might have to move down here if that happens ..[/quote] Haha, you are the worst wind up merchant I have ever seen on this message board, in another thread you say you work for NCFC. At least with some others there was at least a small hope they may have been telling some truth, but you are just laughable.
  9. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] it looks even more hideous! who the hell are Xara anyway??? why cant we have Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok or a company we have actually heard of make our kit? Xara''s shirts are all shodilly made! jas :) [/quote] I dont care who makes it to be honest, the xara shirts ive had have been alright the play off one and promotion/premiership seasons, the play off one being my favourite. But cant comment on recent ones. The new one looks good I think, might be purchasing this one.
  10. From the daily mail, Blackpool are reporting QPR for approaching Gorkss illegally. QPR making themselves even more unpopular. Hopefully we are in there as well, although I can still  see him going to QPR.  
  11. It says in the star.com article that TFC are not going to buy anyone before thursday and hints at getting free agents, surely ruling out Huckerby moving to Toronto?? Or have i missed something.
  12. [quote user="Steve Hopkins"]Win or I''ll get Dion to sodomise you all one by one after the game? [/quote] Hahaha brilliant!
  13. 400k is pretty good lets hope its not a deal like strihavka''s and find out we dont get the full amount when hes released from Preston in a years time!
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