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  1. [quote user="YankeeCanary"]   ....... PhatCanary, in attempting to underscore his "A" levels in maths, uses ...... [/quote] Alas! I''m afraid you''re demonstrating your ignorance of the British examination system; ''A'' levels & GCSE ''A''s are completely different beasts. Also he wouldn''t have ''A'' levels in maths unless he took Pure & Applied as separate subjects (can you still do that?) Sorry, but I do love a spot of pedantry occasionally.
  2. Couldn''t disagree more. Thought he was spot on. If JC et al. can''t accept that level of criticism (hardly a vicious "attack" - more a bit of honesty allied to some mild leg-pulling) they must be a really thin-skinned bunch of primma donnas. And I don''t think for one second that they are.
  3. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] i like old "sicknote" he does produce more end product than Crofty but isnt as quick... [/quote] Something that''s been bugging me for a while - is Croft quick or not? People seem totally divided on this. Reading comments abour him takes me back to the days of Victor Sylvester (!!!!!!) - slow, slow, quick,quick, slow. Is he or isn''t he?
  4. I wonder if Glenn''s fiddling about to see how squad members react to different tactics/combinations, plus keeping the Prem clubs sweet by playing their loan players on a regular basis. I reckon he thinks relegation/ top six isn''t on the cards ( he knows he can select a team capable of picking up enough points to avoid the former, but not achieve the latter), so he''s having a bit of a play. It''s all about next season now.
  5. Worst tackle I''ve seen was Schumacher''s flattening of Patrick Battiston in the 1982 World Cup semi. Looked like attempted manslaughter to me. He should still be in prison.
  6. Monty Python circa 1969. Played by Michael Palin, Ron was the dodgy manager of brainless boxer/athlete (Ken somebody-or-other) played by John Cleese.
  7. It''s becoming apparent what Roeder didn''t see in him.
  8. On channel 5 now, playing for Slavia Prague. Commentator thinks he has a point to prove, apparently.
  9. The Romans successfully ran their empire on the principle of keeping the natives happy. To do this they realised they had to provide them with two things; panem et circenses. Food & entertainments.  Football is part of the mass entertainment industry. That is where the money is ( until the next global environmental catastrophe anyway). In the good old days the masses didn''t have any money - what little they had was all used up getting panem on the table. Nowadays entire industries are based on the desire of pre-teens to watch cartoon figures engage in heroic battles on a mobile phone screen. So there are two possibilities; either football is a passing fad which will decline, the money will disappear & it''ll be back to jumpers for goalposts (remember Ripping Yarns'' "Golden Gordon"?) or it appeals to something deeper in the human psyche, it will continue to expand & evolve. The days of 100,000 penniless supporters throwing their cloth caps in the air at cup finals will never return. Ultimately the market will decide.
  10. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] the only board member at Roeders press conference and the only Board member to so far come out and publically back the manager nationally then with this interviews...    I''ll leave everyone else to Speculate jas :) [/quote] Umm .... No, sorry, no idea. What''s your speculation then?
  11. [quote user="macdougalls perm"] By the way, I reckon the real value of quantum physics is that it is proof that our idea of science has limits. You just can''t reduce it to predictable, logical patterns - I say, old chap, how extraordinarily irritating. [:)]      [/quote] I think it''s more a symptom of man''s overweening vanity, a refusal to admit Shopenhauer''s  insight that we can never know Things in Themselves- Hawking " knowing the mind of God " etc.  I mean, Schroedinger''s poor bloody cat, honestly. And As Blahx3 pointed out, wave/particle duality my arse.
  12. It''s the Big Question alright. I posted on here that promotion last time completely wrong-footed the board. I''m just hoping that if, by a miracle, it should happen this year, they will have learnt by their mistakes & have a better plan - or at least a plan. Actually , when you consider that survival was still achievable on the last day of the season, then this time the chances of staying up must be better; I said before there were only 3 or 4 Premiership players in the squad (including Ashton), I rate Roeder much higher than Worthy & I am sure he could attract a far higher calibre of player, even with the same budget.. How much was spent on players last time? Very little apart from Ashton''s transfer I think. What a challenge it would be for Glenn - pull it off & his standing would reach Clough-like proportions. A huge incentive. It''s nice to dream.
  14. [quote user="blahblahblah"]quantum physics ( what''s the point of it ?  what does it do ? )  [/quote] As a predictive model enabling modern electronics technology it''s pretty useful; tunnel diodes, Fermi levels (hence transistors, hence computers) lasers, nuclear fission & fusion (bombs & reactors) etc. etc. That kinda thing. I unfortunately have a problem in that I don''t believe a fecking word of it.
  15. I humbly & unreservedly apologise to you. Mr. Roeder sir. Just proves one must never rush to judgement.
  16. Might have to now!   http://www.canaries.premiumtv.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~1233245,00.html
  17. [quote user="Smudger"] But, I thought that they were only in it for the l.ove of the yella & green Old??? Quite right, they will go when they finally see fit having made a quid or two... but to try and fool the gullible public in to beliveing otherwise is just hilarious... That is why they get all the stick they deserve over it. I would say that they get off very lightly indeed. [/quote] Please explain how they are making, or expect to make, money out of the club. You certainly aren''t gullible. But you''re certainly full of hate.
  18. [quote user="ricky knight"]I dont care how shady someone is as long as they are making my club the best, rather that than some washed up cake maker who wont spend a penny. So what character have we now, a little family club out in sticksville who have to borrow other teams players because we are skinners. I would rather be ruthless and successful everytime.[/quote] In other words you''d happily see someone else go skint to bolster the size of your own ego. You have an inferiority complex the size of Venezuela.
  19. [quote user="paint_me_yellow"] I don''t have anything personal against Delia as such, my gripe is with the fact she can''t compete anymore. This is why I find it hard to support them fully - they simply can''t do much more than they have done. I applaude them getting the manager right but thats only a small part of the problem. We simply need the cash to support the manager with and I don''t really think they have alot to give him. Money unfortunately makes a huge difference in todays game and if you don''t have it you will get left behind. Eventually we will end up going down the football pyramid because other clubs around us get the investment needed to survive. [/quote] No, sorry don''t agree with that. The manager is the MAJOR part of the problem - look at what Glenn''s done; has he spent more than Grant? NO!. Has he got better contacts? YES YES YES! Is he better at motivating the team?YES YES YES! I bet the board are feeling pretty rueful about having appointed Grant; I bet some of them are waking up at night wondering how good a judge of character they really are. But never mind. By luck or otherwise they''ve got a manager who is as good as Grant was poor. If other clubs, in a similar situation to NCFC resource-wise, try spending their way into the big time they are doomed. Unless they have a billionaire fan prepared to write off large chunks of cash, any investors will be doing just that - investing. If they don''t get sufficient return they will asset-strip the club & throw it back to the supporters. No, this is the way forward;  real fans in control, steady growth, an excellent manager who knows class when he sees it. BUT a better scouting system is required & a complete overhaul of the academy. And the board need beating with a stick sometimes - just to keep ''em on their toes!
  20. [quote user="cityangel"] Sorry just started a new thread aboout this as I didn''t see this one further down the page. Just wondered what Murray meant by Roeder was an angry man to play for? I''m in the minority I know but I didnt think he did too bad when he was played in the central defender role the odd occasion.   [/quote] I should bloody well hope Roeder was an angry man! Can you imagine? "S''ok Jimmyboy, awreet, club''s goin'' doon the swanny, bu'' we''re havin'' a guid laff. Pass me tha'' tin o'' irn bru by the weey"
  21. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"] Just a thought but how do clubs like stoke and burnley manage to spend money? [/quote] Now that is actually an interesting thought, Arthur. Anyone got any figures for these clubs?
  22. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"] How come none of the players we try to sign have buy-out clauses? I didn`t see much evidence of them in the transfer window, did you? Another myth spun for the gullible masses to cling to...... [/quote] Sorry I''m genuinely confused here! How would we know if they had buy-out causes before they signed? Are you saying NCFC could have targetted players with buy-out clauses? If so, I can''t imagine many decent players would have triggered their buy-out clause to move to a struggling Championship club - Earnie & Etuhu both moved up a division. I''d be grateful if you could explain a bit further.
  23. Link http://www.fansfc.com/frontpage/frontpagenews.asp?newsid=180556 Certainly sounds as if Roeder wants one, but is it just speculation? Who could it be?
  24. It''s a huge problem though, isn''t it?  It''s the TEAM that matters & Glenn MUST be seen to be giving equal opportunities to all players. I think you''ll find he has stated his awareness of Hux''s awesome abilities - & I would guess that he has had conversations with him about the future of NCFC. I am sure Hux is plenty man enough to understand the situation & knows his involvement as a player will necessarily decline as time goes by - it cannot be otherwise. He''s one of those rare things - a phenomenally gifted individual who is a genuine team player. I feel certain he & Glenn understand each other.
  25. The trouble with this approach is: what do you do when your star is injured or off form? I suspect that some of NCFC''s problems have been due to an over-reliance on Hux - I think there may have been a bit of "get the ball up to him any-old-how, sit back & watch him go" attitude from some players (Ian Murray, perhaps?). It''s fine if you''re Manure & can afford half a dozen stars, but I think the Arsenal approach (have they really missed Henry?) works better for Norwich.
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