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  1. Can anyone else remember what Gunny said on Sky?? I''m sure he commented on why Hucks was hanging around?
  2. Maybe they are nearer to a deal then anyone knows? I don''t know just passing on what I heard. Hucks has stated how much love he has for the club, and in gunn''s interview on Sky tonight he was a bit shy about talking of Hucks, saying he wanted to be more involved with Norwich. Maybe he is leading the consortium?? put himself in charge of youth development?  
  3. From what I hear she wants a nominal amount and the catering business? what exactly is that worth and what does it consist of???
  4. Heard that Delia has been pulling together a consortium of local businesses to buy her out in the next few weeks Around 10 - 12 of them all putting several million each and then bringing in a football head and there own appointed Chairman. I''m not that clued up about how takeovers / shares work but is this possible? came from a pretty reliable source (I think) Would the consortium have to buy the club out 100% or just Delia''s shares??
  5. Who is hailing him a hero??? Did you see the game? pretty sure I saw him skin two defenders and was through on goal before he was taken down?! To be fair nobody played well that game so I don''t think you can have a pop at him for that. Also yeah 6 months ago he was a scaffolder?! give him pre season to get his levels up I think he''ll do well. Watch this space.
  6. ??? I don''t get it? He''s obviously not going to be an Earnshaw or Ashton over night but who says he can''t be a top goal scorer for the club next season? Think you should give people a chance before you decide what category you put them in. Personally his raw ability excites me for a league one striker, I think he will leave a lot of defenders for dead in this league
  7. I also think that Gunn has a good knowledge of the talent out there, look at the players he brought in in such a short space of time Cody, Lee, Mooney, all good players at a time when there is nothing around, did he get Shackell back?? I think Gunn will put a good strong team together and I think he is a good man manager Good Luck Gunny!!  
  8. And against Reading you''ll notice both crosses came from his side of the pitch. He may have pace but he''s shitte at everything else!!
  9. Delia gives the fans what they wanted with an experienced Manager as Jim Magilton signs for 4 years...
  10. Have you seen the top three strikers in league one this year? Rickie Lambert is 6.2 andonly weighs 12 stone Simon Cox is only 5.11 and weighs 11 stone Jermaine Beckford is 6.2 and weighs 13 stone .................................................................. Cody Mcdonald is 5.10 and weighs 11 stone. They are all older and I would say slower then Cody. I don''t see any reason why League one isn''t the perfect platform for him. And he clearly has the strength, most of his goals for Torquay where beating defenders with pass and power 25 goals next season no problems
  11. I wish I was an accountant. So your saying to buy the club out right we would need in excess of £40m Right new plan.... how many of you have a grand spare...  lol
  12. With such a big fan base surely you would only need a few hundred off each fan and then a couple of richer fans to front a few mill each? 30,000 fans stick in £200 and 4 investors at 2m a piece? (Turner esk) Would £14m do it?
  13. Agreed we will seriously struggle with no investment. The team will be full of freebies and journeymen
  14. Whatever happened to all the discussion of doing a Barca and buying the club for the supporters?? Now we are League one surely the price of a takeover has dropped. Oh look Earnshaw has just scored... (tw4t) Anyway is there any chance of this or is it impossible?
  15. Lets hope Cody and Korey can step up to the mark. Cody 25 goals next season and Korey 15 assists. lol - God I hate this team right now
  16. This worries me because at this moment in time I don''t see us beating Charlton or Southampton next season and if Leeds or MK Dons don''t get promoted then best we can hope for is scrapping play offs. With no investment we are now a league 1 team. better start getting use to it.
  17. Whats sad is Yes. Because the support for these useless W#nkers is second to none in this league. We''ll still get 20k + next season but will we manage to get rid of the clubs rot? Probably not
  18. Problem is we won''t get much for any of them if anything
  19. Losing £8m by being relegated this is the best team we can hope for: Rudd Spillane - Doc - Dejan - Drury Smith - Adeyemi - Russell - Lappin Lee - Cody Subs: Cureton, Martin, Lathrope, Daley, Renton Oh I don''t care...............
  20. Supporting this disgrace is not doing my health any good. F#ck them all
  21. I reckon we''ll call Killen back for the last 2 matches....... Nah really we have to put Cody in! the lad is chomping at the bit to play and with Lee I think they would work really well. Definately Gow on left, rest of teampicks itself. Reading are going to be up for it now that they have a sniff at automatic 2-2
  22. Lets look at it in a more positive light. Notts forest have an away game to Blackpool (who are still technically not safe) Plymouth have a tough away game to QPR who have only lost 4 times at home this season Barnsley are playing the league leaders We just have to hope that they all don''t win (which as we all know isn''t impossible!) We can go into the Reading game with a target in sight and with Reading securing playoff place and no chance of automatic maybe they will go easy so as not to risk any injuries?!? (very optomistic) The final games of the season involve the four teams around us, so at least they all can''t win that!! Job done we beat charlton 2 - 0 and end up 20th above Plymouth and Barnsley  
  23. So you would be happy with 6 points?? Cause that will save us. Wake up people!! Notts Forest will get 9 points from there last 4 games. We need to win every game to stay up, it''s that simple
  24. NORWICH:  Watford (h); Ipswich (a); Reading (h); Charlton (a) NOTTINGHAM: Shef Utd (a); Coventry (h); Blackpool (a); Southampton (h) SOUTHAMPTON: Crysal P (h); Shef W (a); Burnley (h); Nottingham (a) Where are we going to get the points from pray tell??  
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