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  1. I love watching England play whether it''s a friendly or not. This is the only chance that Fabio gets to have a good look at the players playing together other then in important matches. He should be supported for having as many friendlies as possible by both fans and managers. I think its a disgrace that clubs make such a fuss about international matches, and if players miss an international match for an injury then plays that weekend for club should be stripped of there position! How difficult is it for christ sake to play an extra four or five friendlies a year FOR YOUR COUNTRY! These over paid pussies need to grow some balls and sort there priorities out. Rant over
  2. Yeah I agree with sticking him in the reserves for a bit, Alnwick seems capable of keeping that no 1 spot for the time being, there is always Rudd who I thought was good in preseason. This guy does need a bit of time to prove himself in reserves and training, and wait till he gets his chance again. It''s all about the competition!
  3. Hughes?? Whats th deal with him? is he match fit, I thought he was meant to be of a higher standard then Gill
  4. David Oleary is looking to come back into football...........
  5. Sorry that was a spelling mistake! Honest I ment to say COUNTRY    lol
  6. My Brother called me from Aus today (Perth), he said that they showed the goals on a local station there. Apparently when they talk about theo they say ''the greek goal keeper...'' Ha ha what a useless 5hit, even his home cuntry has dropped him
  7. By half time he had given away the most free kicks, he fouls all the bloody time! total lack of pace and vision, never see''s the pass or through balls like a solid Defender should. Especially the Bloody captain!!!
  8. What a shit weekend of sport! Bell has gone now as well
  9. Have we checked what sport he was a keeper in?! May be it was ladies hockey? or waterpolo? HE IS A USELESS W4NKER
  10. Nobody trying to cheer themselves up by watching England F#ck up the Ashes?
  11. Bopara has given up cricket and fancies his hand at goal keeping, Bryan Gunn has signed him up to replace there Australian / Greek nightmare. Awesome Buy! Got to be better with a football then he is with a cricket bat...
  12. Sorry I thought they were all minus numbers!! that would have been closer to the truth - 1 for Theo Absolute 5hit
  13. I saw that Merson even commented on how he finds it difficult for Gunn to make it over the weekend still in a job.  
  14. Askew has to take his place for the rest of the season, kick this donkey out as an exaple to the rest of these F#cking Morons
  15. Most of the goals that where scored today where long direct balls to Colchester Target man flicked on to pacey strikers, wingers that tore holes into us. The only goal we scored was a direct ball to Holt flicked on to Cody?! SIMPLES!
  16. Doc must shun some resposibility no Captaincy at all. He should not be allowed to play again for this club
  17. WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH!!!!! BOOOOOO BOOOOOO........ Utterly humiliating
  18. Jesus Christ I''m totally embarressed. Any season tickets left at Ipswich?
  19. Has Dejan Stef left the club yet?!?! Even injured I reckon he would have done better then this
  20. Totally agree, defence is a disgrace! Alnwick needs to take keep, even bloody Rudd one one leg would have done better
  21. disgraceful. Rudd or Alnwick have to play the rest of the season, the guy sounds like an absolute donkey
  22. Two problem areas as always... DEFENCE AND GOAL KEEPER Both are disgraceful, Neil Adams commented that if he had seen under 13''s playing like Doc and Semmy they would have been released from the squad. Strip Doc of the captaincy, Rudd has to be our goal keeper going forward and lets put a new team out on Tuesday. I''ve never felt so sick to be a Norwich fan, my phone hasn''t stopped with people taking the pi55
  23. Can someone explain how this guy is worth £7,350,000 more then Clingon?? He was clearly our best player last season in the championship where as Delph was in league one?! Are we just useless when it comes to making a profit out of players??! Or was there another joyous sell on clause involved And yes I would definitely take £3m+ for Hoolahan.
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