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  1. They''ve quadrupled there listening figures in an hour! Amazing
  2. Totally agree I would love to see nim here, but as the article suggests I think there would be a massive compensation fee! Scunny aren''t going to let there manager go easily at the start of the season after a win of Derby! Can we afford it??
  3. lol a pants party?? Just watch out for the guns! They''ll get you.
  4. Hmmm so many bad taste jokes that I shouldn''t post....... Arrrrgggghhhhh trying to stop my fingers typing...... Michael Jackson jokes starting to spin around in my head!! But Bobby Robson jokes are a tad to far this soon after his death. RIP
  5. LMAO! They only have one small stand... http://www.footballgroundguide.com/exeter_city/exeter61.jpg
  6. Do Exeter have a directors box? I''m guessing that if you were up for the managers role you would want to be there today and see what sort of team you were taking on! Wouldn''t you??  
  7. Would he be joining as a Player / Manager?? JFH in league one football? could be interesting, he was still playing at cardiff a season or to ago wasn''t he??
  8. If we got him I would welcome him and I''m sure he woudl do as good a job as his current experience would allow him. I just think that from Rotherham (average att. 3,500) stepping up to a club of our size and expectation is a massive step. But maybe it''s the platform he needs to show how good a manager he really is Can we take that risk??
  9. My Gran (she''s Norwich through and though)
  10. Rotherham United: Played: 120, Won 50, Draw 40, Lost 30 Not bad stats, but it is still one club and one situation. He has no previous experience outside of League 2?! But do you really feel he can take us back into the championship on the first time of asking??? I apologise if I have missed something here?
  11. No. I am not convinced Robins would be any good at all. He has managed Rotherham... .... .... THAT IS IT! And they haven''t exactly set the world alight. Think he saved them from relegation?! and that is why he was made permenant Signing Robins would be another bad move IMO, all this sentiment gets us no where. Just because he had a spell with us doesn''t mean he can manage the team. We need a manager with promotional experience, who has managed at several levels and for several more years then Robins
  12. That would mean that our board has actually planned this?! wow if true I''ll be truely amazed. Personally I would be happy with any of these three but just can''t see it happening for the same reasons
  13. Coppell would be very good IMO Can only see him going to Prem or Champ promotion pushing teams
  14. The think we have to realise that we are 23rd in league one... whoever comes in has to play with what they get and no transfer budget. Who do you think is going to want that job? Tony Adams is an ex premiership manager with more contacts in football then you could shake a stick at.  
  15. I''m not sure how up to date the is?? But what do people think to Tony Adams or Bryan Robson?? You have to go to the link and click on the available manager search it will give you a drop down menu of all currently available managers, then profiles of them if you select them http://www.leaguemanagers.com/index.html
  16. I''d rather have Worthington back then the bunch we are currently connected with!
  17. Daily mail reckon its boothroyd, Sanchez or Reid... Not sure which of that rabble I would be happy with?!
  18. Well maybe there will be a statement explaining the reasons behind the sudden sacking....... Because thats exactly how this board operates very open, keeping the paying fans in the know about whats happening at the club  
  19. Who on earth is going to take on a club with another managers new team that lost 7 - 1 on the opening day, no budget with only 2 weeks left in the transfer market, Delia Smith as their boss!! I''m seriously worried! Lets hope Mcnab pulls something out of the bag here!
  20. RIGHT! I''ve been thinking about this one for a few days... (I just call out your name - James Taylor) "We just call out Holt''s name, and we know whenever he can... He''ll come running, to score again! Morning, noon, night or day... Grant Holt will make defenders pay... And he''ll beat them yes he will.. Cause he''s a legend!" lol, I know he''s not a legend yet but, nothing really rhymes with Friend that makes sense      
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