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  1. I don''t think we can rate Nelson on that one game? everyone else has been given another chance why not him, especially against his old club at the weekend
  2. Yeah can agree with that, it was a good match to show are weaknesses. Namely the whole right hand side and the two centre backs
  3. Lappin was great, I''d expect Hoolahan and Russell to go this week and two new centre backs in by Friday... (in our dreams)
  4. Why does Doc have to play? Nelson is actually a defender... Christ I''d rather see Tudor-Jones in defence
  5. Was just about to say Cody needs to get on the sheet! almost did!! lol
  6. Wow Otsemebor with a cracking cross... oh no it''s gone to the keeper. to55er
  7. Has to be! Lets get the academy lads on see if they can repeat the Leeds result!
  8. Just announced, ha ha lets hope we get the next 3...
  9. Yeah snap, I live in Leeds and thought that they may have shown it but same, Liverpool v Villa
  10. I think the main difference is they have a £9million goal keeper... Also Andy Reid just scored two ridiculous goals!
  11. This is the only one that is working for me, must be your connection mate, sorry. Get down the pub at least you can drown your sorrows at the same time
  12. Just seen the highlights of our attempts and all three of them should have been goals! Gordon is playing like a £9m goal keeper!! oh wait a minute...
  13. Seem to be good going forward, plenty of shots Gordon is playing superbly! Shame are defence (DOC & OTS) are gash
  14. http://livefooty.doctor-serv.com/mon24.8/Norwich_Sunderland2.html Perfect picture! ENJOY
  15. Is it just a case of building that relationship up? Surely it''s not good to be chopping and changing everygame as they will never build an understanding with each other. I say leave it as it is, they know the mistakes they made and they will learn from them, play spillane and Askou together for another three or four matches, unless they completely mess things up I think they will start to become more solid as a unit over time. Doc is 5hit... (just had to add that in)
  16. Arsenal 4 Portsmouth 1   Attend: 60,049   Birmingham 0 Stoke 0 FT Attend: 21,694    Hull 1 Bolton 0 FT Attend: 22,999     Man City 1 Wolverhampton 0 FT Attend: 47,287   Sunderland 2 Blackburn 1 FT Attend: 37,106     Wigan 0 Man Utd 5 FT Attend: 18,164   Coventry 0 Swansea 1 FT Attend: 16,307   Crystal Palace 0 Newcastle 2 FT Attend: 20,643   Derby 2 Plymouth 1 FT Attend: 25,660   Leicester 1 Barnsley 0 FT Attend: 21,799   Middlesbrough 2 Doncaster 0 FT Attend: 22,041 Preston 2 Peterborough 0 FT Attend: 11,549   QPR 1 Nottm Forest 1 FT Attend: 13,058   Reading 1 Sheff Utd 3 FT Attend: 16,025   Sheff Wed 4 Scunthorpe 0 FT Attend: 20,215   Watford 2 Blackpool 2 FT Attend: 12,745   West Brom 2 Ipswich 0 FT Attend: 19,390    Brighton 2 Stockport 4 FT Attend: 5,270   Bristol Rovers 1 Huddersfield 0 FT Attend: 6,952   Carlisle 0 Exeter 1 FT Attend: 5,156   Charlton 2 Walsall 0 FT Attend: 19,890   Gillingham 0 Hartlepool 1 FT Attend: 4,969 Leeds 3 Tranmere 0 FT Attend: 21,692      Milton Keynes Dons 2 Colchester 1 FT Attend: 8,633   Norwich 5 Wycombe 2 FT Attend: 23,428   Oldham 2 Swindon 2 FT Attend: 4,229   Southampton 1 Brentford 1 FT  Attend: 19,169   Yeovil 3 Leyton Orient 3 FT   Attend: 3,827
  17. Agreed, after all we are 19th and 8 points away from the leaders... lets see where we are by mid September
  18. Wow just spent the last ten minutes looking through clips of Norwich on You tube, it just hits home how far we have fallen, will we ever reach these heights again??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-FebBxbGXY&feature=related
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-QJbUPye6M I won £160 quid that day with Ashton first goal and 2-0 THANKS DEAN (oh the memories are still fresh)
  20. I was under the impression that he was at Luton to keep his fitness up and the reason they didn''t play him much was because he was on a pay to play contract, they could only afford to bring him out in big matches?! Anyway give the man break he had a good game and has obviously earned his start, I hope he can keep his place with repeat performances like yesterday
  21. Quality! I''ve got it on the radio at work. Broad has been good over the last two matches, just goes to show that people need to be given a chance.
  22. Wow it quite literally is a    ''Did you here the one about the Englishman, two scottish men and two Irishmen...'' I''d say add your own punch line... but I think we have been the butt of to many jokes over the past four years!  
  23. Can''t stream radio on my work laptop, don''t know what is worse?! keeping refreshing the pages on here or listening to RN
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