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  1. Would he have had much dealing with us when they sponsored us? or would it have been left to some marketing director? Just wondering if there was any other reason for them sponsoring us back then? Or am I just clutching at straws thinking this guy may have some connection with Norwich
  2. I think he''s done the right thing, there are no more reserve games now until April 21st / 28th are there? If he can get 3 or 4 matches in before that he will be a step ahead of Gill. When he was younger there was a lot of hype around him, would be good to see what he can do with a sustained period of fitness
  3. There''s usually highlights on the BBC football website 24 / 48 hrs after the match
  4. Sounds like Cody saw the only attacking threat, second half read pretty boring after he was taken off. Surely he''s got to start on Saturday? I know it''s only Stevenage but he deserves the chance
  5. Sorry... I hate it when loads of threads get started as well!
  6. So how much are Bowkett and McNally going to get out of those muppets at News of the World?? Norwich City chairman Alan Bowkett told the club''s official website: "In all my years in working in corporate finance I have never read such tosh and complete fabrication. The News of the World will be hearing from our lawyers and we look forward to claiming substantial damages." Would be kind of ironic if we got money out of a paper that was claiming we are skint lmao
  7. http://www.independent.ie/sport/other-sports/new-role-fires-hoolahan-up-the-scoring-charts-1997121.html A good saturday morning read. makes you wonder again what would have happened last season had his ankle not gone...  
  8. Can''t russell or hughes play in central defence? or is that to risky...
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_2/8379841.stm Unfortunately just Holts goal, but worth the watch! very classy goal
  10. Ha ha he really wanted Neil to ask him what he had wrong with him! Neil just ignored it and moved on, fair play. Also on Holt and trying to get a yellow card, I can''t believe he didn''t copy Hooli and jump into the crowd
  11. lol, just reminds me why I moved to Leeds... Mind you there''s plenty of simpletons up here as well!  
  12.  Yeah... Maybe that weights out the cock factor of him.
  13. Just clarifies the fact to me that he is an utter Cock! Also how retarded is Lee Croft! not the sharpest tool in the box
  14. I thought our goally was quite fit! Could keep for 5hit but still looked good in goal. The commentry was funny! apparently there was a former model on the Germany side. Hit the showers girls... (I''d love to be the coach)
  15. Sorry I have just seen that you did. No draws though??
  16. Surely it''s impossible to predict the scores?!? Why not just go for Win, Lose or Draw?
  17. Fu#king Scum bags the lot of them! they all think there on Green Street or something!! Should ban them all for life, with the amount of cctv in London they must be able to find out who''s involved, even those hanging around the gangs should be banned, you never see these problems in any other sports. Police and FA need to be much harder on them, if you are found to be associated with a hooligan or seen walking to a match with know hooligans then you are banned for a year. Simples
  18. Totally agree Nelson should be given another shot, everyone else has had a go! Can Tudor play CB??
  19. Sorry to sound thick but when do the reserve games start? Need to get some of these lads playing that are sat in the background week in week out.
  20. I don''t get this either, I also don''t understand Nelson?! This guy played pretty much every game for Hartlepool as captain last season yet hasn''t had a sniff since the 7-1 game, everyone else has been given a second chance Maybe they are both 5hit in training?! When do reserve matches start? then you''ll see how far down the pecking order they really are!
  21. Sell! he fannies around if the ball far to much and tries ridiculous paces that don''t come off. Lappin is direct and far better for our division of football
  22. Yes Yes and Yes. Fans sounded great chanting on hte ball city! lol. I like the fact that the younger lads are getting a chance to play, hope that Rudd can step up if Alnwick is injured Lappin was quality and I thought the majority of the second half we were very positive considering the score line
  23. Definitely if he is fit! Would love to see him play with askou
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