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  1. Good article on the front of the Pinkun about the final run in and the number of points we require... Looking at the final games you would hope that all our home games are very much winable (bar maybe Nottingham, who I think will take 2nd promo spot) • City’s remaining games Home – Feb 12: Reading. Feb 22: Doncaster. Mar 5: Preston. Mar 14: Bristol City. Apr 2: Scunthorpe. Apr 16: Nottm Forest. Apr 25: Derby. May 8: Coventry. Away – Feb 19: Leeds. Feb 26: Barnsley. Mar 8: Leicester. Mar 19: Hull. Apr 9: Swansea. Apr 12: Watford. Apr 21: Ipswich. Apr 30: Portsmouth. So 7 wins from the home games puts us on 72 points we would only require (going on the article 75 points for play offs) one more win or three draws from our remaining 8 away games (and with the second best away record in the league this should be easy!) Ergo we should at least make the playoffs........... It''s great living in a world where your glass is always half full  :O)    
  2. I think we also need to look at the three games in one week of April: - Swansea -Watford - Nottingham Then going to Ipswich!
  3. Why do we need to play two up front?? How about hoolahan and Lansbury at the top of the diamond with holt in front of them, surman / croft on the left and Bennett / smith on the right, croft or fox defence mid. there are plenty of goals in our midfield!
  4. I go to Singapore on business about once every three months, should be there again in February, I love the place
  5. Put yourself in Holt''s boots... He''s been earning a low wage (by footballing standards) for most of his career. You''ve got two maybe three years left if you don''t get a serious injury before that, and a premiership team come in to offer you a 3-4 year contract on double / treble more in your pay pack then you could have ever dreamed about last year... What would you do? "Thanks Norwich had a lovely time, no hard feels, see ya later" Unfortunately this is the facts of life kids, suck it up because it happens every transfer window
  6. lol - I used him with Norwich in the Champ and Prem. he''s just hit 15 goals and 15 assists in our first year back in the prem and worth £6m... Wishful thinking. I don''t for a second think we should be buying players based on there FM2011 performances. But might be worth a punt for £110k
  7. I know it''s not lunch time but I was bored and found this piece on a QPR fans page. Well worth a read if you scroll down to the Norwich history lesson, it then carries on to tell you about who they believe to be our main threats and previous games! notably Hoolahan, Nelson and Lappin being the only survivors of that fateful year... cort up front says it all... http://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/football/queensparkrangers/fb_news.php?storyid=9636&title=first_v_third_as_qpr_tackle_canaries_–_full_match_preview
  8. I wonder if Askew or Nelson would have scored any of Leon''s chances...
  9. Stick Holt in central defence on Tuesday and we may score a goal! Think Leon had 7 chances today?!
  10. I''ll probably be watching it in the Royal Oak in Headingley with my brother (who is also a non violent leeds fan) Would be a first for me to watch a match in Leeds with another Norwich fan there!!
  11. Wednesday to stay up would be good then I''d have another away fixture that I can go and see next season!! (living in Leeds so they can come up too!), Doncaster, Shef U, Barnsley, Nottingham, Scunthorpe, Hull, Middlesborough. Anything has to be better then Huddersfield, Hartlepool and Carlisle!!
  12. Charlton''s next to matches are away to Huddersfield (only lost to us at home) and MK Dons... I think they will struggle to get 2 points total from those games. We need to be watching Millwall if anyone, a draw today would help us out. They have a good run in with only Hudders and Col Who the to difficult away games for them. To be fair if we beat Leeds next week the title is pretty much in the bag, no team below us is going to keep a +2 point game average and even if one team did would two?!? AND would we not be capable of winning at least four of our last 9 matches.........???
  13. SNAP! but I got Norwich at 8 - 1, three matches in to the season and Holty at 17 - 1 Happy days!!
  14. Drury is a championship player, we need his experience and skill in our defence over the coming month. As soon as he is fit he will replace Rose without a shadow of doubt. Rose is a stop gap until Drury is fit.  
  15. All of my extended family on both my mum and dad''s side are Norwich fans, in fact all of my family (aunt''s, uncles, grandparents,etc) for about 4 generations are from Lowestoft. Only me and my two brothers are not (Yorkshire born), I am the oldest so the first game I went to see was Norwich v Leeds (we won 4 -2 if I remember correctly) and have been an avid follow for the last 20 years. My brothers are both Leeds supporters (I had a lucky escape!!!)    
  16. I didn''t understand a word of that, but enjoy it?! Jesus 50 posts from you a day may actually make me stop using this site...
  17. Wiz is on 13,861 posts... so if you are going to beat him you''d better hope that he stops posting today and that you can increase your daily post count to at least 50 (your currently on 13) That way it would only take you 277 days to reach Wiz. Good luck (if you are going to try and post 50 times a day please try and make them marginally interesting...)
  18. 9 points or 7 points? who cares we are clear at the top!! Let the rest fight amongst themselves for 3rd as long as we carry on our avg 2.13 points per game we will hit 98 points... Lets start the run in with a convincing home win over Southampton!  
  19. I was about to say Joe Lewis. He will be in a premiership side by Summer. Ruel Fox... didn''t he go to Tottenham, not sure if he did that well probably wouldn''t say he was a cast off either
  20. WITS I completely agree, I''m a chef and some of her recipes have worked fantastically for me over the years The TV show was about her success as the first Celeb chef and how she changed the face of the food industry. If it wasn''t for Delia you may never have heard of a Cranberry!! think about that before you slate her... :O) God bless Delia
  21. Did about 5 mins on Norwich being the number 3 club in Europe for it''s food... DIdn''t mention her love of Champagne and drunken ranting lol
  22. Anyone watching Delia on BBC 2? She is a fantastic cook, didn''t realise how much she has done!! Is 11 million right for the amount she has pumped into Norwich? I thought it was about 8 mill?
  23. At least it wasn''t a pigs head!! Real Madrid In 2000, Figo made a hugely controversial move to Barcelona''s bitter rivals Real Madrid for a then-world record fee of around £37 million.[4] Many Barcelona fans felt betrayed by his transfer and turned against him, despite Figo having many years of success with Barcelona and having been a fan favourite for over five years. When he returned three seasons later in a league match (2002), he got a heated reception from the crowd and many started throwing objects at him as he took corners and throw-ins, including a pig''s head, which resulted in Barça incurring a fine. Here''s the picture http://sanford-soccer-net.blogspot.com/2008/10/top-10-football-hate-figures.html How the hell do you get a PIGS HEAD into a football match!! and Why?!?!
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