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  1. Does everyone agree with me that we should drop the 4 - 5 - 1 and stick to 4 - 4 - 2? Grant if your reading this for god sake play Cureton, Striker & Huckerby this weekend!! He''s already said ''I always feel with the likes of Cureton, Huckerby and Strihavka - if they are in the game you have the chance of winning'' But then comments that you have to choose between Cureton or Huckerby?? only if you play 4-5-1!! Play Huckerby on the left where he has been successful for years and play Cureton as a striker where oh yeah he was top goal score last year?! THIS TEAM PICKS IT''S SELF SO WHY DON''T YOU TAKE A BREAK PG AND LET THE FANS PICK THE TEAM. Don''t anybody give me this cr*p about injury''s and fatigue cause problems. Shackell, Strihavka and Cureton were on the bench so were fit and should have played, they are all 1st team players in my opinion.
  2. From half time on wards I kept thinking ''he''s going to put a striker on in a minute'' What? Put Cureton on in the 89min? We''ve already lost, why risk injury in the dying minutes of a match that was about to boil over??? This manager is inept
  3. Why should we be holding back??? We''ve got several good stikers in the squad and none of them are getting the chance!!!  Chris brown hasn''t scored ever for Norwich and gets 90 minutes???  
  4. Totally agree I''m fuming!!!! I thought he would have at least put them both on at half time? we had no attacking power at all. This side is a joke. And now Dublin is out for 3 games. Our best player is a 38 yr old striker playing defender
  5. Quite simply what is Grant actually doing???? A lone striker who has never scored for us? Please can somebody explain...
  6. What the hell was that for!!!! Where was cureton''s penalty??????????
  7. How to throw a game away!!! Absolutely shocking!! Well done lads... Dion worked his heart out tonight, donkey and le judge managed to throw it all away... What is the point of putting cureton on with 2 minutes to go???? Bloody hell grant we should have been changing the attack after 65 - 70 mins. You''ve been outclassed by your old boss You plum
  8. Surely a team of our size and facilities should be commanding a class first team coach?? Feels like we''re cutting corners to save money wherever we can...
  9. I''m a bit confused who is coaching our first team at the moment? Martin Hunters been gone for over a month. Does Grant really think that he can do the job of an England U19 & UEFA Pro licenced coach?? Surely there must be a replacement coming soon?
  10. With a reported £5m in the kitty I don''t think it will take long for Grant to bring in the people he wants. I have a lot of confidence in this manager and his ambitions for our club. COME ON GRANT SHOW US THE WAY...
  11. What do you suggest we do? You''ve already told us that we have no money... Shouldn''t we look at what we have at our disposal? Earnshaw is still here, thats 20+ goals (injury free) We have one of the best left sides in the league (Huckerby & Drury, Lappins is good enough cover) Some great potential in both Shackell & Martins. Competition for the right wing in Croft, Chadwick & even Hughes. With two or three good signings (centrally) I think this is a good Norwich team. We''re not going to win the league but we should be up there...
  12.                                  Marshall (Gilks)                              Otsemebor (Hughes)     Shackell   Docherty      Drury (Lappin)  Croft (Chadwick)         Safri            Ethut          Huckerby                                 Earnshaw (Martins)     Cureton (Brown) BENCH: Dublin, Fozzy, Colin, Gallagher, ( ) = cover LOAN OUT: Lewis, Jarvis anybody surples to requirements Now looking at that (if we got Cureton & Marshall) we would only need a good central defender and central midfielder to have a strong team??
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