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  1. I have to speak up for the ''outsiders'' My parents were born in Lowestoft and left when they got married, I was brought up in Leeds and the first live game of football I saw was Norwich when I was 7, I have been hooked ever since (32 now). I love everything to do with Norwich city, all my relatives (and I mean ALL) live in Lowestoft and they are shit supporters and only talk about them when they do well. I''ve been to probably only 30 away game in my life and 12 games at home (even though it''s nowhere near ''home'' for me), every game in the last 7 years I have listened to when possible, my wife thinks I''m mental and doesn''t understand how I can get so passionate about somewhere I''ve never lived but my blood runs yellow and green, My wife is pregnant and I can''t wait to take my future child to carrow road, buy them there first Norwich top and make them fall in love with Norwich city football club just as I have OTBC!!!!!!!!
  2. Surman averaged 7.56 for the season playing on left mid as a winger, korey smith was also good in the center of mid, you can also get lansbury and shelvey on a short 3 month loan, good on the right or middle to cover for wes. Tell your ''nephew''...
  3. Usain Bolt said the other day that he was good enough to play for man united! Maybe it''s his initials followed by his favourite colour (yellow) and favourite playing position (7) ........
  4. Hmmm if it wasn''t for Paul Abbs I''d be first on the list of names!! Damm him!
  5. It will be interesting to see these stats again in 10 months time...
  6. The rumour source... http://www.carrowroad.net/cnews/modules/news/article.php?storyid=5
  7. Maybe we are looking further a field then England? Is it right that England transfers start from the last game of the season but the international transfer window doesn''t open until the 1st July?
  8. Wilbraham? isn''t he 31/32? Agree that Snodgrass could be worth a fortune in the future. By brother is a massive Leeds fan and he''s gutted that they are going to lose him!! Mwa ha ha ha ha!
  9. You beat me to it... Lambert is obviously very keen! but if he is going to be back up for Holt where does that leave wilbraham? Also why would you want to pay over £2.5m for a back up? Surely there are other areas that need strength
  10. Sorry, have you included the 4 out of contract in you 29? If not that would mean we have 5 spaces left (5 youth & 4 OOC). Also have you included Vaughan? Surely Lambert will send a few on loan for the whole season? Would also love to see Boyota and Cleverly on loan (but that''s more from a champ manager influence)
  11. I must have missed it, Baker was on about ladybirds and baboons bums?! I love listening to Stephen his got a wonderfully calming voice, and he''s obviously in love with NCFC. Did he say anything interesting about the club?
  12. Haven''t seen much of him but my best mate is an Everton season ticket holder and he use to bleat on about how much potential this lad had a few years ago. Lets hope Lambert can get him firing on all cylinders!! Good Luck Vaughan!
  13. I don''t understand the whole Man U thing? Am I right in thinking that they got a loan to buy the club, now they are getting the club to pay the interest charges?? How is this allowed to happen? so they are getting more and more in debt every year and paying higher interest rates each year, surely they are going bust soon? Also what do the Glazers get out of it? they can''t surely be allowed to take any money out of the club as it''s £500m in debt? What happens if they sell it? do they sell the debt and make nothing? I don''t get why they have bought the club? Am I missing something??
  14. Swansea draw today leaves them out of the chase Reading drawing yesterday leaves them 4 points adrift, burnley 3 wins on the trot... The gods are shining on us today! Come on Preston let''s see a late push for safety!!!! Promotion at Portsmouth sounds to good to be true
  15. Totally a game of two halves in my opinion for whitbread, thought Tyson had him scared in the first half and his clearances were poor. Also got turned to easily in the box when they hit the post But Grant must have stuck a rocket up him at half time because he kept Tyson quiet and earnshaw didn''t get a look in. Also the foresight to cover the line when the angled shot was made, very good. Have said it on another post though I thought tierney was supurb, came across several times to cover, went forward really strongly and work tiredlessly up and down the wing for 96 minutes, combining really well with surman. I think they have a good understanding now
  16. Just look at the bench we had last night, great squad at the moment and key players coming into form at the right time. I''d be the first to admit that Jackson was bottom of my list as far as strikers go but his last three appearances have been greAt surman finally seems to be making a break through thought tierney was excellent Lansbury and dani are great options to have from the bench as well as korey and vokes! And to see Holt and Hoolahan stepping out last night was the greatest feeling! Especially when they could quite easily have been out for the season. Feel really excited about the four winnable games!! OTBC!!!!
  17. I don''t think there is anything wrong with healthy competition. The award is for consistency over the whole season. I think holt truly deserves to get it and I don''t see how any of his team could begrudge him of it I would agree more with you if you had said why do we celebrate a golden boot award? Why not the man with the most assists or MOM awards. But then I''m just a bitter left winger who hated the poaching striker that won an award every season for finishing my crosses :0)
  18. Awesome, I thought the whole team worked really hard tonight. Also thought Surman and tierney had great games looks like a few of our players are hitting form at the right time!!
  19. Back now after a few drinks in hull and Beverley! Agree it was a strange match, we dominated for spells as did they but thought we had the majority of the last 10 minutes and probably should have won. was it lansbury that got clear and shanked the shot just wide. then Hoolahan took on about seven players before tripping before he could get the shot away! ALso RUssell foul looked like a penalty from where I was sat (block 47) is it me or has russells crossing been poor of late? also being ultra critical (they both played ok) I also thought Fox and crofts looked a bit off the pace.   Good to see lapin back on the pitch, he looked lively    
  20. Just got mine, it took 15 mins to get through and the woman on the line said there were less then 100 tickets left of the 2700 allocated... I''m stuck in the corner N7. Whats the view like from there? anyone been before? Also which pub is everyone going to before hand?  
  21. Forest have just scored... We have no consistency at all! between games, even between halves!
  22. very weak Doncaster team, we should have won this with ease, no excuses. Serious problem finishing, can''t rely on grant holt for all our goals, we need another proven striker!!
  23. He has purchased ordinary shares therefore decreasing Delia''s share holding, I''m no accountant but I believe that it means it''s NOT a loan. Obviously when we sell the club he will get his shares back so he hasn''t just given us the money... Also would have been probably more timely about a month ago?!? unless we are looking for a top loan sigining and he has been asked for the money!!! Anyway, it won''t hit our debt, not a bad investment if we were to go up to the prem this season
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