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  1. NORWICH:  Watford (h); Ipswich (a); Reading (h); Charlton (a) NOTTINGHAM: Shef Utd (a); Coventry (h); Blackpool (a); Southampton (h) SOUTHAMPTON: Crysal P (h); Shef W (a); Burnley (h); Nottingham (a) I think Nottingham Forset can win at least 3 of there 4 last games. We are screwed
  2. There''s been a red card for a Bristol Player. We need to get something here!!!
  3. All or nothing now. May as well get a third striker on
  4. Hmmm. Like it 4-4-2 croft on the wing but Russell still on the park?? Russell off and Gow on!!!
  5. FFS!! Great start lads. Make some changes Gunn 4-4-2 lets push on!!
  6. IDIOT! Russell will be sent of with in the first 15 mins.    
  7. Russell for Croft at half time, then Gow for Bert at 60mins 2-1 norwich. lol
  8. There''s 1 minute left. I''m sure we can wait till half time..................................  
  9. Take Russell off at half time! Put Croft on and bring Mooney in as second striker
  10. There''s going to be a sending off here. Lets hope it''s either Brittan or Williams!!  
  11. Not convincing start... I would take 0-0 now but think we may struggle. Swans have come out fighting
  12. Damn Right!! All for one and one for all. ON THE BALL CITY!!!!!
  13. Just wanted to drop this into the mix. First and fifth goals by Lappin last season, both very similar, but show the quality he obviously has. To hit the same goal twice shows it''s not a fluke and he has it in his locker. I like the lad and hope he gets a start against Shef Weds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRp0blxV3IE&feature=related Love this compilation, just reminds you that Cureton use to be quite deadly, and hucks is a legend
  14. What about if you played Hoolahan behind the front to (att mid)? Or is Smith or Adeyemi ready to step up?
  15. ha ha no need for that even in this time of economic down turn I can afford £7 quid. Thanks though. I really do have the crappest luck with betting and never seem to win! I put a bet on Man U today and they lost 1 - 4!! If this keep working I may be down £50 - £60 quid next season but at least we will do the treble!!
  16. I''d bring Carney in on the left and push Hoolahan next to Clingan Or if Drury is back Bertrand would go into left
  17. We were in for him last summer weren''t we? Think we will get Gow in the summer. Don''t know about Mooney, would Reading want him if they get in the premiership?? Also I like the sound of Carney, might be available next season depending on what Shef U do
  18. How bizzare since this Message I have bet against Norwich on the last two matches and we''ve won them both. Lucky I only put a quid on both times but seems to be working!! I''m putting on bets for the rest of the season. Hopefully I''ll lose £7 quid!  
  19. Lets get things into perspective. How much do you think it cost to get rid of rodent... WE HAVE NO MONEY. Gunn is the prime choice, he already works at the club, if we go down he will stay in charge and will have a season to get ready for life as a championship manager. If we stay up he will be dubbed a genius and will still be Manager for next season. So unfortunately to those people out there that don''t support the decision TOUGH. GUNN IS HERE TO STAY!!!!
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