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  1. Oh BTW mello I do realise your mick taking wasn''t a realy personal attack lol [:P]
  2. [quote user="Mello Yello"]Whoops! I really thought you were going to blame our clubs downfall on eighteen years of Tory rule ''Big Hair Boy''......Whazzup? Should we all now sit back after our season ticket dosh has once again been accrued to the Carra coffers, should be happy with our lot, and that we should just accept it, take it on the chin - and just stop whingeing an'' whining and airing our discontent. Because, in your personal and acerbic opinion you actually think this ''business board'' have our best interests at heart, eh? Crack on ''Big Barnet'' and you defend what you believe in.....I''ll carry on with great gusto, doing what I believe in....(and also immensely and thoroughly enjoy)......BOARDY BARSHUN![H] [/quote]Ha! Hate to break it to you but thats not actually me, but feel free to let your toungue run away with you with the personals. We all know that when a poster resorts to that they are failing to make proper points in their argument. You call my opinion acerbic when I''m defending the board. If you want to use grown up words then look them up first. Personal insults, moaning about having spent hard erned cash on a season ticket not with the plastic its printed on, taking it on the chin like a man? I think not. Carry on with your gusto pal the bitter one here is you my friend, not me [:D]
  3. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"] So the early nineties was the most lucrative period in the clubs history? Thats when we were averaging about 16,000 and there was no Sky millions? And you call others blinkered and ignorant!?! [/quote]If you care to read my post I said in reletive terms it was. AND YES it was a better chance to make the big time with investment than we have ever had since. Take a look. Bigger crowds more expensive players but so has everyone else around us. Take a good look around, but still, how close have we ever got to being in Europe and finishing 3rd in the prem? Yes thats right - I will call others blinkered and ignorant!
  4. Hux is speaking out of turn. Who does he think he is? Roy Keane? Keep your mouth shut and our boots on. Saf and Etuhu for a combined fee of what is alledged to be around £3.5m. YES PLEASE!!!! Two of the most inconsistant players to wear yellow and green imo.Grant is finally shipping out all Worthington''s expensive dead wood and rot. I for one applaud him for it. Lets get in some expensive hungry talent. We need to cash in before we do that so hold fire before slaggin the board off for lack of ambition. There is still a over a month left of the transfer window. Plus we all know from the Ashton saga that keeping players at the club who don''t wanna be here messed us up before both mentally and on the pitch. I want to see Grant''s team next season playing in his mould not a make shift Grant/Worthington collaboration. Any excuse guys really. As for us being a laughing stock of England - Well - It seems some people have a hightened sense of self importance. We don''t need to guess twice who they are now do we?
  5. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"]If City were as well known a club as Leeds there would be a pithy phrase going round in football circles-"doing a Norwich", which involves a club being run in such a way that during the most financially lucrative spell in its history, the money is frittered away on infrastructure work whilst the team is allowed to get so weak that it could well take years to recover.[/quote]Quite possibly a fantastic point Mr Carrow but who was responsible for that above example? I think you will find it wasn''t Delia and co. It was infact Mr Chase. If we''re talking in reletive terms of course. The most lucrative spell in our History and the biggest chance to make the big time was back in the early 90''s. Of course the Chase fans would ignore this completely and apply the argument only to our 1 year spell in the Prem. THAT is why you board bashers cannot be taken seriously because of your blinkered, ignorant and double standard opinions that defy all common sense.
  6. Should just be "Big Dave" After the guy from the old pot noodle adverts!
  7. [quote user="Cluck "]Smudger...the sad thing is that others cannot perceive your passion because they don''t have any themselves. They may have their dreams and they may have their fantasies...but bottle they do not.[/quote] No, we just don''t share abstract and obscene opinions. Don''t get being level headed and having no passion confused now dear boy. As for bottle whats your point? Because we won''t join you in you opinions and protests that makes us gutless? Don''t spit your dummy out. You''re in a minority and your backed in a corner. Putting people into false categories won''t sway people in your direction it will just alienate people further form your sick sick plot to over turn the board. What rights you think you have concerning the running of this football club I don''t know. Demending change from the other end of a PC or a 3 man picket outside the ground will make you a laughing stock not a revolutionary.Jog on!
  8. What a joke! I''ll see you there boys for that opening game yeah? All three of you. The biggest laughing stock ever I can''t wait pmsl!
  9. No better way to identify yourself with your club than having a season ticket chap. Not that it makes you more of a supporter but I remember the first one I got and it gives you an enormous sense of belonging. I just moved to Bristol but still renued. I can’t see myself without one now. As for all the depressing hype at the moment, well, sometimes its best just to go back to basics and enjoy going on a Saturday and having a good time supporting your club with your mates. An experience some of the board bashers would do well to remember, or in most case do well to experience for the 1st time.
  10. [quote user="Smudger"]hahaha give me strength we are going for some two bob bit nobody and you lot are all getting excited... Even Google and Youtube have never heard of this new NCFC striking superstar... that''s how good he is!!! My oh my how easily you lot are pleased!!! [/quote]I thought fans always got excited about new players known or unknown. Proper fans that is. Again this excuse for a football fan makes a mockery of the term support.
  11. "The point is where exactly has this hard-fought push been for the last two seasons?"That not the point at all. Did you read my post?I never said Chase was the only one obsessed with asset growth either so please don''t put words in my mouth. It appears you completely missed my whole point on the Chase era Mr Carrow. I''m also not lecturing anyone. I agree, in my original post, with the point you maid on lack of ambition over the last few seasons but that doesn''t appear to be the case now. I could be wrong but it appears to me things are changing.
  12. Wiz - Thanks for the welcome (long time no speak) but thank you for helping enhance one of my points. If what you suggest may happen actually does happen then, as I said in my original post, is the time to kick off. Not before.
  13. Cluck. You do realise that youth restrictions placed on clubs hinder Norwich''s youth development by a huge amount? While clubs like us suffer others benefit. Ipswich being a prime example. I suppose that is Delias fault for inforcing the 90minute rule on us and nothing to do with the FA. Your defense of the Chase era is outrageous, at best laughable.Ambition above everything else? Sod a self sustaining business for the benefit of the fans, and community. God forbid anyone actully lets you and your kin anywhere near a football club. Ken Bates but without much much worse. Your belief that everyone who fails to switch to your bizarre theories on Delia dictatorship is disillusioned makes you appear thoughtless, reckless and plain transparent.
  14. [quote user="Smudger"]Yawn...... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz [S][/quote]Oh thats class, superb way of boosting your post count to become FORUM KING lolEver thought how mutual the feelings are towards your posts (sorry reposts) but still they come. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  15. How dissappointing. Being a Blades fan and ex player plus with Sheff U having essentially what is a 500k discount (due to previous sell on clauses) this was always going to be the biggest hurdle in signing Mr Sharp.
  16. I don’t like to think of myself as disillusioned. I''d also discribe myself as more of a pessimist than an optimist too but I can judge a situation for what it isand keep it in context. Others clearly cannot. Its depressing for everyone to read over and over again how we’re doomed when the reality is so far from that. Here is where I begin. I have read this forum for about 3 years now and hardly ever feel that compelled to post (to the extent I couldn''t remember my username, password or the email I registered with) but some people on hear have drawn me out this week coming across as either thick, out of touch, no grip on reality or just wind up merchants. The worst sort of people in my opinion are those who get their kicks out of upsetting other people. You know who you are and I’ll let you place yourselves into what ever bracket you are most suited too. But please can we just take a moment to get a grip on the reality of the situation?  Appallingly/outstandingly run club? No far from it but lets look at this transfer window and the way we are doing business. Do we want to take a gamble? Well yes but lets not be stupid. I like the word “risk” better. Its more professional and is easier to evaluate than a gamble. Billy Sharp, unproven at Championship level, and costing around the same amount as we paid for Earny. This is a risk, its also what everyone wants to see is it not? Norwich City throwing in good money for decent young players? Yet still it is questioned as smokescreens, lack of ambition, NOT GOOD ENOUGH???? Why?  Billy Sharp £2/3m Freddy Eastwood £1.5m Marshall 750k Will it take these players signing and becoming legends before people accept that this club is indeed going in the right direction? That’s not reality. We are putting in investment, we are calculating the risks. This is prudence with ambition perfectly balanced. Some fans would see this fantastic club go out of business for the sake of a drive for the big time. If that’s your ambition then fine but it’s not mine. I’d rather see and hard fought push for the Premiership knowing that I have a club I can support in 10 years time whether it is in the Champions League or the Championship. Rather than a great year or two of expensive players, wages and overheads followed by administration and demise. Both a distinct possibility depending on how this club could be run. At the moment we’re doing OK, actually we’re doing better than OK. At times the prudence has seemingly out weighed the ambition but let us not pretend we know what is going on behind those closed doors because we don’t. Spouting off pure speculation and opinion as fact is extremely ignorant and arrogant. Now this board is by no mean perfect, even they hold they’re hands up to that and the majority of supporters can sympathise. Others are becoming greedy little pigs. Demanding millions of pounds worth of investment, and if they don’t get it, they want to see Delia and co out, and someone (I don’t know who) who will plough super millions into the club, but somehow not be in it for anything other than the hope of bringing good successful football to the people of Norfolk. (sorry for the long sentence) Get real please. Most finger pointing goes on over the lack of investment and lack of success on the field. Things are changing, successful change is a gradual process but it is happening right under our noses but still the stabbing continues with anything people can throw. Here is an absolute classic. Better off under Chase? I damn near choked on more my tea when I read that. When you pitch it like for like on the pitch perhaps we were but seriously??? This board have invested more money than Chase ever did (including with inflation). People hailing Chase as some sort of cult, undervalued legend are seriously deluded. He sold off our best players for elaborate unimportance’s. OK those investments paid off years later to the benefit of the current board but you are forgetting one major thing. I will phrase this as carefully as I can to get my point across. If Chase had invested that money in the playing staff instead of fixed assets, at a time when investment was so crucial it holds the difference now off 100’s of millions of pounds, then the rewards from Chase’s investments would have been less than a drop in the ocean compared to the benefits of investing upon a 3rd place finish and a decent UEFA cup run. To take things further and suggest that he was more successful on the field is again another huge unfair accusation because of the following. The Premier League then could be argued held less prestige than today’s Championship, but even if that isn’t correct it still costs more money to finish in the Championship''s top 6 than the Premier League of the early 90’s FACT.                                                Peter Grant is hard at work building his own team for success. He, as we know, inherited a ragged squad from Worthington. Not just in talent but blatant attitude at times. An attitude that was deep rotting, damaging and lasting. Grant has his own stubborn mentality and I believe the 11 men on the pitch next season will have it too. (My opinion of course). So far the additions to the squad have been small, menial even, Dublin, Otsemobor*sp and Gilks. All signed on free transfers. Not good enough for some, yet more activity at this stage then we have had in a long time whilst still not forgetting some big sticks in the fire (as mentioned above). However, some people won’t even let our approaches fail before condemning the bids as doomed to failure, smokescreens to keep the fans quiet etc etc. Do you seriously believe a club would do that? How absurd. Get a grip and watch with excitement like the rest of us are as we jostle for these star players with some of this leagues best clubs. Enjoy it. I know I am. If we end up with no one that is the time to kick off no? But while we’re still very much in the fight, with the 2 highest bids accepted, on 2 of the countries hottest young talents isn’t that something we would have killed for under Chase?
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