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  1. [quote user="PaulyH"]Sorry to hear that OTBC.I''d forgotten about the MK game till I saw this thread. People up for a low key (Its a Monday night don''t forget) meet up for a little beer and footy?I''m still living in Sea Mills but happy to pop over the downs to anywhere in Clifton on in between.[/quote]Forgot to add suggestions:GreyhoundRoo BarClifton Sports Bar

  2. Yup - Certainly went to both Exeter and Yeovil. (Even camped it for Exeter)

    There is bloody loads of us on here. I don''t mind organising a meet but to be honest we''re better off just posting like this on the messageboard to get co-ordinated now we know how many of us there are. I don''t have preference on venue but prefer clifton village, or WLR. Certainly confuse the local gas/sh*t to see a bunch of canaries in a bar somewhere.

  3. Shy lurker, not wanting to sound nosey but clifton/hotwells must be

    cumberland basin area right? I''ve just moved from Abermarle Row (opposite the

    primary school). Have you ever tried the Merchant Arms for very local or the Greyhound

    (in the village) for sport. Both favs with me. Hate the service in the White Lion even if the view is ''The Best in Bristol''.Not been to the Roo Bar in years. Awesome for the egg chasing games!

  4. What an interesting time to ask this question. I''ve been down in Bristol now for 3 years. I moved out of my flat in Hotwells/Clifton 4 weeks ago as I was meant to be moving into my new house purchase in Brislington with my gf.

    However we pulled out of the purchase and we are now living on a farm in Pensford until this weekend when we move again, temporarily, to Sea Mills.

    In about 4 weeks time we will be moving back in rented accomodation in Clifton/Hotwells/Redland. Not sure where yet, only started looking at flats today. 1st viewing coming some 30mins before kick off tonight for which I just caught the beginning of the game.

    So you can see why this question has interesting timing.

    On couple of side notes. Will, I forgot you lived in Bath. I go there everyday to pick my gf up from work. So if you fancy a pint sometime give me a shout (numbers the same if you still have it or just PM on here)

    Also does anyone know who the Canary fan is who parks their green ford fiesta outside the garage at the top end of Feeder Road? Its decked out in Norwich memorabilia and I have passed it every day for the last 3 years, just curious is all!

  5. [quote user="First Jedi"]"Why 65 million people?"

    In this country... sorry - ball park figure - I''m good at pulling things out my arse (I live in Brighton, dontcha know!)... fact is, within this country, there is no such thing as an original idea.[/quote]OK, well I apologised for my confusion but even if this was the case that the pinkun had copied KIO I fail to see the relevance of your point and its accuracy.

  6. What a brain wave Archant!http://www.pinkun.com/cs_pinkun/cs/forums/1822042/ShowPost.aspxCan''t think where you''d have got that idea from:http://www.mapservices.org/myguestmap/map/kickitoffMakes you wonder why people get paid to come up with new innovative ideas when you can just copy them from those people that give up their time and effort for the benefit of their fellow supports for free.

  7. [quote user="cityangel"]

    I''ve got nothing but respect for the lad for being so honest with his decision. The game isn''t what it used to be years ago and for footballers is based around money, greed, fast cars, designer labels and women hanging off their arms.

    If this lad doesn''t like what he sees and doesn''t want that kind of life then good luck to him.

    [/quote]Yeah - why would anyone want that type of life? Especially at such a young age. Harsh world we live in.

  8. Well I hope we win just like any other rational SUPPORTER!!!I''m attending tonight and have paid my money not in the hope of a Norwich defeat. Whilst down the road from me spare a thought for those making the long trips. Its insulting to them to have to read your garbage about how another defeat is the answer to our problems. You are so narrow minded Wiz.

  9. Has anyone been to Yeovil, or going to Yeovil that knows anything about the ground and parking?I''m heading down fairly latish as I work in Bristol and I''m picking my gf up in Bath on route to the game. I''ve done a bit of digging around and all accounts head in on  the A303 bypass then take the A3088 into the the City. That''s where the trail goes blank. Does anyone know the best place/places to park?Thanks

  10. This happened to me at Derby the 3 years ago. I just went round to the away end bought tickets and watched with the home supporters. After the game I went to see their head of security. Told him what had happened. When they could see I clearly wasn''t intoxicated they gave me refund on both tickets I had bought. Gave me complimentary tickets (in the form of a letter of apology) for the next meeting between the 2 clubs at Pride Park and by all accounts the responsible steward got a severe reprimanding. Shows what keeping your head and being civil to people can do. It also helped that I was taking my little brother to the game too. Had only turned 16 two days previously and he had gone through the turnstyles before I had got rejected. I made the point that had it happened two days earlier they would have separated a minor from their supervising adult. That made them very uncomfortable :o).
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