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  1. Don't think so, try this link https://podbay.fm/podcast/1488400997
  2. But they said that last year though, about how they were going to rebuild in League One with their younger players, and they finished mid-table, being very inconsistent and getting bullied out of games. Teddy Bishop was rumoured to have been interesting Premiership teams 5 years ago, but he's 24 now with a horrific injury record, Max Aarons at 20 has a similar number of games under his belt.
  3. Wasn't Lambert their manager then as well? I''m assuming that adds in 1997.
  4. EFL playing hard ball https://www.efl.com/news/2020/august/official-statement-macclesfield-town/ An independent Arbitration Panel has upheld the EFL’s appeal in respect of the outcome of an independent Disciplinary Commission who in June 2020 had considered misconduct charges brought against Macclesfield Town. The charges related to failing to pay a number of players on the applicable payment dates due in March 2020, failing to act with utmost good faith in respect of matters with the EFL and for breaching an order, requirement, direction or instruction of the League. The Arbitration Panel confirmed that the two-point suspended sporting sanction activated on 19 June 2020 from previous proceedings will stand and in addition the four point deduction, originally suspended in the latest proceedings and only to be activated in the event of a further breach of Regulation 63.7 during season 2020/21, will be activated immediately and applied to the 2019/20 table. Today’s outcome leaves Macclesfield Town in 24th position in the table on 19 points with a points per game (PPG) total of 23.62, resulting in the Club’s relegation into the National League. The Arbitration panel’s decision is final and binding. The EFL will be making no further comment.
  5. Liverpool paid a tribunal £3m for Solanke and sold him on 18 months later for £19m. It's the "Liverpool way"!
  6. I'll put it more politely that City 1st, but I doubt he's got much of a budget to work with and it's a case of managing with what he has.
  7. I think it's more likely that they were buying to a budget, and had a hard limit of £12m. They preferred Lewis, put a £8m bid in to unsettle him and hoped to get him for £12m. When Webber insisted on £20m, they moved onto their next choice.
  8. Can't see it happening. Can understand why we might have been interested 2 years ago, after he had a decent season in Bundesliga 2 and ended up moving to the Bundesliga. Career hasn't improved since then, and Webber said that we only want players who genuinely improve the team and could play in the Premiership.
  9. We were linked with him two years ago, not sure if it's just being recycled. https://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city/norwich-city-back-in-for-marvin-ducksch-1-5561417
  10. Not sure they did fire him. They certainly didn't seem to have a replacement lined up. Wouldn't be surprised if the budget is fairly limited and he would have to work with what he had.
  11. I'm guessing it's something on Jamal and Liverpool
  12. You do have to wonder what the hell Stewart Donald's been doing at Sunderland. By my reckoning they got relegated from the Premiership in 16/17 and from the Championship in 17/18, which still left them two years of parachute payments in League One.
  13. Telegraph are saying we're holding out for £20m for Lewis and are under no pressure to sell. Wondering if the club/agents briefed Independent/Mirror to try to pressure us to sell at £10m.
  14. Would expect Webber would be on the phone to the PinkUn at some point this morning.
  15. Webber's comments about going somewhere where you actually play, and don't just sit on the bench seem a lot more pertinent now. Especially the comments about being called in tears when it hasn't worked out (presumably Jacob Murphy)
  16. Evening Standard/Mirror are saying we might be interested in Yasser Larouci as part of a Jamal Lewis to Liverpool deal.
  17. I worked with an Iona Field (and no she didn't)
  18. Fulham defender Alfie Mawson injured himself while changing his boots, says manager Claudio Ranieri. Mawson, 24, a £20m summer signing from Swansea, has been sidelined since 29 December with a knee injury. And prior to Fulham's clash with Tottenham on Sunday, Ranieri revealed the bizarre reason for his absence. "It was a very strange injury. He just changed his boots. It was unbelievable," said Ranieri. "He needs more time. How long? I don't know." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46926248
  19. Norwich linked with Ryan Bennett and Alfie Mawson https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/city-eye-bennett-return-with-mawson-also-of-interest-1-6774931 Alfie Mawson's got a horrific injury record so I can't see that one being a goer.
  20. I would have thought we'd be more interested in someone like Cameron Carter-Vickers at Spurs, 22/23 with a year on his contract left.
  21. Under FFP a Championship club can post losses of up to £39 million over a three year period. Sheffield Wednesday had posted losses of £10m in 2015/16 and £20m in 2016/17 meaning that they had to post less than £9m in the 2017/18 accounts. I believe the specific issue is that the company created to process the sale of the ground wasn't created until June 2019, and the sale followed later that month. Sheffield Wednesday however filed their 2017/18 accounts late in June 2019, and included the sale. So whilst the EFL was also questioning the value, the independent commission agreed that the ground sale shouldn't have been included in the 2017/18 accounts, which was the easier charge to get them on.
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